Gwyns Messages to Wyatt 2014/01/02 thru 2014/12/13

To: Wyatt Cready-Pyle(+14124181168)

Date: 01-02-2014 20:49

First, we had dinner with Zeke's parents last night and Zeke announced he "finally met Wyatt."

Date: 01-02-2014 20:50

He met me once back at 330 Atlanta.

Date: 01-02-2014 20:50

But it was brief so I understand.

Date: 01-02-2014 20:51

Second, today Cam said Zeke told her that you're "essentially a male version of Cameron." But that's a compliment. He thinks Cam is the funniest girl he's ever met.

Date: 01-02-2014 20:54

I thought you'd enjoy being described as the male version of Cameron.

Date: 01-02-2014 20:55

Not as smart. But definitely funnier.

Date: 01-02-2014 22:18

Did you get any snow?

Date: 01-02-2014 22:18

2 or 3 inches. Not much.

Date: 01-02-2014 22:18


Date: 01-02-2014 22:19

Like an inch maybe, but it's perfectly still outside so it makes the trees look super nice.

Date: 01-02-2014 22:19


Date: 01-02-2014 22:21

Too dark, I need an iPhone 6.

Date: 01-02-2014 22:22

Maybe the night vision on your DropCam?

Date: 01-02-2014 22:23

But it's in the perfect spot. I'll never get it that perfect again.

Date: 01-02-2014 22:24

I'm kidding.

Date: 01-02-2014 22:24

Any new car discoveries ?

Date: 01-02-2014 22:24


Date: 01-02-2014 22:24

They sleep all day… Not sure that qualifies as a discovery though.

Date: 01-05-2014 09:24

Date: 01-05-2014 09:24

We got another. Open it or send it to you?

Date: 01-05-2014 09:28

Open it I guess.

Date: 01-05-2014 09:30

K. Sent as email.

Date: 01-05-2014 09:31

BTW, Daddy loves his Pebble watch. I do, too.

Date: 01-05-2014 09:31

What the fuck is that?! I'm not paying it, whatever it is.

Date: 01-05-2014 09:34

Yeah, definitely never, ever paying that bullshit.

Date: 01-05-2014 09:36

Clearly a non-moving violation which means they couldn't suspend my license, which means I ain't paying them.

Date: 01-05-2014 13:48

Date: 01-05-2014 13:48

Back of letter. Sorry, this is probably helpful, too.

Date: 01-05-2014 13:52

A year and a half it took them to send this letter.

Date: 01-06-2014 16:43

Date: 01-07-2014 05:52

Date: 01-07-2014 05:52

Dress warmly, darling boy. 9 below in Pgh.

Date: 01-07-2014 08:13

First day since college I've wanted gloves.

Date: 01-07-2014 08:14


Date: 01-08-2014 12:45

Hey, just calling to say hello. Hope you're managing the cold well. Love you!

Date: 01-08-2014 20:17

About what time do you arrive at the Pentagon City Metro stop in the morning?

Date: 01-08-2014 20:31

I take the 8:30AM shuttle, which gets me to the metro around 8:45AM. I catch the metro which takes roughly 15 minutes, putting in the office around 9:10AM-9:30AM.

Date: 01-08-2014 21:10

Date: 01-08-2014 21:10

First, both the 7X and 7W busses will pick you up at the Pentagon City Metro Stop and drop you off here.

Date: 01-08-2014 21:13

Date: 01-08-2014 21:13

Second, taking the Yellow and switching to the Orange at L'Enfant station at 8:50 works.

Date: 01-09-2014 18:53

You mail the ticket but not my seltzer water maker?! Thanks!

Date: 01-09-2014 18:54

It didn't fit in the envelope.

Date: 01-09-2014 18:55


Date: 01-09-2014 19:36

Date: 01-09-2014 19:46

It was revolutionary. That means it's been almost 7 years since I brought you fast food while you waited in line--without sitting--at the Apple Store for me.

Date: 01-10-2014 13:56

You must be sorry January 12 isn't a work day.

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

Take the subway, ditch the pants

Date: 01-10-2014 21:48

No comment on either of my texts today?

Date: 01-10-2014 22:30

I only got the one.

Date: 01-10-2014 22:30


Date: 01-10-2014 22:31

^Mewbacca, the Wookie cat?

Date: 01-10-2014 22:32

Oh yeah. That definitely worth a reply. I don't know what I was thinking.

Date: 01-10-2014 22:33

Sooooo cute!

Date: 01-17-2014 18:21

Happy Birthday, mom!

Date: 01-17-2014 18:25

Awww! We're heading to a movie, but if you want to talk, but if you want to talk--and I'm sure you do--you can call now or after 9:30.

Date: 01-17-2014 18:26

Just got home and need to eat dinner. Call me after the movie.

Date: 01-17-2014 18:27

: )

Date: 01-19-2014 10:15

Is this the close of Jean's first or second year at Lord & Taylor?

Date: 01-20-2014 11:48

Date: 01-21-2014 10:02

Date: 01-21-2014 10:02

Urban jungle.

Date: 01-21-2014 10:03

Hasn't even started snowing here yet and they've already canceled work.

Date: 01-21-2014 10:03

I like the way your company thinks.

Date: 01-21-2014 10:04

BTW, it's looking like our weekend in Philly is February 22/23. Can you and Jean join us?

Date: 01-21-2014 10:08

Separately, either I alone or Daddy and I will visit DC the weekend of March 7/8/9. If it's me alone, can I sleep on the blow-up bed? I'll be attending an opera with Dr. Hulick on Sat night but can visit with you guys Friday night and during the day on Saturday. If Daddy comes, we'll stay at a hotel.

Date: 01-21-2014 10:26

Okay, I'll talk with Jean. I will certainly come. BTW, True Detective is very good so far.

Date: 01-21-2014 10:28

Wish HBO would learn from Netflix and release the whole season. So annoying that I have to wait.

Date: 01-21-2014 10:30

Yes on True Detective. May I also recommend Sherlock from PBS. Sunday was the Season 3 opener, and it was _very_ funny and entertaining. There are only three episodes per season, so it's easy to catch up.

Date: 01-21-2014 17:42

Date: 01-21-2014 17:42

Meeting Kitten for the first time.

Date: 01-22-2014 08:50

Was work cancelled today? Drexel cancelled classes today and yesterday.

Date: 01-22-2014 08:52

Our schedule is based on the federal government. If they're closed, we are as well. They're on a two hour delay today. But I'm going in on time (at metro now).

Date: 01-22-2014 08:54

You're a dedicated boy. Say, just for fun, maybe try that other exit today when you get off the train.

Date: 01-22-2014 08:54

It's freaking cold here in Pgh.

Date: 01-22-2014 08:54


Date: 01-22-2014 08:54

Deer in headlights.

Date: 01-22-2014 08:56

The headphone jack on my iPhone is going bad. And the battery is already at 87% (was 100% when I left the apartment).

Date: 01-22-2014 08:58

I have to re-charge my battery at least once per day. Do you keep a charger at work? I hope the iPhone 6 is better. I don't qualify for mine till like Sep or something.

Date: 01-22-2014 09:02

You can exchange yours now.

Date: 01-22-2014 09:02

Mine isn't until next release.

Date: 01-22-2014 09:02

Remember, I didn't get a new one this last time.

Date: 01-22-2014 09:02

You think? Yeah, but for what? I wasn't excited about the latest release. Might as well wait.

Date: 01-22-2014 09:02

Because I didn't want to go through that whole BS process again.

Date: 01-22-2014 09:03

The new iOS really runs down the batteries on older models.

Date: 01-22-2014 09:02

And if it wasn't for that unlimited data, I'd be switching to Verizon. Fucking AT&T.

Date: 01-22-2014 09:06

Do you think unlimited data is worth it? I've wondered myself, not because I want to switch to Verizon--my coverage is fine--but because if I switch I can throw in a mobil hotspot for almost no extra money.

Date: 01-22-2014 09:06

You and Jean should get a family plan, maybe.

Date: 01-22-2014 09:06

If unlimited data wasn't "worth it", AT&T wouldn't be trying to get everyone off it.

Date: 01-22-2014 09:08

True. And I keep wondering what might come in the future when I'd be so grateful to still have unlimited.

Date: 01-22-2014 09:09

But, you're right. If AT&T wants me off, I want to stay.

Date: 01-22-2014 09:46

Metro issues. I've been in this car for almost 45 minutes now. But at least I'm next to this sweet old lady. She's keeping the conversation going.

Date: 01-22-2014 09:46

Awww. Good practice for talking to your mom.

Date: 01-22-2014 09:47

Remember when you were sitting next to the woman reading my book?

Date: 01-22-2014 10:45

Yup, small world for sure.

Date: 01-22-2014 16:22

Do you have a preference about going to Philly either Feb 15/16 or 22/23?

Date: 01-22-2014 18:17

February 22nd–23rd

Date: 01-22-2014 18:19

Jean hasn't gotten her 2014 planner yet so you may want to remind me again the week prior ;)

Date: 01-22-2014 18:21

Are you aware you have a calendar app on your phone?

Date: 01-22-2014 18:21

That's what I told Jean :D

Date: 01-22-2014 22:21

Date: 01-22-2014 22:31

My password is 18 characters long and uses spaces, upper and lower case letters, punctuation, and numbers.

Date: 01-22-2014 22:33

"My mom is the gr8est!"?

Date: 01-22-2014 22:33


Date: 01-23-2014 19:56

Do you know yet if Jean is coming to Philly ? I'm making hotel reservations. If it's just you, you can stay in the hotel room with us. If it's you and Jean, I'll get a separate room for you two.

Date: 01-24-2014 12:46

What is the asthma product you use?

Date: 01-24-2014 15:26


Date: 01-24-2014 21:58

K. Thx. What is the Hulu Plus login and pw?

Date: 01-24-2014 23:03
crondata (I think)

Date: 01-24-2014 23:05


Date: 01-24-2014 23:05

Date: 01-24-2014 23:05

My view.

Date: 01-25-2014 16:03

If you haven't already seen this, hilarious.

Date: 01-25-2014 23:18

Date: 01-30-2014 17:40

Date: 01-31-2014 11:56

Date: 01-31-2014 11:56

Uh oh.

Date: 02-01-2014 10:00

Date: 02-02-2014 12:35

This is what we used on Socks.

Date: 02-02-2014 13:48

Date: 02-02-2014 13:48

Bet you're sorry you can't watch the Kitten Bowl.

Date: 02-02-2014 13:50

Star player: Paw Lamalu.

Date: 02-02-2014 13:50


Date: 02-05-2014 21:54

Date: 02-05-2014 21:57


Date: 02-07-2014 13:06

Date: 02-07-2014 18:28

Date: 02-07-2014 18:50

I like how it just ended with, "Armstrong earned $12.1 million last year."

Date: 02-07-2014 18:51


Date: 02-10-2014 08:40

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

AOL CEO sorry for 'distressed babies' remark

Date: 02-10-2014 10:40

Why hasn't the board fired him yet?

Date: 02-10-2014 15:21

Date: 02-10-2014 15:21

Pretty cool.

Date: 02-10-2014 19:07

Don't read this until after you've watched the latest True Detective:

Date: 02-10-2014 19:18

Just did. What an intense 6 minutes!

Date: 02-10-2014 19:31

Amazing, huh? So what do you think we're going to find out before the series ends (episide 8 is the last one. Next year it will be a different story with different actors.)

Date: 02-10-2014 21:10

Different actors, huh? Interesting. I've been trying to figure this story out and I assume the present-day detectives suspect one of them of being the killer. If bet of Woody if I had to guess.

Date: 02-11-2014 15:33

Date: 02-11-2014 20:15

Date: 02-11-2014 20:15

I didn't realized it was pronounced as "marry-it"

Date: 02-11-2014 20:20

I usually say "Marry-et." What do you say?

Date: 02-11-2014 20:20

I was afraid you were going to say you got married.

Date: 02-11-2014 20:21


Date: 02-11-2014 20:23

Oh, yeah. That's probably closer to what I say. I think the voiceover guy just took some liberties. Brand manager will probably have a heart attack when he hears it.

Date: 02-11-2014 20:24

So, funny story. I sent Wileen this:

Date: 02-11-2014 20:23

Or marry-aw-t

Date: 02-11-2014 20:24

Tell me when you've watched it.

Date: 02-11-2014 20:27

Watched it, didn't get it.

Date: 02-11-2014 20:27

I haven't seen the movie or whatever.

Date: 02-11-2014 20:29

It comes out later this month. But I sent that to her. And she sent this to me, saying the video reminded her of her other two favorite movie re-creators:

Date: 02-11-2014 20:29

Date: 02-11-2014 20:29


Date: 02-11-2014 20:30

I guessed it was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles you guys were acting out, only because it was too early for Momento.

Date: 02-12-2014 08:02

Date: 02-12-2014 08:34

"Let them eat cake." - Tim Armstrong

Date: 02-12-2014 08:36

"And choke on it!"

Date: 02-12-2014 08:36

"And try to do it before December 31."

Date: 02-12-2014 08:38


Date: 02-12-2014 08:40

Yes. Infuriating.
Why hasn't this guy been fired by AOL's board yet? He might not be an HR nightmare like a pregnant woman (ugh), but he certainly is a PR nightmare.

Date: 02-12-2014 08:44

The most visible action a board takes is hiring a CEO. They are very reluctant to admit they made a mistake.

Date: 02-12-2014 08:44

Jesus, DC is set to get 6 to 12 inches in the next two days?

Date: 02-12-2014 08:45

They wouldn't be revealing any secrets by firing Tim.

Date: 02-12-2014 08:45

Yeah, I know.

Date: 02-12-2014 08:46

Agree. They just wait until it looks worse to keep him. They are rarely proactive.

Date: 02-12-2014 08:45

My office already sent out an email saying the office would probably be closed on Thursday.

Date: 02-12-2014 08:46

Make sure your car is filled and your fridge.

Date: 02-12-2014 08:47

Just went grocery shopping yesterday.

Date: 02-12-2014 08:47

I've got seltzer for days.

Date: 02-12-2014 08:49

It shows 53 and sunny for 9 days from now in Philly, the day before we drive in.

Date: 02-12-2014 08:49

Pffft. I don't trust weather forecasts further than 7 days out.

Date: 02-12-2014 08:50

Very wise.

Date: 02-12-2014 08:50

Is there a Costco near you?

Date: 02-12-2014 08:51

Uhh, there's one a couple blocks away from the Pentagon City Metro.

Date: 02-12-2014 08:52

Have you ever shopped there?

Date: 02-12-2014 08:52

Back when I lived in Crystal City. It was across the street, so yeah.

Date: 02-12-2014 08:52

Not recently though.

Date: 02-13-2014 12:05

How are you doing in DC? Still have heat?

Date: 02-13-2014 16:03

Date: 02-14-2014 07:49

Happy Valentine's Day, darling Boy!

Date: 02-14-2014 19:01

OMG the first episode!

Date: 02-14-2014 20:49

And, just think, you're all tangled up in the world of politics now, too.

Date: 02-14-2014 20:49

We watched first episode. V good. You can have Netflix back again.

Date: 02-14-2014 20:50

It's like Game of Thrones.

Date: 02-14-2014 20:52

With the whole killing off main characters and such. And seemingly out of nowhere.

Date: 02-14-2014 20:53

Do you watch Game or Thrones?

Date: 02-14-2014 20:53


Date: 02-14-2014 20:58

Yes. Very much like that.

Date: 02-14-2014 20:59

You might enjoy the original British version of House of Cards. It might be on Netflix.

Date: 02-14-2014 20:59

Same story?

Date: 02-14-2014 21:02

House of Parliament, of course. Francis Urquart is the guy's name. He still talks to the audience. It's less dark than the American version. More of a dark comedy. I actually prefer the original. The stories share some details but not all.

Date: 02-14-2014 21:03

Date: 02-15-2014 21:23

Date: 02-16-2014 09:11

What is the medicine for the flu and how do I get it?

Date: 02-16-2014 09:18

You literally just texted me.

Date: 02-16-2014 09:20

Okay, well I'm passing out again. Text Jean.

Date: 02-16-2014 10:25

Tamiflu. Call your doctor. They'll prescribe over the phone.

Date: 02-16-2014 10:29

His office is closed until Tuesday.

Date: 02-16-2014 10:31

Why do you need a doctor for this drug?

Date: 02-16-2014 10:33

There's always an answering service who can reach him after hours. Just call the main number and listen to the message fir the after hours number. The doc will be happy to call the Rx in for you. Flu=icky.

Date: 02-16-2014 10:34

So again, why do you need an Rx for such a drug? Retarded.

Date: 02-16-2014 10:37

Definitely call. Tamiflu will cut the symptoms and duration by half.

Date: 02-16-2014 10:49

But you have to start it within the first two days. So call today!

Date: 02-16-2014 10:50

I did. The doctors office message went on for 65 seconds before giving me the number of the answering service.

Date: 02-16-2014 10:50

Now I'm waiting for that doctor to call me back.

Date: 02-16-2014 10:55

When is the asshole doctor going to call me back?!

Date: 02-16-2014 10:57

And why on god's green earth do I need a goddam Rx for this drug!?

Date: 02-16-2014 10:58

It'd better be as addictive as heroin.

Date: 02-16-2014 11:06

It's an antiviral, one of the few effective antivirals that have ever been developed. It has to be tightly controlled so that it's not overused, the way antibiotics have been overused. (Antibiotics are effective against bacteria. Antivirals are effective against viruses.) When antibiotics or antivrals are overused, it helps trains the bacteria and viruses to develop immunity to them. The bacteria and viruses develop into superbugs that can't be treated. Do you have a thermometer? Make sure Jean buys you one. Also, keep yourself well hydrated. And take cool baths or showers if you get too warm.

Date: 02-16-2014 11:06

I have a temperature of just over 99° when I checked this morning.

Date: 02-16-2014 11:11

Best course of treatment=Tamiflu+lots of fluids+ibuprofen+sleep

Date: 02-16-2014 20:50

That tamiflu is really good at make one evacuate their stomach.

Date: 02-16-2014 20:51

Pooping or vomiting?

Date: 02-16-2014 20:50

The latter.

Date: 02-16-2014 20:52

Basically made me nauseous for 8 hours.

Date: 02-16-2014 20:54

Poor baby. Don't get dehydrated.

Date: 02-16-2014 20:54

Drink as much as you can get down.

Date: 02-16-2014 20:54

Date: 02-17-2014 10:44

So I'm assuming they want you to take all ten pills (tamiflu) to prevent the whole superbug situation, correct? I do feel a lot better already.

Date: 02-17-2014 10:46

Yes, you should keep taking it. I'm v glad you feel better. The side effects supposedly only impact the first two days. Is today a holiday for you?

Date: 02-17-2014 10:55


Date: 02-17-2014 17:16

How are you feeling now?

Date: 02-17-2014 17:38

Worse actually. Temperature went up a little.

Date: 02-17-2014 17:38

BTW you can certainly stay with us that weekend.

Date: 02-17-2014 17:41

My little sweet pea. Drink lots. Take care of yourself. Is work cancelled for tomorrow?

Date: 02-17-2014 17:41

If by cancelled you mean I'm taking a sick day, then yes.

Date: 02-17-2014 17:42

I thought maybe because of the weather it would be closed or be a work at home day. Did you watch True Detective?

Date: 02-17-2014 17:43

There's a new one out this week?! There wasn't one two weeks ago so I assumed it was an every other week type show.

Date: 02-17-2014 17:45

Yep. Episode 5 aired last night. There's only 8.

Date: 02-17-2014 20:21

What an episode. So both of them lied about Ledoux. I still think it's Woody.

Date: 02-17-2014 20:23

You should watch the rest of House of Cards. The final scene was perfection.

Date: 02-17-2014 20:38

You watched every episode?

Date: 02-17-2014 20:40


Date: 02-17-2014 20:48

You haven't!?

Date: 02-17-2014 21:33

God, no. We watched the first one. She died.

Date: 02-18-2014 09:18

How are you feeling today? Also, this was very interesting.

Date: 02-18-2014 13:45

You okay?

Date: 02-18-2014 15:52

Yeah, I think my fever finally broke. Just working from home today.

Date: 02-19-2014 08:20

Just saw an ad for DropCam on Hulu. Aimed at parents with teenagers at home alone.

Date: 02-19-2014 08:21

God, I wish we'd had one.

Date: 02-19-2014 08:25

No you don't. Ignorance. Is. Bliss.

Date: 02-19-2014 08:25

Plus you had Wayne.

Date: 02-19-2014 08:26

And the police!

Date: 02-19-2014 08:27


Date: 02-19-2014 08:26


Date: 02-19-2014 16:59

And Wileen

Date: 02-19-2014 17:32

Never forget.

Date: 02-20-2014 11:43

Did you get your car insurance card?

Date: 02-20-2014 12:48


Date: 02-20-2014 14:26

Do you have a theory yet of about when you'll arrive in Philadelphia on Sunday?

Date: 02-20-2014 14:39

Around noon on Saturday.

Date: 02-20-2014 14:39

What is the agenda for the weekend?

Date: 02-20-2014 14:45

Lunch. Maybe an exhibit of Maurice Sendak (you can do your Pierre imitation.) Dinner with Teri at Effie's Greek restaurant. And brunch on Sunday.

Date: 02-20-2014 14:47

I thought there was something about signing wills and witnesses.

Date: 02-20-2014 14:47

We can do that, too.

Date: 02-20-2014 14:47

Unless you don't want to.

Date: 02-20-2014 14:48

We can, I just wanted to know when that might be happening.

Date: 02-20-2014 14:50

If I can find a notary open on Saturday near Rittenhouse Square (where the exhibit is), we'd do it between lunch and dinner.

Date: 02-20-2014 15:03

Remember my seltzer machine! And I plan on bringing my DSLR camera and stuff for either you or Cam. I believe both of you wanted it and I don't use it anymore. You'll just need to buy an SD card for it (I have no idea what's on mine and I'd rather not have any embarrassing incidents).

Date: 02-20-2014 15:05

You don't use it? What happened? One of us will just borrow it until you want it back.

Date: 02-20-2014 15:06

Of course, if Cam is the person it will probably break.

Date: 02-21-2014 10:53

Date: 02-22-2014 09:45

Where r u?

Date: 02-22-2014 09:45

Leaving DC

Date: 02-22-2014 09:45


Date: 02-22-2014 09:48

We're halfway between Breezewood and Carlisle.

Date: 02-22-2014 15:41

Date: 02-22-2014 17:18

Pinot grigio or chardonnay. 2 btls, chilled.

Date: 02-22-2014 19:46

Aloft Philadelphia Airport
4301 Island Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153

Date: 02-22-2014 20:37

The way the hotel is situated, you can only enter from one side of a divided highway. If you're on the wrong side, go to next light and make u-turn. Also, there's an entry gate. Get ticket and hold it tight. $95 fee for losing it.

Date: 02-22-2014 23:17

What hotel are you in?

Date: 02-22-2014 23:28

Sorry, Jean insisted we were at the other one. We're in our room now!

Date: 02-22-2014 23:29

No prob. You can only get ice at the front desk. Also, the shower is see-through!

Date: 02-22-2014 23:33


Date: 02-22-2014 23:35

This is by far and away the fanciest hotel Jean has ever stayed it. She's taking pictures.

Date: 02-22-2014 23:36


Date: 02-22-2014 23:37

And she's now admiring her broach. "Don't you love it? I love it."

Date: 02-22-2014 23:37

She has a such great eye.

Date: 02-22-2014 23:37

Do you want us to drop off your sweater now?

Date: 02-22-2014 23:38


Date: 02-22-2014 23:37


Date: 02-23-2014 08:37

8:36. We're heading to the lobby for coffee.

Date: 02-23-2014 09:08

We're on our way.

Date: 02-23-2014 10:25

Text when you're leaving Matt's place, k?

Date: 02-23-2014 10:47

We're leaving now.

Date: 02-23-2014 10:47


Date: 02-23-2014 12:08

I need you to send Jean the picture of Jean and I eating the cupcakes this morning. I don't know why.

Date: 02-23-2014 13:30

Date: 02-23-2014 13:30

My feed.

Date: 02-24-2014 10:13

Date: 02-26-2014 13:44

Date: 02-26-2014 15:07

Two in the top ten! Nice.

Date: 02-28-2014 21:46

Date: 02-28-2014 22:32

He doesn't quite fit.

Date: 03-01-2014 08:59

How is the Soda Stream working ?

Date: 03-01-2014 11:19

Excellent. How many times will that CO2 canister work? And how do I get a new one?

Date: 03-01-2014 11:21

There are instructions to order replacement canisters or a restrurant supply/gas supply can refill it.

Date: 03-02-2014 14:20

Date: 03-02-2014 18:48

You might want to try The Americans. A spy show set in the early 80s, during the Cold War. Critics love it. It just started its second season. It's on FX. Sort-of House of Cards-y. Not as good, but still good.

Date: 03-02-2014 19:28

Is your work canceled tomorrow?

Date: 03-02-2014 19:29

Date: 03-02-2014 19:32

What a great place you work.

Date: 03-02-2014 19:32

Yeah, it's pretty swell.

Date: 03-02-2014 20:19

You know I'll be staying at your house this Friday and Saturday, right? And I'll be taking you guys out to dinner on Saturday?

Date: 03-02-2014 20:18


Date: 03-03-2014 09:37

Did you watch True Detective?

Date: 03-03-2014 09:49

Not yet. You have already? Is it good?

Date: 03-03-2014 09:49

You finally find out who the man with the scars is. And you've met him before.

Date: 03-03-2014 09:56

Oooh! Can't wait. Did you get 5-8 inches as promised?

Date: 03-03-2014 09:56

We definitely got enough to cancel work.

Date: 03-03-2014 10:34

(This wasn't in the episode, but) I believe that Marty's oldest daughter was somehow involved with his case and he doesn't even know it yet :(

Date: 03-03-2014 11:00

I really wish next week wasn't the end of the story. I can only hope that the story continues but with the two black detectives.

Date: 03-03-2014 11:16

Oh, that would be interesting. Might be nice to have a woman or two who wasn't raped or naked as well.

Date: 03-03-2014 12:21

I think Maggie plays a bigger roll than we're led to believe. She's either a victim or actively coving up her family's involvement in "the sprawl". Let me know when you've seen episode 7. I'm dying to discuss it with someone and you're the only one I know who watches it.

Date: 03-03-2014 13:10

Will do.

Date: 03-03-2014 18:24

I'm gonna need a new car:

Date: 03-03-2014 18:26

In another year or two, we can take over the payments and let Cam drive it.

Date: 03-03-2014 18:28

I was joking. Were you serious?

Date: 03-03-2014 18:28

I'm sure her Santa Fe won't last forever.

Date: 03-03-2014 19:44

We just sat down to True Detective.

Date: 03-03-2014 20:33

We finished.

Date: 03-03-2014 21:52

Date: 03-03-2014 21:59

Date: 03-04-2014 11:17

Date: 03-04-2014 11:53

Look at this on eBay:

Todd Reed 18k Gold 1.28ct Pear Diamond Ring Retail $14.7k Sz7.75 FINAL REDUCTION

Date: 03-04-2014 11:54

Look at this on eBay:

Todd Reed 3ct Diamond Engagement Ring

Date: 03-04-2014 12:20

The ebay one is a light gray one. The ring is a 7.75 ring size, but can be resized.

Date: 03-04-2014 14:40

Not so easy to find, eh?

Date: 03-04-2014 14:40

Did you read my email?

Date: 03-04-2014 14:43

Oh! Excellent!

Date: 03-05-2014 08:18

Date: 03-05-2014 14:22

Date: 03-05-2014 15:32

So if the "green-eared spaghetti monster" is Errol (lawn mower guy), then why does Rust believe that "everything ends" with him? We can safely bet that Errol is just a soldier for the cult so how could it possibly "end" with him?

Date: 03-05-2014 16:17

I guess we'll find out soon, eh?

Date: 03-05-2014 17:32

Two questions: 1) Can you pick me up after Saturday's opera at the nearest Metro station to you? Opera's done around 10, so it may be around 10:30-11 pm. 2) Can you, Jean and I go to the Narional Portrait Gallery on Saturday afternoon?

Date: 03-05-2014 17:53

Yes and yes.

Date: 03-05-2014 17:56


Date: 03-07-2014 10:59

So I'm planning on setting up your bed in what should be the master bedroom (Jean's closet) as it is the only room with doors we can offer. I'll be taking the cats' food and a litter box upstairs so they don't need to get in there, but you will be sleeping very close to their other two litter boxes. If you don't mind not having a room we could put your bed in the living room instead.

Date: 03-07-2014 12:11

I don't mind being close to a litter box. No prob at all. Put me wherever it's convenient for you guys.

Date: 03-07-2014 15:16

Are you working from home?

Date: 03-07-2014 15:51

No, why?

Date: 03-07-2014 15:52

Your last message sort of read that way. I'm at the Starbucks near your apartment.

Date: 03-07-2014 15:53

Can you entertain yourself until 6:30? I can leave early.

Date: 03-07-2014 15:54

Absolutely. Lots o' work to do.

Date: 03-07-2014 15:56

Are there a lot of middle eastern men there?

Date: 03-07-2014 15:56


Date: 03-07-2014 15:56

That Starbucks is like their hangout spot.

Date: 03-07-2014 18:15

You know where to park? And look at that sky!

Date: 03-07-2014 18:15

Are you home? Should I come over?

Date: 03-07-2014 18:16


Date: 03-07-2014 18:16


Date: 03-08-2014 12:54

Where r u?

Date: 03-08-2014 20:42

Hey, I'll pick you up at the Kennedy Center. Just call when you're done.

Date: 03-08-2014 22:57

Pulling into Pentagon station. One more stop.

Date: 03-09-2014 09:31


Date: 03-09-2014 09:32

20 min from restaurant

Date: 03-09-2014 10:17

Date: 03-09-2014 15:48

Home safe!

Date: 03-09-2014 15:48

Judy loves you!

Date: 03-09-2014 15:48

I do, too.

Date: 03-09-2014 15:49

She says you project gentle confidence.

Date: 03-09-2014 20:41

Do you want me to text you my thoughts on True Detective without details at 11:30?

Date: 03-09-2014 20:48

Try to keep it to a single sentence.

Date: 03-09-2014 20:50

I will simply express my own satisfaction or dissatisfaction without any details.

Date: 03-09-2014 21:02

TD doesn't air tonight till 11. One hour episode.

Date: 03-09-2014 21:03

I'll probably be asleep when you text, but I'll watch it in the morning.

Date: 03-09-2014 22:58

Creepy. Scary. Heartbreaking. Sweet. I'm satisfied.

Date: 03-10-2014 07:03

Carcosa scenes are making me dizzy.

Date: 03-10-2014 07:06

And terrified.

Date: 03-10-2014 07:20

What about his daughter!?!?!?!?!!?

Date: 03-10-2014 07:20


Date: 03-10-2014 07:23

You're done?

Date: 03-10-2014 07:24

If in the first chapter you write about a rifle on the wall, then by the third or forth chapter that rifle had better fire.

Date: 03-10-2014 07:24

Depends whether you're writing a mystery or literature.

Date: 03-10-2014 07:25

ESPECIALLY if you're writing a mystery!

Date: 03-10-2014 07:26

Exactly. But in literature you do not need to fulfill expectations. I loved, loved, loved the epilogue and what happened to each man and to their friendship.

Date: 03-10-2014 07:26

Also, scented meat.

Date: 03-10-2014 14:14

Just sent you an important, non-True Detective-related email.

Date: 03-10-2014 15:41

Wow, nice. I'm betting Jean will somehow know that Todd will be in town.

Date: 03-10-2014 15:51

Perhaps you'll have the ring all ready for Todd himself to surprise present it to her on April 11?

Date: 03-10-2014 16:14

Ooo, that's an interesting idea. I was aiming for a date that I already have to remember, but that's pretty good.

Date: 03-10-2014 16:22

Scene: I-Gorman Jewelry Store. JH: "Hi, I'm Jean Hilpert. I've always loved your work." TR: "Wait. Did you say 'Jean Hilpert'? I believe I have a ring here for you." JH: (tears) "I have the world's greatest boyfriend!" JWCP: "Gosh."

Date: 03-12-2014 08:47

Say, are you ever home at night when Jean's not there? I want you to try installing an app on her iPad for me.

Date: 03-12-2014 08:57

It's my (technically AOL's) iPad. And yes, tonight Jean does yoga so she won't be home until after 9:00PM.

Date: 03-12-2014 09:12

Okay, I may call you later. Depends if my jewelry class is cancelled tonight or not.

Date: 03-13-2014 08:43

Date: 03-13-2014 08:43

We had an almost 50° drop in temperature yesterday.

Date: 03-13-2014 08:44

Don't you just love March?

Date: 03-13-2014 08:49


Date: 03-14-2014 22:25

Hey, what's your amazon password?

Date: 03-14-2014 22:25


Date: 03-14-2014 22:25

I think

Date: 03-16-2014 16:15

I understand you're going to be getting quite a few inches of snow tonight.

Date: 03-16-2014 16:39

That's what I've heard. My work sent out an email about it on Friday.

Date: 03-16-2014 16:48

Pittsburgh=zero accumulation.

Date: 03-17-2014 14:04

Hey, if you get a minute, please text me the expiration date on your passport. Thanks.

Date: 03-17-2014 15:32


Date: 03-17-2014 16:10


Date: 03-17-2014 17:52

Did you end up getting a lot of snow?

Date: 03-17-2014 17:53

Yeah, at least 6 inches.

Date: 03-18-2014 07:58

Date: 03-18-2014 17:35

Date: 03-18-2014 17:35

Is this what you drink?

Date: 03-18-2014 18:27

Uhh, nope. I drink Giant brand seltzer water.

Date: 03-23-2014 17:42

Date: 03-27-2014 10:10

Date: 03-27-2014 18:37

Date: 03-27-2014 18:44

4 and 5 apply to my last name more than anything.

Date: 03-27-2014 18:51

You're so lucky your life is interesting.

Date: 03-27-2014 19:10

And that I'm thankful for

Date: 03-29-2014 10:47

I want one of these:

Date: 03-29-2014 11:09

Specifically the "Pre Fab GO Home". It's got 8 inch thick walls!

Date: 03-29-2014 11:14

It's pretty cool. I love pre-fab.

Date: 03-29-2014 11:15

Just watch some of the videos

Date: 03-29-2014 11:15

Like, if I was going to buy a house. That would be it.

Date: 03-29-2014 11:22

I like the passive poop heat.

Date: 03-29-2014 11:21

That was Jean's first comment.

Date: 03-29-2014 11:23

I love the whole idea.

Date: 03-29-2014 11:25

The only issue is finding the land. Maybe you could help administer the whole process as a wedding gift ;D

Date: 03-29-2014 11:27

And when would that wedding be??

Date: 03-29-2014 11:29

Sometime between the proposal and buying a house.

Date: 03-29-2014 11:30

But seriously, Jean is going out of town in April so I'll be doing a lot of the ring stuff then.

Date: 03-29-2014 11:30

San Fran?

Date: 03-29-2014 11:31


Date: 03-29-2014 11:54

Date: 03-29-2014 11:54

I would be happy to help you administer anything, boy.

Date: 03-29-2014 12:02

BTW, today is Teri's birthday if you want to send her an email.

Date: 03-29-2014 13:58

Also, there are lots of empty lots in Mount Washington, right near Grandma and Grandpa's pool.

Date: 03-30-2014 16:54

It's snowing here…

Date: 03-30-2014 16:56

Date: 03-30-2014 16:56

Sunny, cold and windy here. Sixty tomorrow, though.

Date: 04-02-2014 18:37

You should try Orphan Black.

Date: 04-02-2014 19:11

Date: 04-02-2014 19:23

If you're there then how is this possible on Netflix?

Date: 04-02-2014 19:23

Date: 04-02-2014 19:32

Maybe try again. They sent out a Bat signal.

Date: 04-02-2014 19:33

lol, it's working now.

Date: 04-03-2014 19:30

Last night's Daily Show was crazy. That GM story was nuts.

Date: 04-03-2014 19:31

We didn't see it. We flew to LA today from Philly. Short version?

Date: 04-03-2014 19:33

Date: 04-03-2014 19:33

Half your genetic make-up.

Date: 04-03-2014 19:34

One set of bifocals wasn't enough?

Date: 04-03-2014 19:36

One pair is for driving, one for reading and one for sun.

Date: 04-03-2014 19:38

Date: 04-03-2014 19:50

Gotta love a corporation...

Date: 04-06-2014 15:32

Date: 04-07-2014 18:35

Date: 04-07-2014 18:35

The library at Greendale Community College. Go, Human Beings!

Date: 04-08-2014 14:57

Did you watch either Game of Thrones or Silicon Valley?

Date: 04-08-2014 15:27

Date: 04-08-2014 17:19

Date: 04-08-2014 17:47

Is your building okay?

Date: 04-08-2014 17:49

I haven't heard it isn't, so I'm assuming yes, it's okay. I find it somewhat ironic, however, that I was worried we'd have an earthquake while we were in LA, and instead, Mt. Washington practically collapsed while we were here.

Date: 04-08-2014 21:57

Silicon Valley is pretty good.

Date: 04-08-2014 21:58

"They're always in a group of five." You're clearly the tall, skinny one--unless, of course, you're the one with weird facial hair...

Date: 04-08-2014 22:04

I think I can cover two stereotypes, thank you.

Date: 04-09-2014 16:35

Date: 04-10-2014 21:54

There's a guy on the Minnesota hockey team whose last name is Skjei, pronounced "Shay."

Date: 04-11-2014 20:55

The Colbert Report is ending?!? This is the worst news ever.

Date: 04-11-2014 21:28

Sad news for us. Good for Stephen. Maybe Jon Oliver will take his place?

Date: 04-11-2014 21:30

'In a radio interview with CBS News, CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves said Colbert will not portray his Comedy Central character when he hosts “The Late Show.”'

The flags should be flown at half-mast. 😣

Date: 04-11-2014 21:32

Yes, I'm afraid they don't want a highly biased political show--though, may I add they should if they want young viewers.

Date: 04-11-2014 21:40

Well they'll get me to watch at least once or twice, mostly out of desperation. I'm more sad now than when I found out Winamp was shutting down.

Date: 04-11-2014 21:55

Do you think Stewart got asked and turned it down? My theory is that he did because he wanted to go out on The Daily Show.

Date: 04-11-2014 22:04

I don't think he was asked. Too old. He doesn't attract as young a demographic. Plus, he wants to direct. I don't think he'd want the job anyway.

Date: 04-11-2014 22:05

The average age of The Colbert Report is 42.

Date: 04-11-2014 22:06

Can't you tell he's kind of bored?

Date: 04-11-2014 22:06


Date: 04-11-2014 22:06


Date: 04-11-2014 22:06

Where did you get that?

Date: 04-11-2014 22:09

Jean said she heard it on the radio. I'll see if I can find the statistic.

Date: 04-11-2014 22:14
Forth paragraph.

Date: 04-11-2014 22:36

Date: 04-11-2014 22:42

I agree with what most of them said. It's not as bad as Big Bang Theory when it comes to exaggerating stereotypes, but it did push it pretty close to my limit sometimes.

Date: 04-11-2014 22:43

Still some clever writing in there though.

Date: 04-11-2014 22:43

And the main character is pretty likable.

Date: 04-11-2014 22:47

Was he the tall, skinny one or the one with weird facial hair?

Date: 04-11-2014 23:03

Jean said he looked like kinda like Ansel.

Date: 04-11-2014 23:06

She's right!

Date: 04-12-2014 13:00

Well, I'm still sad Johnny Carson retired in 1992.

Date: 04-12-2014 13:00

He was my Stephen Colbert.

Date: 04-14-2014 20:17

So we're going to be in town this weekend. Jean is available Sunday. Would you like to do a bunch or a dinner?

Date: 04-14-2014 20:22

You are not required to attend, though you are welcome to, Donna is probably doing a Sunday brunch. Are you actually around Sunday for dinner?

Date: 04-14-2014 20:23

Yeah, we're staying through Monday.

Date: 04-14-2014 20:23

We'll take Sunday dinner!

Date: 04-14-2014 20:25

Unless you'd rather go to Donna's house for brunch. Then you can have dinner back.

Date: 04-14-2014 20:29

I'll go to brunch with you. Dinner works better.

Date: 04-14-2014 20:31

Sounds great. Will you or both of you be joining us for dinner on Friday? Or are you not coming till Saturday?

Date: 04-14-2014 20:32

No pressure. I just want to know.

Date: 04-14-2014 20:58

No, we'll be driving up Saturday morning.

Date: 04-14-2014 21:02


Date: 04-15-2014 11:51

Donna called me this morning and said because of Uncle Lee's illness she just doesn't think she can host brunch on Sunday. So brunch on Sunday will probably be breakfast at our house. I just wanted to let you know that in case that changed anything about your desires. Love you.

Date: 04-15-2014 21:37

Date: 04-15-2014 21:42

Was this a surprise to anyone?

Date: 04-15-2014 21:43

Not quite sure I understand what you mean.

Date: 04-15-2014 21:44


Date: 04-15-2014 21:42


Date: 04-15-2014 21:44

I was about to start typing a long response, too. My cognitive abilities to detect sarcasm are declining faster than I'd like.

Date: 04-16-2014 19:06

I'm going to make dinner on Sunday. Is there anything you're in the mood for?

Date: 04-16-2014 19:41

Date: 04-16-2014 19:46

Funny on Comic Sans.

Date: 04-16-2014 19:49

Date: 04-16-2014 19:51

Is that Scoot?

Date: 04-16-2014 19:51


Date: 04-16-2014 19:53

I thought Kitten was having a stroke.

Date: 04-16-2014 21:19

Also, watch Fargo the TV show. Very good first episode. Starts slow then races.

Date: 04-16-2014 21:29

Speaking of good TV, Colbert tells us he's leaving after this year and then goes on a break!?

Date: 04-16-2014 21:32

So unfair. Did you watch Mad Men and Game of Thrones?

Date: 04-16-2014 21:31

Yes and yes

Date: 04-16-2014 21:33

I really needed a recap of Mad Men's last season. I was so lost.

Date: 04-16-2014 21:33

(More than the 30 second bit at the beginning)

Date: 04-16-2014 21:37

I'm here if you have questions. Also, how about that King Joffrey wedding? I predict the wife is preggers.

Date: 04-16-2014 21:39

Joffrey's wife?

Date: 04-16-2014 21:39

The young lady he married? Instead of Sansa?

Date: 04-16-2014 21:39


Date: 04-16-2014 22:06

The future is gonna be awesome.

Date: 04-16-2014 22:07

Would love this!

Date: 04-16-2014 22:07

Pittsburgh will be the last city to get it.

Date: 04-16-2014 22:08

Oh, and my company was in the NYT today:

Date: 04-16-2014 22:10

Check out my FB post.

Date: 04-17-2014 20:24

Did you watch Fargo?

Date: 04-19-2014 10:42

Will we see you today? We're meeting the Herringtons and Stockhausens for Thai food at 7:15 pm then returning to condo for dessert and fireworks around 9:45 or 10. We'd love to have you join us for dessert if you're interested.

Date: 04-19-2014 12:12

Yes, at Breezewood now. I've got to drop Jean off at bridal shower for her cousin first but in should be at your place around 2:30-3:00.

Date: 04-19-2014 12:19

We're listening to Bill Bryson read "A Walk in the Woods".

Date: 04-19-2014 12:21

Really? Sweet!

Date: 04-19-2014 12:34

Only $16 on iTunes.

Date: 04-19-2014 19:04

WiFi password?

Date: 04-19-2014 19:04

Nvm, I got it

Date: 04-20-2014 08:07

We're up. Text when you're up about brunch.

Date: 04-20-2014 09:15

Hey, just woke up. I'll be there in like 15-20 min.

Date: 04-20-2014 09:17

Or do you just want to meet somewhere?

Date: 04-20-2014 09:19

We were planning a bagel breakfast. Can you swing by Einstein Brothers on Greentree Road to pick up a half dozen sesame (a dozen if Jean is coming)? I called yesterday to confirm Einstein will be open. Almost everything is closed since it's the holiest day of the year.

Date: 04-20-2014 09:20

Ugh, fucking theists.

Date: 04-20-2014 09:21

979 Greentree Road, pittsburgh, PA 15220. Near the entrance to the Parkway.

Date: 04-20-2014 09:24


Date: 04-20-2014 09:24

Looks like I was a bit confused about Easter breakfast.

Date: 04-20-2014 09:25

It's okay.

Date: 04-20-2014 09:26

Jean is going to disown me if I don't have breakfast here. So maybe we can have a bagel lunch or something.

Date: 04-20-2014 09:27

No problem at all.

Date: 04-20-2014 09:29

We would like to have you see Jeanne Lowther with us today. Maybe when you're free later we could meet at her nursing home and do lunch after? We only visit for 30 mins. She's still doing good.

Date: 04-20-2014 10:44

Sure. What time is dinner?

Date: 04-20-2014 10:46

We're flexible, but we were thinking appetizers at 6, dinner at 7, dessert at 8.

Date: 04-20-2014 12:10

You'll need to be here by 6:00 and we'll eat at 7:00.

Date: 04-20-2014 12:23

Date: 04-20-2014 16:47

Going to gym on 1st fl till 5:30. No phone service

Date: 04-20-2014 16:48


Date: 04-20-2014 20:13

Date: 04-21-2014 11:39

So wonderful to spend an evening with you and Jean! I'm back at home if you need to take a shower or something. Have a safe trip. It's Cam's birthday.

Date: 04-21-2014 16:52

Are you home safe?

Date: 04-21-2014 16:52

yes, home safe

Date: 04-21-2014 17:17

Go read the email I forwarded to you.

Date: 04-23-2014 08:18

Date: 04-23-2014 10:34

Certainly describes you and Daddy to a T. Daddy's favorite quote: "It turns out our wives are going to dump us without even leaving the marriage."

Date: 04-23-2014 13:31

Date: 04-23-2014 14:18

So apparently Jean isn't leaving for Cali until fucking Monday so now I need to come up with some excuse as to why I need to be out of the apartment for a couple hours on Saturday morning by myself. I was thinking haircut, but then I'll also need to do that. Sigh.

Date: 04-23-2014 15:33

I take it Friday's lunch hour is not an option? You could get to work an hour early to make up for it.

Date: 04-23-2014 15:41

How about a trip to IKEA to buy the curtains your stupid mother needs, which the Pittsburgh IKEA is out of, only to discover the DC IKEA is out of them, too. Or, tell her you need to birthday shop for her so she'll stay home.

Date: 04-23-2014 15:41

The jewelry store is open 11-4 on Saturday.

Date: 04-24-2014 20:12

What days are you coming down to visit?

Date: 04-24-2014 20:12

One night: June 18. Is that still okay?

Date: 04-24-2014 20:13

Yes, just needed to get that written down in Jean's planner.

Date: 04-24-2014 21:22

Date: 04-24-2014 21:22

Wtf do you put on the line with the M?

Date: 04-24-2014 21:26

M is for Ms., Miss, Mr. Or Mrs., so you write "Ms. Jean Hilpert and Mr. Wyatt Cready-Pyle"

Date: 04-24-2014 21:26

That is the dumbest thing ever.

Date: 04-24-2014 21:26

Or rather, you write "s. Jean Hilpert, etc, etc".

Date: 04-24-2014 21:27

It's how they did it in the olden days. Who's getting married?

Date: 04-24-2014 21:27

Jean's cousin and childhood friend.

Date: 04-24-2014 21:28

The girl always goes first, btw, unless you're writing "Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Cready-Pyle". Please don't ever write that.

Date: 04-24-2014 21:28

Wedding in Pgh? When?

Date: 04-24-2014 21:29

Check the picture I sent!

Date: 04-24-2014 21:29

And yes, in Pittsburgh.

Date: 04-24-2014 21:30

Doesn't say.

Date: 04-24-2014 21:29

Oh, oops. May 31st and June 7th.

Date: 04-24-2014 21:31

They're getting married twice?

Date: 04-24-2014 21:33

Two different weddings.

Date: 04-24-2014 21:34


Date: 04-24-2014 21:36

I'm told that I need to buy a whole new outfit for them.

Date: 04-24-2014 21:55

I take it your Grampa Harvey funeral suit is out?

Date: 04-25-2014 14:13

Date: 04-25-2014 14:13


Date: 04-25-2014 14:18

Hey, we will be out of town on May 31, when you're in for the first wedding. Can you stay at our house and walk the dog and feed the cats? We can get the pet sitter to cover the times you can't, but we're leaving after we walk Socks on Friday, May 30, and returning around dinner on Sunday, June 1.

We'll be in town for the second wedding, the next weekend, and we could celebrate your birthday then if you have a meal free.

Date: 04-27-2014 17:14

Date: 04-27-2014 18:27

Another reason you should watch Fargo: The show takes place in Bemidji, MN (where you've been--remember the statue of Paul Bunyon and Babe , his blue ox, and the headwaters of the Mississippi?), but the tough guys come from a crime syndicate in Fargo, and they say things like, "Fargo says we gotta teach this guy a lesson." It's hilarious. Fargo's like the Vegas of this show. Also, the actor who played Saul in Breaking Bad is in it. And the protagonist is named Lester.

Date: 04-27-2014 19:19

We've been watching This Old House and Antiques Roadshow. They recently added PBS and some other "channels" to Apple TV. Is Fargo on Netflix?

Date: 04-27-2014 19:19


Date: 04-27-2014 19:33

It's on Hulu.

Date: 04-28-2014 08:57

Date: 04-28-2014 10:58

How could they possibly make that into a movie? Half of the entertainment comes from Bryson's inner monologue.

Date: 04-28-2014 11:01

But the other half is Bryson dealing with his crazy friend.

Date: 04-28-2014 11:04

Do you have any other of Bryson's audio books or recommendations? We already finished the last one you gave us.

Date: 04-28-2014 11:05

What? It's like 30 hours!!

Date: 04-28-2014 11:06

It's 12 and we finished 5 of them on the ride home and finished the rest this weekend. It's pleasant background noise.

Date: 04-28-2014 11:13

Bryson: Notes from a Small Island, I'm a Stranger Here Myself, The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid. Also try David Sederis: Me Talk Pretty One Day, When You are Engulfed in Flames, Holidays on Ice.

Date: 04-28-2014 11:15

Go online to your local library. You can order them in and borrow them for no cost (so nice for authors). You have to have a library card, though. Sometimes you just download them to your phone because they have them digitally.

Date: 04-28-2014 11:18

Or join one of Audible's plans.

Date: 04-29-2014 20:20

Are the kitties keeping you company?

Date: 04-30-2014 07:58

Date: 04-30-2014 07:58

You're ahead of the game.

Date: 04-30-2014 08:41

Millennials: The hardest working generation in the last century.

Date: 04-30-2014 08:49

Millennials: bearing the brunt of last century's happy fun time.

Date: 04-30-2014 08:49

Millennials: The Screwed-est Generation

Date: 05-01-2014 10:14

Are you missing Jean?

Date: 05-01-2014 10:30

Date: 05-01-2014 10:31

New dog friend.

Date: 05-04-2014 11:16

What day does Jean get home?

Date: 05-04-2014 11:16

We're in Chicago with Diane and Nick.

Date: 05-04-2014 12:02


Date: 05-04-2014 12:10

So, are you guys moving to California now?

Date: 05-05-2014 22:13

Amazon password?

Date: 05-05-2014 22:14

January17, I think.

Date: 05-05-2014 22:14

Or possibly January17!

Date: 05-05-2014 22:15

That's it!

Date: 05-06-2014 09:10

Date: 05-06-2014 18:14

Date: 05-06-2014 18:15

Were you on a delayed flight ?

Date: 05-06-2014 18:17

Well, it only covers getting "bumped" in the US. The EU has much better consumer protection.

Date: 05-06-2014 18:18

Date: 05-06-2014 18:18

Also, your mother has been elevated to royalty.

Date: 05-06-2014 18:27

You really enjoy being a [insert precious metal] member, don't you?

Date: 05-06-2014 18:35


Date: 05-06-2014 22:08


Date: 05-07-2014 15:30

Date: 05-07-2014 21:56

Date: 05-08-2014 18:44

Date: 05-08-2014 18:44

Jungle cat.

Date: 05-08-2014 19:28

Date: 05-08-2014 19:28

He found his bushes again.

Date: 05-08-2014 19:30

Nice flowers!

Date: 05-08-2014 21:14

Date: 05-08-2014 21:14

Two hours later, plants are gone, replaced by a bag of garbage. Still holding down the fort.

Date: 05-08-2014 21:15

Maybe he just likes carpet.

Date: 05-08-2014 21:15

Just like my damn kids.

Date: 05-08-2014 21:16

Cam's new place is all hardwood I thought. Jean is jealous.

Date: 05-08-2014 21:18

All hardwood it is. It's like 100 years old.

Date: 05-09-2014 19:26

Do jewelry stores negotiate price or is that unheard of? There's one I really want but it's a little out of my price range and was hoping I could get a few hundred dollars knocked off the price just so I didn't feel as guilty about buying it.

Date: 05-09-2014 19:32

Good question. Let me ask Chuck. He used to work jewelry. Todd Reed may have a policy, though. For example, Apple products and Coach purses are never discounted.

Date: 05-09-2014 19:34

Well this would be through I. Gorman.

Date: 05-09-2014 19:36

They have a purple-looking diamond and it's something like $9,500.

Date: 05-09-2014 19:42

Is that too much money? I feel like it's a lot. But it's like the only purple diamond todd reed has apparently (she asked and got me some other options, but none of them purple).

Date: 05-09-2014 21:17

Have you seen Captain America? Lots of DC scenes.

Date: 05-09-2014 21:25

No, about the only two action hero movies I can stand to watch are Iron Man (because of Robert Downey Jr) and Batman because it's different.

Date: 05-09-2014 21:34

It wasn't great, but the DC stuff was good.

Date: 05-09-2014 21:35

Also, there are a few TR things for sale on Ebay.

Date: 05-09-2014 22:14!1

Date: 05-09-2014 22:19

Far right, third row.

Date: 05-09-2014 22:20

I especially like that one.

Date: 05-09-2014 22:39

Like almost this color!/products/bridal/trdr481-rg-5

Date: 05-09-2014 22:41

Date: 05-09-2014 22:47

Date: 05-09-2014 22:48

That's only like 10% less than the one I want.

Date: 05-09-2014 22:50

Date: 05-09-2014 22:53

Look at this on eBay:

Todd Reed 18kt rose gold ring 2.91ct square red fancy cut diamond sz 6.25 mint

Date: 05-09-2014 22:54

Look at this on eBay:

TODD REED Palladium 1.09 tcw Fancy Colored Raw DIAMOND Ring Size 6.5

Date: 05-09-2014 22:55

You can buy this one ring now for $6,500, and it's STUNNING!

Todd Reed Black Diamond ring

Date: 05-10-2014 13:27

Look at this on eBay:

Todd Reed Gold Ring with Diamonds

Date: 05-10-2014 15:51

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

Report: iPhone 6 to hit shelves a month early

Date: 05-10-2014 15:52

I'll take the smaller one. I swear this phone gets slower as time goes on.

Date: 05-10-2014 16:14

Me, too. My battery lasts like two hours now.

Date: 05-11-2014 20:16

My guess is she grabbed a text thread and thought it included you.

Date: 05-14-2014 13:09

Date: 05-15-2014 12:10

Date: 05-15-2014 12:10

At our favorite Indian restaurant on Craig Street in Oakland Ordering "grabey" and naan in your honor.

Date: 05-15-2014 13:20

Mmmmm naan. The best thing before and since sliced bread.

Date: 05-15-2014 13:20


Date: 05-15-2014 13:20

Oops, it was already correct.

Date: 05-15-2014 13:21

We wish you had been there with us. Do you remember going there a little boy?

Date: 05-15-2014 14:13

I remember going there more recently than that.

Date: 05-18-2014 11:00

Date: 05-18-2014 11:04

Bottom row, second from right.

Date: 05-18-2014 15:20

Did Jean show you the ring I got her? Do you think she likes it? She said she liked it. I just want to double check.

Date: 05-18-2014 15:20

Yes, she was wearing it all day yesterday.

Date: 05-18-2014 15:22

Oh, good!! I'm so glad!! That was the style of ring Cam was wearing when she sent the picture saying, "He finally did it."

Date: 05-18-2014 15:22

Yes, I saw that… haha

Date: 05-19-2014 14:28

Look at this on eBay:

Todd Reed Ring

Date: 05-22-2014 20:41

Date: 05-25-2014 11:01

Miss you! Are you doing something fun today?

Date: 05-25-2014 11:10

Getting my hair cut and buying a coffee pot.

Date: 05-25-2014 13:24

Wow, the fun never stops with you, does it?

Date: 05-25-2014 13:27

We bought a keurig!

Date: 05-25-2014 13:27

Date: 05-25-2014 13:29

Very nice!

Date: 05-25-2014 13:30

I love mine.

Date: 05-25-2014 20:43

Date: 05-25-2014 20:43

Date: 05-25-2014 20:43

Cam's new dog, Jax. V cute.

Date: 05-28-2014 09:28

I'm going to call this evening so we can coordinate when you can walk the dog and when the pet sitter should this weekend. You're still coming, right?

Date: 05-28-2014 09:37


Date: 05-28-2014 20:02

Call when you can.

Date: 05-28-2014 21:53

Here's the schedule I shared with Christy, the pet sitter. She has a key to get in the building and knows the code to our door. (Do you?) She knows you'll be here. I asked her to do Friday night's walk so you and Jean don't have to worry about what time you get here.

Friday afternoon--Christy
Friday night--Christy
Saturday morning--Wyatt
Saturday afternoon--Christy
Saturday night--Christy
Sunday morning--Wyatt
Sunday afternoon--Christy

You feed the cats and Socks on Sat and Sun mornings, the same times you walk Socks. She'll do the other feedings.

Date: 05-29-2014 15:11

Special K: Original, Red Berries, Protein, Oats & Honey?

Date: 05-29-2014 15:12

Date: 05-29-2014 15:19

Doesn't matter

Date: 05-29-2014 17:11

Date: 05-29-2014 17:11

You were way ahead of your time for Wyatt.

Date: 05-29-2014 17:58

I am totally horrified it is now a popular name. Same with Cameron. On the bright side, there are less than 100 Creadys. I take some comfort in that.

Date: 05-29-2014 17:59

Date: 05-29-2014 18:01

You're such a hipster.

Date: 05-29-2014 18:02

It's because I'm GenX. And cool.

Date: 05-29-2014 18:04

Where did you find out about the number of Creadys?

Date: 05-29-2014 18:06

File B link at bottom:

Date: 05-29-2014 18:07

Over 15,000 Pyles. They're a commodity. Creadys are rarer than diamonds.

Date: 05-29-2014 18:26

I don’t even see Cready

Date: 05-29-2014 18:26

Date: 05-29-2014 18:26

Because it only lists surnames that have at least 100 people with the surname.

Date: 05-29-2014 18:28


Date: 05-29-2014 18:28

I’m dump

Date: 05-29-2014 18:28

You, me, Cam, Brad, and Devin make up more than 5% of all the living Creadys.

Date: 05-29-2014 18:29


Date: 05-29-2014 18:29

And Scott.

Date: 05-29-2014 18:30

I think someone in our family tree just made up this name a couple hundred years ago

Date: 05-29-2014 18:31

I'm sure of it. I'm fairly sure we were once McCreadys, and someone just wanted to soundless Irish.

Date: 05-29-2014 18:32

How many Hilperts?

Date: 05-29-2014 18:32

There are only two Cready-Pyles.

Date: 05-29-2014 18:33

^sound less

Date: 05-29-2014 18:32

If that

Date: 05-29-2014 18:33


Date: 05-29-2014 18:33

No, exactly two.

Date: 05-29-2014 18:34

Officially there are two. ...Officially Jean and I will be common-law married soon.

Date: 05-29-2014 18:36

Date: 05-29-2014 18:36


Date: 05-29-2014 18:36

Oh, so that's the plan!

Date: 05-29-2014 18:36

PFAFF is a name?

Date: 05-29-2014 18:37


Date: 05-29-2014 18:38

What drove the Wyatt popularity, do you think? Wyatt Cenak? Ben Wyatt?

Date: 05-29-2014 18:38

Obviously me

Date: 05-29-2014 18:42

Date: 05-29-2014 18:47

Jean is only 1/5 as rare as I am.

Date: 05-29-2014 21:23

That's why you need to turn her into a Cready.

Date: 05-30-2014 10:30

Code is 9563.

Date: 05-30-2014 12:36

Sorry, we had to take the Keurig. I left a selection of Starbucks Instant Coffees for you.

Date: 05-30-2014 21:10

Did you get my messages about the cats and RJ ?

Date: 05-30-2014 21:24

We don't have phone service in our cabin. We'll contact you when we're in town in the morning. Love you!

Date: 05-30-2014 21:40

Home safe. Yes got your message about RJ.

Date: 05-30-2014 21:40

PS I don't know what RJ looks like so I won't know when/if I see him.

Date: 05-31-2014 10:09

We're contactable if you have anything to report. Dad got your texts. He laughed.

Date: 05-31-2014 10:10

Contact Daddy, though.

Date: 06-01-2014 11:31

Date: 06-01-2014 11:31

Hi from Kelleys Island! How was the wedding?

Date: 06-01-2014 11:37

Wow, looks like rough living. The wedding was okay. The catholic ceremony was… interesting.

Date: 06-01-2014 11:38

Am I going to get to see a picture of you and Jean dressed up?

Date: 06-01-2014 12:10

I'm sure Jean will have some.

Date: 06-01-2014 12:25

There was a lot of sitting and then standing. I had to kneel and pray as well. And a bunch of people took communion so Jean and I were left just sitting in the pews by ourselves.

Date: 06-01-2014 12:30


Date: 06-01-2014 16:11

Are you home safe? Also, was the a/c working while you were here?

Date: 06-01-2014 19:58

Date: 06-01-2014 19:58

Is this yours and do you still need it?

Date: 06-01-2014 19:59

Nope, it was for my belt.

Date: 06-01-2014 20:14

I wish it stayed this light out year-round.

Date: 06-01-2014 20:16

Me, too!

Date: 06-01-2014 20:17

Screw the Southern Hemisphere, I say!

Date: 06-01-2014 20:21

Date: 06-02-2014 22:15

Are you watching Silicon Valley? It is really funny.

Date: 06-02-2014 22:27

Yeah, we just finished watching the season finale.

Date: 06-02-2014 22:27

Omigod, that masturbation algorithm...

Date: 06-02-2014 22:28

Tip to tip, middle out.

Date: 06-02-2014 22:29

Pure genius. The DTG. We were laughing so hard.

Date: 06-03-2014 08:42

The lure of slim wallets The Odd Logic of Kickstarter's Glut of Slim Wallets - Businessweek via NYT Now

Date: 06-03-2014 09:37

Opportunity? Melting Pot opens at noon on Saturday and Sunday. Will you and Jean have time to eat lunch if I make a reservation? We could celebrate your birthday and Father's Day. Either day is fine if you can do it. Let me know and I'll make reservations.

Date: 06-04-2014 07:04

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

'Breaking Bad' doesn't get lost in Spanish translation

Date: 06-04-2014 09:56

What are you thinking of the Melting Pot idea? Which day works better for you?

Date: 06-04-2014 09:57

I thought we were doing dinner.

Date: 06-04-2014 10:05

We can certainly do dinner. I thought you were doing dinner during the wedding reception.

Date: 06-04-2014 15:50

Date: 06-04-2014 17:15

Okay, Sunday at noon.

Date: 06-04-2014 17:16

Or maybe Papa J's

Date: 06-04-2014 17:26

It's your birthday. You pick.

Date: 06-04-2014 17:28

Papa J's please!

Date: 06-05-2014 08:06

Maybe this for an 11:30 lunch on Saturday? It's 7 miles from Monongahela, PA.

Date: 06-06-2014 09:14

How's my darling Boy today?

Date: 06-06-2014 10:38

Better than yesterday but I still feel "weird" like I'm half asleep or something.

Date: 06-06-2014 10:43

Maybe have Jean drive.

Date: 06-06-2014 18:52

What is your ETA? Will we see you tonight?

Date: 06-06-2014 20:10

Safely at Jean's house. Probably won't see you tonight but probably tomorrow after the wedding.

Date: 06-06-2014 20:14

Fireworks around 9:45 tomorrow night!

Date: 06-07-2014 09:10

I definitely need a nice pic of you and Jean in your wedding finery.

Date: 06-07-2014 10:45

You wouldn't happen to own a tie clip would you?

Date: 06-07-2014 10:47

No. Binder clip?

Date: 06-07-2014 10:47

Absolutely not

Date: 06-07-2014 10:49

The Red, White and Blue Store is on Route 51. It's like Goodwill and right on your way to the wedding. They may have tie clips.

Date: 06-07-2014 10:49

You haven't left yet, right?

Date: 06-07-2014 10:49

Yes, we have. Why?

Date: 06-07-2014 10:50

We can wait. No prob.

Date: 06-07-2014 10:51

Jean (not surprisingly) is running late (probably because she didn't wake up at a godly hour, like I did)

Date: 06-07-2014 10:53

We'll be there at 11:20.

Date: 06-07-2014 10:56

No problemo.

Date: 06-07-2014 15:49

Date: 06-07-2014 17:18

No fireworks tonight. I was wrong. Sorry. But if you want to come by and sip a glass of wine on the terrace, you can.

Date: 06-07-2014 21:12

We definitely won't be able to see you guys tonight. We won't be leaving until 10:00 and it take an hour to get home. Sorry :( love you and we'll see you guys in a few weeks.

Date: 06-07-2014 21:15

No problem. Drive safe. See you on June 18 (for dinner in DC) and I hope for the 4th of July.

Date: 06-08-2014 08:06

We're awake if you're bored.

Date: 06-08-2014 17:40

Home safe?

Date: 06-08-2014 18:34


Date: 06-08-2014 19:49

How was the second wedding ceremony compared to the first?

Date: 06-08-2014 19:53

Longer and more kneeling than I felt necessary.

Date: 06-08-2014 20:57

Amazon password? Jean logged out of it for some reason…

Date: 06-08-2014 21:01

Changed again. Now it's January17!962

Date: 06-08-2014 21:04

Thanks! I knew I remembered it correctly but it kept saying it was wrong!

Date: 06-08-2014 21:05

It will also help you remember how old your mom is and when to buy her a present. BTW, as long as you're shopping on Amazon, Father's Day is a week from today.

Date: 06-09-2014 10:14

Date: 06-09-2014 10:14

Don't ask me why, but the Ready For Hillary campaign just made a very visible endorsement of us. Everyone here has busted their ass to please this client and this is them clearly showing their recognition of that (although, again, I have no idea really why they did it in a larger sense).

Date: 06-09-2014 10:16

Woo hoo!

Date: 06-09-2014 10:17

Is this secret? Can I post it?

Date: 06-09-2014 10:18

You can post the picture (I'm pretty sure the RFH people posted this on twitter already) just don't post any of the explanatory text I sent along with it.

Date: 06-09-2014 10:19

Got it.

Date: 06-09-2014 10:20

Well, it's cute because it's a van and you're a VAN.

Date: 06-12-2014 19:42

Thanks for the tie clip and cuff links!

Date: 06-12-2014 19:46

Happy birthday, Wyatt!

Date: 06-12-2014 19:46

Are they okay?

Date: 06-12-2014 19:47


Date: 06-12-2014 19:47

They'll look great with my new ‘do!

Date: 06-12-2014 19:47

What do yours look like? I ordered some for Daddy, too.

Date: 06-12-2014 19:48

Daddy's have a plane on them.

Date: 06-12-2014 19:53

Date: 06-12-2014 19:54

Good. Right ones. Gold colored?

Date: 06-12-2014 19:54

They're silver colored.

Date: 06-12-2014 19:55


Date: 06-13-2014 16:10

Date: 06-13-2014 16:10

Daddy's tie clip. B-58 Hustler. He's very excited.

Date: 06-13-2014 21:33

Have you seen these NJOY disposable ecigs? Someone at my office gave me one today and it's seriously the most cigarette-like ecig I have ever seen. It looks an feels like a real cigarette (about twice the weight) and the tip lights up red when you inhale.

Date: 06-13-2014 21:36

Your friend, Joe Gitchell, consults for them.

Date: 06-13-2014 21:36

It's fucking amazing. I told Craig (the guy who gave me one) that he might have finally convinced me to quit smoking.

Date: 06-13-2014 21:38

While they supposedly have the same nicotine as a full pack of cigarettes, the only problem seems to be that it isn't an equivalent number of puffs. Tell Joe they need to get working on that.

Date: 06-13-2014 21:49

Just sent you an email.

Date: 06-14-2014 11:26

Happy birthday, darling Boy. When you were little, Jim used to call me almost every night while I was making dinner (I was sometimes exasperated by it because I was so busy at that time of the day, but now I really miss it). He would always start by asking, "How's our little prince?" You were such a great little boy and are such a wonderful man (we can kind of skip those teenage years, eh ?) I can't believe you're 26. What joy you have brought your dad and me. I love you very much. What fun stuff are you going to do to celebrate?

Date: 06-14-2014 18:20

Call when you can. I won't keep you long.

Date: 06-15-2014 15:02

Please don't forget to wish daddy a happy Father's Day. We're in a play from 7 to 930 tonight.

Date: 06-16-2014 11:39

Uncle Lee passed away.

Date: 06-16-2014 11:40


Date: 06-16-2014 11:44

Tough weekend.

Date: 06-17-2014 17:34

Date: 06-17-2014 18:15

Date: 06-17-2014 18:15

You in Philadelphia?

Date: 06-17-2014 18:16

Yes, and Harvey's in DC!

Date: 06-17-2014 18:17

He leaves tomorrow at 2:45, but if you had any interest in seeing him tonight (of course, I know how you are), text him.

Date: 06-17-2014 18:54

BTW, the link you sent was very interesting.

Date: 06-17-2014 21:40

What time will you be getting here tomorrow?

Date: 06-17-2014 21:51

Well, it probably would've been sooner, but Betty Jean just announced that she wanted to see the World War II Memorial while we're in DC. I made a reservation at 7 PM at Clyde's. We may end up just having to meet you there. I'll be in touch from the road.

Date: 06-17-2014 21:52

Is that okay?

Date: 06-17-2014 21:55

Yes. Bring water, it's supposed to be in the upper nineties tomorrow. Love you, see you tomorrow!

Date: 06-18-2014 15:39

We will need to drop Socks off at your place before dinner. We are in DC now--just arrived--heading to the WW2 monument. Nice cool day for sightseeing.

Date: 06-18-2014 15:46

Should we drive you home?

Date: 06-18-2014 15:47

I'm driving around while daddy and grandma go to the memorial. I'm actually at the intersection of 17 and H right now.

Date: 06-18-2014 16:37

I'm gonna be heading out in like 5 min. It will probably take you longer to drive to our place than it will for me using public transportation.

Date: 06-18-2014 16:39

Just as well. We're sitting in the car in the parking lot of the Starbucks across the street from N Highview.

Date: 06-18-2014 16:39

With a/c running, of course.

Date: 06-18-2014 16:40

Good call. You don't want to be heading out of DC at this hour.

Date: 06-18-2014 16:40

Everyone is considering a nap.

Date: 06-18-2014 16:44

Date: 06-18-2014 16:41

Date: 06-18-2014 17:19

We didn't get wine so if you would like some then you should probably go grab a bottle.

Date: 06-18-2014 17:21


Date: 06-18-2014 17:21


Date: 06-18-2014 17:51

Are you home?

Date: 06-18-2014 17:56

Just got home. Come over in 5 min.

Date: 06-18-2014 17:57


Date: 06-18-2014 18:11

We're ready for ya!

Date: 06-18-2014 18:12


Date: 06-18-2014 22:08

Date: 06-18-2014 22:08

Lucy fetching leaves.

Date: 06-19-2014 08:55

Lucy comes out when everyone is gone.

Date: 06-19-2014 08:56

We're having breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Rockville. Mmmm.

Date: 06-19-2014 08:57

It was so nice to visit you guys!

Date: 06-20-2014 16:54

You'll be so proud of me! I tried the other metro exit and it actually put me about a block and a half closer to my office.

Date: 06-20-2014 17:37

Woo hoo! What forced you out of your comfort zone? Was your favorite exit closed?

Date: 06-20-2014 17:40

I was feeling daring today.

Date: 06-20-2014 17:42

You just saved yourself almost a full day's worth of time per year!

Date: 06-20-2014 17:59

Jean says I need the exercise.

Date: 06-20-2014 21:57

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

Nest to acquire security company Dropcam

Date: 06-20-2014 22:00

Sooooo, any chance that "hotel" room in your building is available for the weekend of the 4th??

Date: 06-20-2014 22:02

I will ask. If not, and you guys need a bedroom, you can either have ours or you can sleep on a blow-up bed in our living room or on our terrace. It's like urban camping!

Date: 06-20-2014 22:03

I'll need to have good access to the ping pong table that weekend.

Date: 06-20-2014 22:04

Does Ansel need a bed, too? If so, bring your blow-up bed as well.

Date: 06-20-2014 22:04

Is he confirmed?

Date: 06-20-2014 22:06

As far as I know he is 100% going to be there for the 4th. Not sure after that.

Date: 06-23-2014 15:44

Date: 06-23-2014 15:49

It appeared to be rising at about 30° from 0° North.

Date: 06-23-2014 16:03

Amazing, yes. And in the winter, the sun rises so far in the other direction, about a third of the way toward south from east, we can't even see it.

Date: 06-23-2014 16:03

We don't see the sun at all from the end of November till the end of January.

Date: 06-23-2014 16:03

From our terrace.

Date: 06-23-2014 16:05

Same situation from our balcony. I feel bad for all of our plants that get blasted with hot dry air and get nothing but indirect sunlight all winter.

Date: 06-23-2014 21:02 A 16-year-old made a plugin that reveals where politicians get their cash via NYT Now

Date: 06-24-2014 07:59

Date: 06-24-2014 07:59

Cat feeder.

Date: 06-25-2014 09:24

Have you noticed the countdown on The Colbert Report's intro (right after he jumps down with the flag)? It was 77 last night.

Date: 06-25-2014 09:25

Oh, no! No, I didn't notice. Woe is us!

Date: 06-25-2014 11:42

A Chipotle fan. Be on the lookout, Wy.

Date: 06-25-2014 18:56

My manager (whom I like) is leaving to work at Google in two weeks. 😕

Date: 06-25-2014 19:14

How long till you work at Google, too? Google where?

Date: 06-25-2014 19:17

Snag his contact data! Who will your new boss be?

Date: 06-27-2014 13:04

Are you going camping this weekend?

Date: 06-27-2014 13:36


Date: 06-27-2014 13:46

Send pics.

Date: 06-29-2014 11:21

How was camping?

Date: 06-29-2014 12:51

The first night was terrible, not because of anything related to camping, but because I had a terrible headache that lasted nearly 12 hours. The rest of it was pretty fun.

Date: 06-29-2014 12:51

Poor baby. Was it a migraine?

Date: 06-29-2014 13:01

I'm not sure. It felt like I was dehydrated because I could like feel the blood pumping through my head and that would be painful every time. But I drank a half dozen seltzer waters once we got to camp and it didn't seem to help so I'm not sure.

Date: 06-29-2014 14:57

Date: 06-29-2014 14:58

Date: 06-29-2014 14:59

Date: 06-29-2014 15:02

That last one: Terrifying.

Date: 06-29-2014 15:16

Most of the other guys were jumping off of it. With a running start. I couldn't watch because I thought for sure one of them would lose their footing before jumping.

Date: 06-29-2014 15:24

I also got to ride in the truck bed of a pickup with about a dozen other people. Unrelated, but boy do they know how to make a fire. The flames must have reached 20+ feet in the air. I'm pretty sure they went through they went through a couple hundred pounds of wood the first night.

Date: 06-29-2014 15:51

Is it more than one family?

Date: 06-29-2014 15:54

Yeah. I only knew about half the people the people that showed up. The rest were friends of Chuck and their families.

Date: 06-29-2014 15:56

This sums up the general atmosphere of my weekend

Date: 06-30-2014 19:53

Are you driving here on Friday or Thursday?

Date: 06-30-2014 20:57

Probably Thursday. I take it that hotel room isn't available?

Date: 06-30-2014 20:59

Nope. But one of our bedrooms is! Daddy and I will sleep on an Aerobed.

Date: 06-30-2014 20:59

And we're putting our Aerobed on the terrace!

Date: 06-30-2014 21:00

(Or maybe in Dr. Hulick's condo.)

Date: 06-30-2014 21:04

Ooo, hmm. I'm gonna be needing access to that balcony pretty late at night. Maybe put Cameron out there!

Date: 06-30-2014 21:05

We'll try to sleep at Dr. Hulick's.

Date: 06-30-2014 21:08

I'll take the aerobed. Still a step up from sleeping in a tent.

Date: 06-30-2014 21:12

You're a hero. I offered Ansel the couch. Is Jean coming?

Date: 06-30-2014 21:14

Yes, but she might be bringing her friend, Thao. So she'll probably be staying at her mom's place. Don't worry, she is definitely coming to your place for the party. She might also be bringing her mom.

Date: 06-30-2014 21:14


Date: 06-30-2014 21:15

How do you pronounce "Thao"?

Date: 06-30-2014 21:16

t • ow

Date: 06-30-2014 21:16

I guess

Date: 06-30-2014 21:17

Ignore the "h"

Date: 06-30-2014 21:18

As in "The Tao of Pooh"? (Except that is pronouced "d . ow".)

Date: 06-30-2014 21:18


Date: 06-30-2014 21:18

Have you seen The Lego Movie?

Date: 06-30-2014 21:18

No, I wanted to but Jean said it was for children.

Date: 06-30-2014 21:19

No, it's funny for grown-ups, too. Like The Incredibles.

Date: 06-30-2014 21:19

We're watching it now.

Date: 07-03-2014 09:50

What time are you leaving DC, approximately? I'm sure the traffic won't be at all heavy today.

Date: 07-03-2014 11:47

Do you think it'll be better tomorrow morning?

Date: 07-03-2014 12:04

God, no.

Date: 07-03-2014 12:04

You won't be here till 8 or 9, right?

Date: 07-03-2014 14:37

Correct, we're not going to be leaving until after 5:00 since Jean is getting her hair cut. Also, not sure if she told you but Thao backed out so it'll just be Jean and I. I kind of feel bad because her best friend (Nicole) is out of town this weekend and I'm going to be playing ping pong pretty much the whole weekend.

Date: 07-03-2014 14:39

Maybe she'd like to get a tattoo when Cam does.

Date: 07-03-2014 14:40

Swimsuits and towels.

Date: 07-03-2014 15:09

Why is Cam getting a tattoo?

Date: 07-03-2014 15:13

Will explain in person.

Date: 07-03-2014 18:23

On your way?

Date: 07-03-2014 18:25

Yes. Maryland drivers are allergic to driving in the rain apparently.

Date: 07-03-2014 18:26

We're eating Thai. Can we bring Pad Thai home for you?

Date: 07-03-2014 18:28

I guess, but I won't be home until 10:00-10:30.

Date: 07-03-2014 18:29

Is Jean coming to Grandview? Does she want something?

Date: 07-03-2014 18:30

What's the bed situation tonight?

Date: 07-03-2014 18:33

Are Ansel and Cam there tonight?

Date: 07-03-2014 18:38

Cam and Matt are here, staying in the guest room. Their dog, Jax, is here, too, taking 10 years off the cats' lives. Ansel appears to have slept at his sister's house last night, according to her FB post. I haven't heard from him today. Daddy and I can either sleep in our bedroom or on the queen-size Aerobed.

Date: 07-03-2014 18:58

Jean will be staying at her mom's place.

Date: 07-03-2014 19:00


Date: 07-03-2014 19:44

The code for our condo door is 1028.

Date: 07-03-2014 19:53

Which you may recognize as your dad's birthday...

Date: 07-03-2014 20:36

We have a space for your car in the garage. And, once you're here, we have a garage door opener for you. Call us (me or Dad) when you're three minutes away. We'll run up to open the garage for you.

Date: 07-04-2014 16:50

Jean's sister and boyfriend Matt might be coming as well (if that's okay).

Date: 07-04-2014 16:52

That's fine.

Date: 07-04-2014 17:41

Ansel's friend Andy would like to come as well (you can say no).

Date: 07-04-2014 17:42

No prob

Date: 07-04-2014 17:47

So I'm bring a total of 7 people, we're going to bring some extra folding chairs. Is there anything else you need while we're out?

Date: 07-04-2014 17:49

We prob don't need folding chairs. How many cars?

Date: 07-04-2014 17:49

Just one. Matt's explorer.

Date: 07-04-2014 17:49

Do you think there would be anywhere else to park an extra car? I just figured it was impossible.

Date: 07-04-2014 17:51

I'm sure you could find a spot on the street somewhere .

Date: 07-04-2014 23:43

Can you grab my bag out of Cam's room and put it in the living room somewhere so I can get my inhaler tomorrow morning if I need it?

Date: 07-04-2014 23:44

Yes. Will do.

Date: 07-05-2014 00:11


Date: 07-05-2014 08:01

We're up if you're hungry.

Date: 07-05-2014 08:23

Jean is hungry too. What's for breakfast?

Date: 07-05-2014 08:24

Where would you like to go?

Date: 07-05-2014 08:29

We need time to offer Cam and Matt, still asleep, a chance to go. She'd need to walk Jax, brush her hair, etc.

Date: 07-05-2014 08:29

Idk Pamela's or the place under the bridge.

Date: 07-05-2014 08:30

K. Let me check with Cam...

Date: 07-05-2014 08:32

Cam doesn't want to go. Johnny's?

Date: 07-05-2014 08:33

Also, tell Jean we have moss on the edge of our balcony she can have.

Date: 07-05-2014 08:33

The place under the bridge?

Date: 07-05-2014 08:33


Date: 07-05-2014 08:34

Time? Or do you want to text when you're close?

Date: 07-05-2014 08:36

We'll text when we're on our way. Jean is getting dressed and brushing hair.

Date: 07-05-2014 08:48

We're on our way. Should take us 10-15.

Date: 07-05-2014 08:50

Do you want your puffer?

Date: 07-05-2014 08:50


Date: 07-05-2014 11:54

We're taking Cam and Matt to Pamela's in Mt. Lebanon. You can meet us there if you want. Let me know, so we can reserve the right size table. We haven't left yet but will soon.

Date: 07-05-2014 11:58


Date: 07-05-2014 12:00

Okay. We're leaving in two minutes.

Date: 07-05-2014 12:00

Okay, I'm heading out.

Date: 07-05-2014 16:31

Where r u? Will you, Ansel, or Jean be joining us for dinner, around 7?

Date: 07-05-2014 16:33

I'm at Ansel's place. We're watching the Mariner's baseball game but should be heading over shortly.

Date: 07-06-2014 16:49

Are you home safe or is there lots of traffic? Cam left at 2:30 and is only 30 miles past Somerset.

Date: 07-06-2014 16:52

Breezewood was a BITCH. Still on the road. About 60 miles from home.

Date: 07-06-2014 18:43

Home safe

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 07-06-2014 18:50

Thank you. Love you.

Date: 07-06-2014 18:50

Enjoy the birdcages.


Date: 07-06-2014 19:39

Did Cameron like her birdcage?

Date: 07-06-2014 19:40

Yes. Very much.

Date: 07-06-2014 20:47

Had you already read this?

AirType: Revolutionary ‘Invisible’ Keyboard of Tomorrow

Date: 07-07-2014 17:53

Just got a promotion with an almost 10% raise 😁

Date: 07-07-2014 18:42

Oh, Wyatt!!! Congrats!!! I'm with a client but will call soon!

Date: 07-07-2014 19:03

Call when you can.

Date: 07-08-2014 20:44

For you and Jean to do:

Date: 07-09-2014 15:00

Date: 07-09-2014 15:12

Date: 07-09-2014 15:13

Date: 07-09-2014 15:13

OMFG! That's them!

Date: 07-09-2014 15:15

Yep, it's Weight Watchers because it's ice milk not ice cream.

Date: 07-09-2014 19:18

Prepare to feel old.

Date: 07-09-2014 19:48

"I kinda feel sorry for people from the the past."

Date: 07-09-2014 20:06

Me, too.

Date: 07-10-2014 18:41

Hey, call when you get a chance. Nothing important.

Date: 07-10-2014 20:04

Next smoke break?

Date: 07-11-2014 08:50

I'm definitely not saying you should buy this (no balcony), but a friend posted this link on Facebook, and I wanted to show you that there are some reasonably priced places in Washington DC. Don't know anything about the neighborhood though.

Date: 07-11-2014 12:26

Also, you and Jean to watch Welcome to Sweden (NBC). It's cute and funny.

Date: 07-13-2014 09:50

What is your beach week?

Date: 07-13-2014 10:21

Aug 17-23

Date: 07-13-2014 10:53

How much should I be paying you per month for my phone/data?

Date: 07-13-2014 10:55

I deduct $100 per month from your account to cover phone and car insurance.

Date: 07-13-2014 10:58

But how much is the phone part? I was curious if we could add Jean? We'd just get our own family plan but it doesn't get cheaper until you get to the third line.

Date: 07-13-2014 11:01

Sure, we can add Jean. I think it's like $30 or $35 per month. Call and ask. I think you're an authorized person on the account. Just make sure we don't lose unlimited data.

Date: 07-13-2014 11:02

Yeah, that's the other part. We wouldn't be able to get unlimited data on a new family account.

Date: 07-13-2014 11:03

I'm not sure if Jean would get it by joining our account, but I want to be sure the rest of us don't lose ours.

Date: 07-13-2014 15:14

Date: 07-13-2014 15:14

Do you need these bills to be mailed to you or are you getting them online?

Date: 07-15-2014 08:13

You have a great woman, Boy. I love her box idea.

Date: 07-15-2014 09:28

You also loved that mole on my chin, so I take your opinion with a gain of salt (about the box idea, not Jean being great ;)

Date: 07-15-2014 09:46

I miss that mole. That was part of my darling boy : (

Date: 07-15-2014 22:33

Date: 07-15-2014 22:33


Date: 07-18-2014 12:28

Date: 07-18-2014 12:28

I already did. I know all about it.

Date: 07-19-2014 11:24

Date: 07-21-2014 22:49

Date: 07-22-2014 08:40

: ). I told you Joe was fun!

Date: 07-24-2014 09:43

Can we pop into town to see you on Friday, August 8? We thought we might meet you and Joe for lunch Friday afternoon near your work, then have dinner with you and Jean, then maybe do a DC thing on Saturday morning then head back to Pittsburgh mid-afternoon on Saturday.

Date: 07-24-2014 14:47

I don't think it means she'll be getting more in the will (necessarily), but Cam is now Yo-ing me.

Date: 07-24-2014 16:20

But I had that great comment on your Facebook status, remember?! Yo-Yo Momma

Date: 07-24-2014 18:43

What is your fucking password for amazon? And can you fucking set it to something I can fucking remember. It’s not January17! anymore.

Date: 07-24-2014 18:43

Your amazon password is January17!962.

Date: 07-24-2014 18:43

Now at least I’ll be able to find it again when I forget it in two weeks.

Date: 07-24-2014 18:45

Mom's bday--whole bday.

Date: 07-25-2014 10:24

What say you and Jean on the dates for that visit?

Date: 07-25-2014 14:52

Yes, sounds good.

Date: 07-26-2014 09:59

VUDU login=cready@gmail, pw=January17

Date: 07-26-2014 10:00


Date: 07-26-2014 14:53

Date: 07-26-2014 14:53

You did it!

Date: 07-26-2014 15:55

Was it hard?

Date: 07-26-2014 19:32

Date: 07-27-2014 10:53

If you're not using this litter, you're missing out.

Date: 07-27-2014 10:53

Date: 07-27-2014 10:53

I honestly cannot recommend it enough. The only down side is it's weight.

Date: 07-27-2014 10:53


Date: 07-27-2014 10:55

What makes it better?

Date: 07-27-2014 10:53

No dust, perfect clumps.

Date: 07-27-2014 10:55

Like, zero dust.

Date: 07-27-2014 10:56

Can we put it on your credit card? We can't afford it.

Date: 07-27-2014 10:56

Can I call you?

Date: 07-27-2014 10:56

Sure. You're really interested in the litter, eh?

Date: 07-27-2014 11:26

Vintage Midcentury Eames style rocker $500

via cPro Craigslist App

Date: 07-27-2014 11:38

Date: 07-27-2014 17:14 India’s Answer to Google Glass: The Smartshoe – NYT Now: Download:

Date: 07-28-2014 08:51

Date: 07-28-2014 08:51


Date: 07-28-2014 08:54


Date: 07-29-2014 21:02

Date: 08-01-2014 18:38

Date: 08-01-2014 18:38

Do you have your own AAA account? Because we didn't get a card for you.

Date: 08-01-2014 18:58

Nope, I should probably get on that.

Date: 08-01-2014 18:59

This is so weird. Did you grt a card last year? Maybe they remove you from your parents' account at age 26?

Date: 08-01-2014 19:00


Date: 08-01-2014 19:00

Also, Guardians of the Galaxy is great.

Date: 08-01-2014 19:01

You guys did that intentionally last year. I remember dad telling me. I just never went though the process of getting my own account.

Date: 08-01-2014 19:02


Date: 08-01-2014 19:03

401(K)s and AAA. All the letters and numbers you need to know.

Date: 08-01-2014 19:03

Meh, I'll sign up for an account the next time my car breaks down.

Date: 08-01-2014 19:04

Get the premium plan with the 100 mile towing. Remember your first day in DC?

Date: 08-01-2014 20:41

Date: 08-01-2014 20:41

Squawk asleep on my laptop.

Date: 08-02-2014 16:26

A real fish grotto

Date: 08-02-2014 16:27

Whoa. Where 's that?

Date: 08-02-2014 16:28

Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese Polignano a Mare, Ital

Date: 08-03-2014 18:25

Gitchell cancelled. Dinner in Bethesda is off. We switched our hotel from Rockville to the Alexandria Mark Center Hilton. Should I make a reservation at Clyde's or do you want to eat Indian on Friday night? Or something else? We're still going to try to have lunch with you near your work on Friday.

Date: 08-04-2014 16:51

Indian or Clyde's reservation?

Date: 08-04-2014 17:55


Date: 08-04-2014 18:06

Gotcha. Can't wait to see you, Boy.

Date: 08-05-2014 14:22

I am now officially the owner of a very expensive piece of carbon.

Date: 08-05-2014 14:24

What does that mean?

Date: 08-05-2014 14:25

I think you know what that means.

Date: 08-05-2014 14:26

I don't. Honestly.

Date: 08-05-2014 14:27


Date: 08-05-2014 14:27

Now I know!!!!!!

Date: 08-05-2014 14:27


Date: 08-05-2014 14:33

Call your renters insurance company asap!

Date: 08-05-2014 16:26

They already gave me an appraisal so I should e good to go with that. I can't send a picture yet because they're mailing it to me on Thursday.

Date: 08-07-2014 09:54

Date: 08-07-2014 09:56

You were holding your phone the right way!

Date: 08-07-2014 09:56

Date: 08-07-2014 09:56


Date: 08-07-2014 11:23

Date: 08-07-2014 11:23

Date: 08-07-2014 11:23


Date: 08-07-2014 11:23


Date: 08-07-2014 11:23

There were larger ones, but I went with clarity over size.

Date: 08-07-2014 11:25

Is the stone pinkish? That's the color I'm seeing.

Date: 08-07-2014 11:25

Good call.

Date: 08-07-2014 11:25

It's a yellow/brown color. The one I couldn't afford was a pinkish/purple.

Date: 08-07-2014 11:26

Call it "whiskey colored." That's marketing.

Date: 08-07-2014 11:27

It's gorgeous.

Date: 08-07-2014 11:27

Did you work from home?

Date: 08-07-2014 11:28

And is the gold yellow or pink?

Date: 08-07-2014 11:28

Truly, truly lovely.

Date: 08-07-2014 12:29

Yes I worked from home today. It's not gold, it's palladium.

Date: 08-07-2014 12:32

Smart boy! Yellow color, silver color or pink color?

Date: 08-07-2014 12:32

Silver color, it's part of the platinum group of metals.

Date: 08-07-2014 12:34

Got it. You can also say "caramel colored" for the stone if she likes caramel better than whiskey.

Date: 08-07-2014 12:34


Date: 08-08-2014 07:49

Boy, we'll be eating breakfast soon, then heading for DC. We're hoping to meet you for lunch near your work. I found one place--CHIX--that has outdoor seating and allows dogs. Look around as you walk to work today to see if you spot any other dog-friendly places or maybe ask at work. Coffee shops ofter allow them (always outside, of course.) The key is outdoor seating. Love you! We'll text as we get closer. And we're okay whether the place serves just coffee or coffee and food.

Date: 08-08-2014 07:50

Well, there's a Starbucks down the street with outdoor seating.

Date: 08-08-2014 07:51

I'll find out if dogs are okay. Give me the two cross streets.

Date: 08-08-2014 07:52

15th & K

Date: 08-08-2014 07:52

Date: 08-08-2014 07:52

Date: 08-08-2014 07:52

Date: 08-08-2014 07:52

Annoying Cam at Mad Mex.

Date: 08-08-2014 07:52

The best part of DC is how they named the streets.

Date: 08-08-2014 07:52

So true.

Date: 08-08-2014 07:53

And the Metro. Very visitor friendly.

Date: 08-08-2014 07:53

Plus free museums!

Date: 08-08-2014 10:45

I'd prefer to just get coffee if that's okay. I'm not really a "lunch" guy.

Date: 08-08-2014 10:47

No problemo. We are an hour away.

Date: 08-08-2014 10:48

And the Starbucks you mentioned does permit dogs.

Date: 08-08-2014 10:47


Date: 08-08-2014 10:56

Date: 08-08-2014 10:56


Date: 08-08-2014 11:38

We'll text you when we're parked. 10 mins.

Date: 08-08-2014 11:48

Parked! Meet you in 5 mins, k?

Date: 08-08-2014 11:51

At my work or the Starbucks?

Date: 08-08-2014 11:51

Let's say the Starbucks.

Date: 08-08-2014 11:52


Date: 08-08-2014 22:20

Just wanted to remind you we have to meet you at your place so we can leave Socks there while we go out tomorrow. Can't leave him at hotel because we have to check out. oxox

Date: 08-08-2014 22:20

No problem

Date: 08-09-2014 08:58

Want to meet us here at 9:30?

Date: 08-09-2014 09:00

At your apartment? Yes. See you then.

Date: 08-09-2014 09:02


Date: 08-09-2014 11:59

Les and I going to train part. 11:59

Date: 08-09-2014 11:59

Correction: sitting outside Food entrance. Noon.

Date: 08-09-2014 12:00

We went through train part can't did way out

Date: 08-09-2014 12:00


Date: 08-09-2014 12:01

We'll stay seated in front of Food.

Date: 08-10-2014 19:51

Date: 08-10-2014 19:58

When they make these cases for the iPhone 6, I will buy one. Not only does it give me a double charge, it reshapes the phone into an iPhone 3!!

Date: 08-10-2014 21:17

Did you notice there are no more numbers on the Colbert intro anymore?

Date: 08-10-2014 21:24

Yeah, now it's "fear goggles"

Date: 08-11-2014 21:14

Jon Oliver burned Pittsburgh a little last night. PITTSBURGHOLYMPICS2024

Date: 08-16-2014 16:40

Date: 08-16-2014 16:40

You've got to be kidding me.

Date: 08-16-2014 16:47

She keeps you on your toes, doesn't she?

Date: 08-16-2014 16:48

Daddy suggests hollowing out a Javascript manual.

Date: 08-16-2014 16:58

All I can say is that I'm gonna feel bad for the other twin.

Date: 08-16-2014 17:00

Wait, are you saying Matt is going to propose?

Date: 08-16-2014 17:01


Date: 08-16-2014 17:00


Date: 08-16-2014 17:03

Daddy thinks you should conspire with Matt and do it at the exact same time.

Date: 08-16-2014 17:07

Yes, no shit.

Date: 08-16-2014 17:07

What an adventure, Boy.

Date: 08-16-2014 17:07

Lol. The odds are just stupid.

Date: 08-16-2014 17:10

Daddy thinks you should tell Matt to tell his twin that he knows you're going to propose. That way she's only waiting for your announcement, just the way Jean is only waiting for her sister's announcement. Then both are fooled.

Date: 08-16-2014 17:11

That's good.

Date: 08-16-2014 17:12

The worst part is that my ring is is in the camera bag. I'm getting my oil changed. So hopefully jean doesn't decide the pack my camera gear herself.

Date: 08-16-2014 17:13

Oh, Boy, how do these things happen to you?

Date: 08-16-2014 17:13

But remember: Even if she finds it, that's just as exciting to her.

Date: 08-16-2014 17:14

True. I was just hoping to BE there when she saw it for the first time.

Date: 08-16-2014 17:18

Have your words ready.

Date: 08-17-2014 11:19

Date: 08-17-2014 11:19


Date: 08-17-2014 11:20

Daddy says bring a deck of cards.

Date: 08-17-2014 13:50

Tap to share your location with me:

This way I can know when you've artived safely.

Date: 08-17-2014 15:57

Arrived safe

Date: 08-17-2014 15:58

Have a wonderful time! Thank you for letting me know. Crabcake time!

Date: 08-19-2014 11:48

I'm feeling like it might be close to crab cake time...

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 08-21-2014 18:02

So, do you feel different?

Date: 08-21-2014 18:05

Yeah, like there's some kind of weight around my leg now.

Date: 08-21-2014 18:11

Also, Jean is constantly modeling her hand for herself.

Date: 08-21-2014 18:12


Date: 08-21-2014 18:12

Just think: Jean's had the same weight since the day she met you.

Date: 08-21-2014 18:19

Yeah, except now that ball and chain is locked down.

Date: 08-22-2014 09:18

Date: 08-22-2014 09:18

~70 people already

Date: 08-22-2014 09:28

You guys choose the wedding and wedding size you want. We'll take the heat.

Date: 08-23-2014 16:57

Are you home safe?

Date: 08-23-2014 17:21


Date: 08-24-2014 09:17

Hey, are you guys by any chance coming to Pittsburgh next weekend? Not pressing, just wondering. If you're not, we may think about a Chicago trip.


Date: 08-25-2014 11:38

May I call you?

Date: 08-25-2014 18:58

AT&T won’t even talk to me without your SSN

Date: 08-25-2014 18:59


Date: 08-25-2014 18:59


Date: 08-25-2014 19:00


Date: 08-25-2014 19:00

Thanks, I think they’re actually trying to call you now

Date: 08-25-2014 19:00


Date: 08-25-2014 19:01

I confirmed you.

Date: 08-25-2014 19:02

thank you!

Date: 08-25-2014 19:03

Maybe give me a jingle when you can?

Date: 08-25-2014 19:02


Date: 08-25-2014 19:02

will do

Date: 08-25-2014 20:31

Okay, well I just confirmed with AT&T (by me impersonating Chuck Hilpert and Jean impersonating you) that while it IS possible to transfers Jean’s number over the phone, the data plans are attached to the phone numbers, not the family-plan/account. So even IF Jean transferred her number, she would not be able to get the True™ Unlimited plan even though she’d be on our family plan.

Date: 08-25-2014 20:32


Date: 08-27-2014 18:20

How did you get the lttle TM in your text?

Date: 08-27-2014 18:28

Essentially copy/paste. I was using the Message app on my laptop. Macs have a "Character Pallet" thing which shows you all kinds of special characters (including emoji™ 💩)

Date: 08-27-2014 18:29

Is that a chocolate chip or a turd?

Date: 08-27-2014 18:29

If you enable the emoji keyboard you can enter the TM symbol directly ™

Date: 08-27-2014 18:29

Date: 08-27-2014 18:29

It's a smiling piece of poo!

Date: 08-27-2014 18:30


Date: 08-28-2014 21:50

Are you coming in tomorrow or Saturday?

Date: 08-28-2014 22:12


Date: 08-29-2014 21:16

Date: 08-29-2014 21:16

This doesn't come with any of the liquid you need to use it… 😕

Date: 08-29-2014 21:21

I mean, it says so right on the front, but why?

Date: 08-29-2014 21:22

Because the liquid expires and the vape pen doesn't .

Date: 08-29-2014 21:23

Bah! Logic. Humbug, I say!

Date: 08-29-2014 21:23

Where do you get the liquid?

Date: 08-29-2014 21:23

There should be a coupon that grants you one at purchase time.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:23

On the back of the package.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:23

Same place.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:23

I just wasn't smart enough to buy one while I was at the 7-11.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:25

All the CVS stores stopped selling cigarettes.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:25

Pain in my butt.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:25

Imagine, a store devoted to health.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:27

Well, they never sold NJOY either. Only the 7-11 sells nicotine.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:30

Scratch that, 7-11 is the only store selling non-FDA-approved nicotine (them and gas stations)

Date: 08-29-2014 21:32

You can't get them in grocery stores around here, Target doesn't sell them, and the closest Walmart is 30+ minutes away. I think fate is trying to tell me something…

Date: 08-29-2014 21:32

Move south

Date: 08-29-2014 21:32

Fate and your mother.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:32


Date: 08-29-2014 21:33

Good news. I'm sure the FDA will be approving them soon.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:34

Your friend, Mitch Zeller.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:34

Tell him to get on that million dollar coupon idea.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:36

I bought a pack of cigarettes and that starter kit. I got home and opened the NJOY only to discover I needed a cigarette to get my fix. Just saying.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:37

Poor baby. I hope tomorrow is better to you. Did you know Jean has test dresses?

Date: 08-29-2014 21:38

Yes, they're hanging up for display.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:38

Date: 08-29-2014 21:38

You're not supposed to look at them.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:39

That's just ON the wedding day.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:40

And I'm not gullible.

Date: 08-29-2014 21:40

*superstitious (same thing really)

Date: 08-29-2014 21:40


Date: 08-30-2014 11:58

Are you on the road? ETA? Will we see you before. 5:30? (I have to plan my shower timing.)

Date: 08-30-2014 12:27

Yes. 3:30-4:00. No.

Date: 08-30-2014 12:28

Thank you!

Date: 08-30-2014 17:07

We're running a little late. We'll probably be leaving Jean's house around 5:20-5:30.

Date: 08-30-2014 17:10


Date: 08-30-2014 17:10


Date: 08-30-2014 22:01

Extra Large Corner 1 Bd*Lux Drm*2 Blks to Mtro Nrth*Free Prkng! - 1bd - 825 ft² $2255

via cPro Craigslist App

Date: 08-30-2014 22:05

That's about 10% smaller and 10% more expensive.

Date: 08-30-2014 22:07

And 100% New York.

Date: 08-31-2014 07:55

We're up. Is breakfast an option?

Date: 08-31-2014 09:22

We just woke up. Gonna shower first but sure.

Date: 08-31-2014 10:04

So did you still want to get breakfast?

Date: 08-31-2014 10:05

Yep. We love seeing you.

Date: 08-31-2014 10:06


Date: 08-31-2014 10:08

Whatever you'd like. Is Jean coming?

Date: 08-31-2014 10:09


Date: 08-31-2014 10:10

We'll meet you anywhere.

Date: 08-31-2014 10:16

Just tell us place and time.

Date: 08-31-2014 10:19

10:40, Johnny's.

Date: 08-31-2014 10:19


Date: 09-01-2014 08:32


Date: 09-01-2014 09:05

Absolutely. But just me this time.

Date: 09-01-2014 09:05


Date: 09-01-2014 09:05


Date: 09-01-2014 09:22

Sure, nowish?

Date: 09-01-2014 09:22

Yep. We can be there by 9:40. K?

Date: 09-01-2014 09:22


Date: 09-01-2014 16:35

Home safe? Also, do you know off the top of your head if you have an electric carving knife at your place?

Date: 09-01-2014 16:36

Still in traffic. And no (confirmed by Jean).

Date: 09-01-2014 16:37

Wedding present confirmed!

Date: 09-01-2014 16:37

You'll get access to the registry just like everyone else.

Date: 09-01-2014 17:45

Home safe

Date: 09-01-2014 17:49

Thank you, Boy.

Date: 09-02-2014 19:08

Date: 09-02-2014 19:08

The worst board ever.

Date: 09-02-2014 19:15

Uffda! That's terrible!

Date: 09-04-2014 17:29

Franklin County, Greencastle, is probably going to be your closest PA inspection station. 93 miles.

Date: 09-06-2014 09:07

How an Outdated Calculator Still Holds a Monopoly on Classrooms:

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Date: 09-07-2014 21:31

Date: 09-07-2014 21:35

That's a lot of black cats.

Date: 09-07-2014 21:36

I wonder if there's a collective noun for that. A pitch of black cats?

Date: 09-08-2014 21:29

Soooooooooooo. A friend of a friend wants to know how many people your building's event room holds and how much it costs to reserve it.

Date: 09-08-2014 21:30

A friend of Ansel's?

Date: 09-08-2014 21:31

Jean, duh.

Date: 09-08-2014 21:35

Let me check. It cost $300 to rent. I was told it holds 100 people, but I don't know if that's seated or standing. It's big, with a dance floor and a bar, and restrooms. A separate kitchen, too. Guests cannot use the pool.

Date: 09-08-2014 21:39

Date: 09-08-2014 21:40

Balcony access?

Date: 09-08-2014 21:40


Date: 09-08-2014 21:41

Wooden dance floor.

Date: 09-08-2014 21:40

Can they remove the dance floor. I don't want to give anyone any ideas.

Date: 09-08-2014 21:42

I doubt it. We could put chairs on it. Or a rug and chairs.

Date: 09-08-2014 21:42

I was joking.

Date: 09-08-2014 21:43

I know.

Date: 09-08-2014 21:43

I think you may have won Jean over. Don't hold me to it though.

Date: 09-08-2014 21:43

We can reserve it exactly 3 months in advance, no earlier.

Date: 09-08-2014 21:45

That's a bit of a drag.

Date: 09-08-2014 21:46

It's probably only an issue on fireworks days or Steeler game days.

Date: 09-08-2014 21:48

Any fireworks planned for next September?

Date: 09-08-2014 21:52

Probably. The Pirates are having two fireworks nights this September. Always on a Saturday night.

Date: 09-08-2014 21:54

I went to check when the 2015 Pirates schedule would be released. Guess what? It was released today. They have only two Saturday games in Pgh in Sep/Oct. Sep 12 and Oct 3.

Date: 09-08-2014 21:55

Checking to see when promotional schedule will be released...

Date: 09-08-2014 21:58

Should be released at the end of November. Last year: Nov 22.

Date: 09-08-2014 21:59

Save the date! 9/29/2018!

Date: 09-08-2014 23:11

What? Seriously? Is that the next time it's a Saturday?

Date: 09-08-2014 23:12

Not seriously. Yes.

Date: 09-08-2014 23:12

May 9, 2015.

Date: 09-08-2014 23:12

A Saturday.

Date: 09-08-2014 23:12

Not bad.

Date: 09-08-2014 23:14

Any fireworks that night??

Date: 09-09-2014 09:17

We won't know until the Pirates release their promotional schedule at the end of November.

Date: 09-09-2014 09:23

The party room allows a max of 100 people. They have tables to seat 80. If you rent the party room, you're allowed to have people on the obsevation deck that overlooks the city, the big open place at the far side of the pool, around the corner from the grill. No food out on observation deck. No smoking anywhere, so smokers will have to go out the front door of the building and beyond the visitors lot to smoke. Guests must be gone by midnight. Can't use pool, though Daddy and I can bring four guests at a time there. Also, no loud music.

Date: 09-09-2014 09:51

Date: 09-09-2014 14:09

Are you watching the livestream?

Date: 09-09-2014 14:10

4.7 or 5.5?

Date: 09-09-2014 15:58

I want the new iPhone in the iPhone 4S size… -_-

Date: 09-09-2014 16:27

Are you crazy?

Date: 09-09-2014 16:27

Bigger is better.

Date: 09-09-2014 16:29

I'm going for 5.5. And I'll take an iWatch for my 53rd birthday, thank you.

Date: 09-09-2014 20:17

Ugh! The only the bigger one has optical image stabilization.

Date: 09-09-2014 20:21

You can borrow mine.

Date: 09-09-2014 20:25

Will you still be able to fit that down your blouse?

Date: 09-09-2014 20:28

Gonna wear it as a necklace.

Date: 09-09-2014 20:30

Date: 09-09-2014 20:31

That's me!!!

Date: 09-09-2014 20:31

Pop POP!!

Date: 09-10-2014 10:30

Did you get the check ?

Date: 09-10-2014 12:14

Yes I did. Thank you!

Date: 09-10-2014 12:34

No problemo.

Date: 09-10-2014 16:36

All we require in return is one (1) beautiful grandchild.

Date: 09-10-2014 18:11

Hmm, in that case I think you forgot another 0 before the decimal point.

Date: 09-10-2014 18:22

$90K on its way!

Date: 09-10-2014 18:22

Did I say one 0? I meant two.

Date: 09-10-2014 22:40

Can Your Watch Do This? Full Demo of the Apple Watch :

Download NYT Now:

Date: 09-16-2014 07:44

What’s your billing zip code for AT&T

Date: 09-16-2014 07:44


Date: 09-16-2014 07:49

Sigh, it HAS to be shipped to your address because fuck AT&T.

Date: 09-16-2014 07:50

Ugh. Sorry. No delivery to your fave DC Apple store?

Date: 09-16-2014 07:50

I’m not trying to wait in one of those lines.

Date: 09-16-2014 07:50

Plus it gives me an excuse to visit Pittsburgh

Date: 09-16-2014 07:51

Too old for that now?

Date: 09-16-2014 07:51

Yes. Time is money and I can’t afford that shit.

Date: 09-16-2014 07:52

Did you see Colbert’s kilt last night?

Date: 09-16-2014 07:53

Date: 09-16-2014 07:53

Daddy says he hopes it doesn't turn into an iPhone 5 before you get here.

Date: 09-16-2014 07:53


Date: 09-16-2014 07:54

Amazing to think about about watching a country decide its fate!

Date: 09-16-2014 08:16

What phone (color/size) did you get?

Date: 09-16-2014 08:24

Small-ish, dark grey, 64GB

Date: 09-17-2014 11:32

Date: 09-17-2014 11:32

If you hadn't gotten published.

Date: 09-17-2014 11:49


Date: 09-17-2014 11:49

I'd probably make more .

Date: 09-17-2014 21:01

How early do you have to send out save-the-dates?

Date: 09-17-2014 21:07

6 months before.

Date: 09-17-2014 21:08

Fuck me

Date: 09-17-2014 21:08


Date: 09-17-2014 21:08

That's cutting the May 9th day a little close.

Date: 09-17-2014 21:09

It doesn't matter. You don't have a lot of people coming from across the country.

Date: 09-18-2014 20:08

Date: 09-18-2014 20:11

Well, that sucks.

Date: 09-18-2014 20:12

If true, it could solve a lot of problems.

Date: 09-18-2014 20:12

I mean, not for us. We're screwed.

Date: 09-18-2014 20:12

I'm not drinking regular Pepsi.

Date: 09-18-2014 20:12


Date: 09-19-2014 11:10

Date: 09-19-2014 11:10

Was your company part of this?

Date: 09-19-2014 18:04

Yes we did. I didn't personally, but I asked and got confirmation.

Date: 09-19-2014 18:20

You guys were helping the "No, stay with England" side?

Date: 09-19-2014 18:48


Date: 09-19-2014 18:49


Date: 09-19-2014 18:50

Do they realize your mother writes Scottish time travel romances?

Date: 09-19-2014 18:51

I must bring this up. Maybe they can get another vote setup.

Date: 09-19-2014 18:51

Maybe next time the Scots will be smart and hire us.

Date: 09-19-2014 18:55

Do you happen to know my blood type?

Date: 09-19-2014 18:56

No. I'm A positive (naturally.)

Date: 09-21-2014 14:39

Any chance you could get a video of inside of your building's event room and balcony?

Date: 09-21-2014 14:39

Audio Message.amr

Date: 09-21-2014 14:39

Lol, I didn't mean to send you that.

Date: 09-21-2014 14:39

The audio that is, the question was for you.

Date: 09-21-2014 14:40

Yes, but not until Monday. The room is locked.

Date: 09-21-2014 14:43

Date: 09-21-2014 14:43

You weren't supposed to keep it. And thank you!

Date: 09-21-2014 14:44

iOS 8 wasn't wasn't really aimed towards the iPhone 4S screen.

Date: 09-21-2014 14:46

I didn't "keep" it. I just ignored it.

Date: 09-21-2014 14:53

Are you planning to eat in the party room or just get married there? There's a restaurant a block away that can handle 100 people for cocktails/appetizers (standing) on its private second floor (Altius, with view of Mt. Washington). Maybe cocktails and wedding there (or wedding and champagne toast) and walk to party room at 1000 Grandview for catered meal/fireworks?

Date: 09-21-2014 14:59

Here’s the current plan as I understand it. The date is going to be sometime in between May 16 and June 14 (Jean’s friend Audra, whom Jean wants to have as our photographer, already has the weekend of May 9 booked). The September 29th thing is completely out of the question now. Jean is all about the spring-time wedding now. The ceremony will be in Jean’s Mom’s back yard (you were there for the twin’s graduation party) and then the reception will be at 1000 Grandview for catered meal/fireworks.

Date: 09-21-2014 15:00

Got it. Sounds lovely. Really.

Date: 09-21-2014 20:40

Do you already have your new phone?

Date: 09-21-2014 20:46

No, it's being mailed to you. Like, the first week in October.

Date: 09-21-2014 20:48

Oh, yeah. Forgot. Mine arrives Thursday.

Date: 09-21-2014 20:49

Which is good since my battery lasts about an hour.

Date: 09-21-2014 20:50

Then I'm mailing mine off to Cam, who doesn't qualify for an update till Dec 22.

Date: 09-21-2014 20:51

She has a shattered screen and lost her home button. Jesus, she's hard on phones.

Date: 09-21-2014 20:51

Mine is in near mint condition.

Date: 09-21-2014 20:52


Date: 09-23-2014 16:45

Thoughts on Light Up Night?

Date: 09-23-2014 16:47

Date: 09-23-2014 16:47

My iPhone.

Date: 09-23-2014 17:07

Oh, I totally forgot to tell you.

Date: 09-23-2014 17:09

Thank you for sending those videos! Unfortunately the room is much smaller than I'd thought. So now it's back to the drawing board. 😔

Date: 09-23-2014 17:09

Standing maybe

Date: 09-23-2014 17:09

It will hold 100.

Date: 09-23-2014 17:10

Maybe use it for dessert and fireworks?

Date: 09-23-2014 17:12

Don't forget Altius.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:05

What are your thoughts on bend-gazi?

Date: 09-24-2014 21:15

I wish it hadn't happened. Why?

Date: 09-24-2014 21:16

Ok, Bend-gate. …you didn't get the joke.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:16

As in the iPhone bending.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:18


Date: 09-24-2014 21:19

First, my bosom will not make it bend.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:19

Second, I will certainly expect Apple to replace it if it bends and breaks.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:20

Some people (me) keep it in their front pocket.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:20

Third, your sister is going to have a real problem, because she always carries it in her stupid jeans pocket.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:20

Better buy Apple Care.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:21

And a case.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:21

Haha. Yeah, I paid for that.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:21


Date: 09-24-2014 21:21

The iPhone 4 design was the best one. I don't care what you say.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:21

No. 3.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:21

Glass doesn't bend.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:22

What is it now?

Date: 09-24-2014 21:22


Date: 09-24-2014 21:23

Wait, are you saying the parts that are aluminum in the iPhone six were made of glass in the iPhone 4?

Date: 09-24-2014 21:23

As in the stuff you wrap around leftovers.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:23

No, that's tin foil.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:23


Date: 09-24-2014 21:23

The back of the iPhone 4 was glass. The iPhone 6 has aluminum.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:24

I would think aluminum is stronger than glass, but what do I know?

Date: 09-24-2014 21:25

Glass is more brittle. It breaks where aluminum bends.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:27

But aluminum bends much easier than glass breaks. So while the aluminum might not break as easily, constant pressure (not enough to break glass) will slowly bend aluminum.

Date: 09-24-2014 21:28

Oh. Apple Care, I guess.

Date: 09-24-2014 23:01

Big iPhone 6 Bulges in All the Wrong Places:

Download NYT Now:

Date: 09-24-2014 23:02

I see you in a murae.

Date: 09-24-2014 23:02


Date: 09-25-2014 15:50

I need advice

Date: 09-25-2014 15:52

Ha! I looked at Oak Lodge yesterday!

Date: 09-25-2014 15:58

I just forwarded you their pricing. Would it be irresponsible to book it? I feel like that's a lot of money for a wedding.

Date: 09-25-2014 16:02

Okay, I looked. Please clarify: the $12,500 price does not include food or drinks?

Date: 09-25-2014 16:02


Date: 09-25-2014 16:02

I'm getting faint.

Date: 09-25-2014 16:03

Thanks, that's all I needed to know.

Date: 09-25-2014 17:24

I've been informed that she doesn't want to do any part of the wedding in a restaurant… the single day rate is $5800 for Oak Lodge but they only offer weekdays.

Date: 09-25-2014 17:26

Is that still too much for a venue?

Date: 09-25-2014 17:28

Does she mean the reception too?

Date: 09-25-2014 17:28

Correct. No restaurants.

Date: 09-25-2014 18:12

On Oak Lodge, can't tell. You have to look at whole package with food. Some places are expensive to rent but less expensive for food. On its own, $5,800 seems like a lot for just space.

Date: 09-25-2014 22:05

Audio Message.amr

Date: 09-25-2014 22:06

Both of us laughed pretty hard.

Date: 09-25-2014 22:07

Or should I say...

Date: 09-26-2014 16:47

+14124181168 kept an audio message with you

Date: 09-27-2014 09:35

A thought: Guests stay at Wyndham (the hotel at the point with pool overlooking the Point and ballroom overlooking the Point), wedding at the fountain (guests stand), reception at a private room at Wyndham (not the restaurant), guests walk outside to see fireworks at 9:45.

Date: 09-27-2014 09:35

Date: 09-28-2014 15:36

When is your iPhone due in?

Date: 09-28-2014 15:57

Date: 09-28-2014 16:24

Should I ship it to you?

Date: 09-28-2014 16:24

No, I think Jean wants to come up to Pittsburgh anyway.

Date: 10-01-2014 19:05

Amazon password?

Date: 10-01-2014 19:05


Date: 10-01-2014 19:06

What is Netflix password?

Date: 10-01-2014 19:08

I don't know, I didn't change it.

Date: 10-01-2014 20:14

Date: 10-01-2014 20:14

Her first time cutting jalapeño and I warned her not to touch her eyes. Guess what happened.

Date: 10-01-2014 20:16

Oh, poor Jean! You should tell her the Teri stoy about peeing and wiping after cutting jalapenos before a dinner party. She had to run a bath. Thought she was going to die.

Date: 10-01-2014 20:23

That certainly made Jean happier about her incident. She'd much rather get it in her eyes.

Date: 10-01-2014 20:35

Can you hear the crowd at PNC?

Date: 10-01-2014 20:36

Yes. Are you watching? Is Jean okay?

Date: 10-01-2014 20:36

Yes and yes.

Date: 10-02-2014 11:45

Date: 10-02-2014 11:45

Your phone has arrived.

Date: 10-02-2014 12:02


Date: 10-02-2014 22:23

Date: 10-02-2014 22:26

I had that name before it was cool.

Date: 10-03-2014 15:11

Will we see you tonight and should I open and charge your phone?

Date: 10-03-2014 15:11

Will we see you tonight and should I open and charge your phone?

Date: 10-03-2014 16:12

It doesn't come charged?!

Date: 10-03-2014 16:13

And actually I was wondering if Jean and I could stay at your place tonight?

Date: 10-03-2014 16:13

You bet.

Date: 10-03-2014 16:13

What time might you arrive?

Date: 10-03-2014 16:15

I only ask because we are headed to see gone girl right now. We will be home around 715.

Date: 10-03-2014 16:18

Not until later. I'm still at work.

Date: 10-03-2014 16:48

I'm on my way.

Date: 10-05-2014 09:30

I don't think I paid you that much. I did bring you dinner, though.

A Professional Line Sitter Throws His Wait Around:

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Date: 10-05-2014 10:51

We're still at breakfast.

Date: 10-05-2014 10:52


Date: 10-05-2014 10:53

I forgot my new iPhone stuff (charger). Can you bring it with you when you come?

Date: 10-05-2014 10:54

Text dad. Am at nail salon.

Date: 10-05-2014 11:19

Meet us there at 11:45.

Date: 10-05-2014 11:22


Date: 10-05-2014 11:21

1645 Washington St.loc.vcf

Date: 10-05-2014 11:23


Date: 10-05-2014 18:43

Home safe

Date: 10-05-2014 18:45

We had such a good weekend. Thank you.

Date: 10-05-2014 18:59

Ugh, one of the cats peed on the couch.

Date: 10-05-2014 22:58

Ugh. Vinegar and warm water. Or call carpet cleaners. They do a decent job on that stuff.

Date: 10-06-2014 09:41

Jean may not tell you, but she learned she has a cyst on her ovary.

Date: 10-06-2014 09:42

Can you call?

Date: 10-06-2014 16:40

Date: 10-06-2014 16:40

Recognize this place?

Date: 10-06-2014 17:24

Pelican Rapids

Date: 10-06-2014 17:31

Well done.

Date: 10-06-2014 17:33

Take good care of Jean tonight.

Date: 10-06-2014 17:34

Sure. Or earlier. Whenever.

Date: 10-06-2014 17:37

Sorry. Not for you.

Date: 10-07-2014 20:52

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

#Hairgate: iPhone 6 users say device pulls out hair

Date: 10-08-2014 19:41

Did you watch last night's Daily Show?

Date: 10-09-2014 21:50

Are you possibly considering getting a flu shot?

Date: 10-10-2014 07:23

Date: 10-11-2014 09:55

Date: 10-11-2014 09:55


Date: 10-11-2014 10:42

Wait, that's what you fed to me and told me they were cookies?! I thought I was at least getting these

Date: 10-11-2014 10:42

Date: 10-11-2014 10:43

You are correct. In that box, though, they look a bit more like actual cookies.

Date: 10-11-2014 10:43

Date: 10-11-2014 10:43

Cookie Crisp!

Date: 10-11-2014 10:46

How is Jean doing?

Date: 10-11-2014 10:57

Good, she went out with her Lord & Taylor friends last night to celebrate two of them getting new jobs. She didn't get home until midnight! Drunkards.

Date: 10-11-2014 11:00

I have been down with a cold since Thursday so I was home alone and had to fend for myself :( It was horrible, I had to order my own pizza and everything. It was exhausting.

Date: 10-11-2014 11:07

Poor, poor baby. Could you make it to the door?

Date: 10-11-2014 11:12

Unrelated, but on the iPhone (with the fingerprint scanner thing) why do I need to turn the screen on before it will read my fingerprint and finally unlock the phone? Why can I just put my finger on the home button (while the screen is off) and have it just unlock the phone in one step?

Date: 10-11-2014 11:14

Or if I press in the home button, just read my fingerprint right then and automatically unlock the screen.

Date: 10-11-2014 11:18

Hold on, let me text Tim Cook.

Date: 10-11-2014 14:48

Would J ever wear or like slippers? I'm looking at some that would make an adorable Xmas gift.

Date: 10-11-2014 22:26

Hawk Attacks Drone! - YouTube:

Download NYT Now:

Date: 10-13-2014 09:27

What's your opinion on the slipper front?

Date: 10-13-2014 09:39

Oh yeah, sorry. Yes she would like slippers!

Date: 10-13-2014 09:42

Do you know her size?

Date: 10-15-2014 11:18

Date: 10-16-2014 21:38

We're in Chicago with Di and Nick and Ernie, Becky and Tyler.

Date: 10-16-2014 21:39

Date: 10-16-2014 21:39

Date: 10-16-2014 21:54

When do you leave for Puerto Rico?

Date: 10-16-2014 21:56

We just arrived in Chicago. Di announced that she told her job she's resigning Feb 20. They're selling their house, giving away all their belingings, and getting minimum wage jobs in Yellowstone or sime other national park. Di seems quite happy. Nick is more tentative.

Date: 10-16-2014 22:11

Well then…

Date: 10-16-2014 22:12

And how long have they been planning this?

Date: 10-16-2014 22:13

Di hates her new job. That drove it. Don't post anything on FB about it.

Date: 10-16-2014 22:14

So today?

Date: 10-16-2014 22:16

Don't worry, the last thing I posted on Facebook was my engagement I believe.

Date: 10-16-2014 22:17

"So today?" Huh?

Date: 10-16-2014 22:18

When did she decide she was doing this?

Date: 10-16-2014 22:18

Like a while ago or in the last 24 hours?

Date: 10-16-2014 22:22

6 wks

Date: 10-18-2014 16:27

Date: 10-18-2014 20:09

Date: 10-18-2014 20:18

Date: 10-18-2014 20:18

Tyler and Dillon.

Date: 10-18-2014 20:20

Dillon said, "I wish my family was this cool."

Date: 10-19-2014 09:59

Dear Boy, is there anything you remember and want from Di and Nick's house? They're giving away everything.

Date: 10-19-2014 09:59


Date: 10-19-2014 09:59


Date: 10-19-2014 09:59


Date: 10-19-2014 10:00

Cam is getting the tiny reindeer manger thingy Di put out at Christmas.

Date: 10-19-2014 17:16

Eames Style Lounge Chair and Ottoman - from Selig $500

via cPro Craigslist App

Date: 10-19-2014 17:27

Here's our wedding registry:

Date: 10-19-2014 17:28

Good luck. Your wedding gift is sitting is already sitting in some bank in DC.

Date: 10-19-2014 17:28

Lol, I thought you could pass on that link to everyone in Chicago.

Date: 10-19-2014 17:29

Maybe I make a Kickstarter.

Date: 10-19-2014 17:30


Date: 10-20-2014 19:25

Just got the flu shot and I can confirm that I still hate shots just as much as I remember.

Date: 10-20-2014 19:26

But you're so brave!

Date: 10-20-2014 19:27

Like the hero of a romance novel!

Date: 10-20-2014 19:27

You did it for the woman you love.

Date: 10-20-2014 19:28

Thank you, Wyatt. You're a good boy. I love you.

Date: 10-20-2014 19:53

How is Jean's pain (and I don't mean you)?

Date: 10-20-2014 20:48

It's gone apparently. Her wrist pain is back though.

Date: 10-20-2014 20:55

Have you been watching Manhattan? It's very good.

Date: 10-20-2014 20:57

What is it?

Date: 10-20-2014 20:59

A TV show.

Date: 10-20-2014 21:00

What channel?

Date: 10-20-2014 20:59

A Mad Men style take on building the atomic bomb.

Date: 10-20-2014 21:01

WGN. Huh. We watch it on Hulu.

Date: 10-20-2014 21:01

It's much better than anything else on WGN! I promise.

Date: 10-20-2014 21:23

Date: 10-20-2014 21:23

My bank doesn't support Apple Pay yet so I'll have to take this baby for a test run.

Date: 10-20-2014 21:25


Date: 10-20-2014 21:25

I'm jealous.

Date: 10-20-2014 21:25

You just need to update your phone.

Date: 10-20-2014 21:27

Then open the Passbook app.

Date: 10-20-2014 21:27

Date: 10-20-2014 22:59

Are you watching the Steelers?

Date: 10-20-2014 23:09

I'll turn it on. I'm more of a sports fan that's only active during the playoffs.

Date: 10-20-2014 23:09

The Pirates had me hooked firing game!

Date: 10-20-2014 23:09

For one*

Date: 10-20-2014 23:10

Gotta turn off that autocorrect.

Date: 10-20-2014 23:29

Date: 10-20-2014 23:31

Yeah! That guy!

Date: 10-21-2014 16:01

My fingerprint takes me from a black screen through the swipe screen to the home screen. Just hold it.

Date: 10-21-2014 16:10

It takes a while, though. Longer than you'd expect.

Date: 10-21-2014 21:19

Date: 10-23-2014 21:30

Who is going to marry you and Jean?

Date: 10-24-2014 19:10

I don't know. I think Jean's cousin Anna got ordained online.

Date: 10-24-2014 19:47

Teri will get ordained and do it if you want.

Date: 10-24-2014 20:10

That would be great!

Date: 10-24-2014 20:12

I hope Lloyd doesn't mind. But I don't want my ceremony getting all preachy.

Date: 10-27-2014 11:50

Teri's excited. You really meant it, right?

Date: 10-27-2014 18:31

Yes, absolutely!

Date: 10-27-2014 18:33

Okay. Great. I think she'll be perfect, actually. I don't know if you remember, but she gave a beautiful talk at Claire's service. This one should be easier.

Date: 10-27-2014 18:46

My train just stopped at the Johnstown Amtrak station.

Date: 10-27-2014 18:45

Downtown Johnstown! Woop!

Date: 10-27-2014 18:47

Are we downtown? I can't even tell. It's pitch black outside. Do you miss Johnstown?

Date: 10-27-2014 18:47

My friends, yes. Everything else, nope.

Date: 10-27-2014 18:47

Life is a million times better now

Date: 10-27-2014 18:50

Aww. You deserve it.

Date: 10-27-2014 19:25

3 mins to Latrobe stop.

Date: 10-27-2014 19:25

Oops. Not for you.

Date: 10-28-2014 23:09

Date: 10-28-2014 23:09

Sitting on Kitten.

Date: 11-01-2014 18:55

Did you already go to Puerto Rico?

Date: 11-01-2014 19:53

No, next weekend.

Date: 11-03-2014 23:33

Date: 11-04-2014 00:03


Date: 11-06-2014 11:45

Are you flying USAIRWAYS?

Date: 11-06-2014 11:58

Nope, JetBlue.

Date: 11-06-2014 12:27

My fave airline! You'll like them.

Date: 11-06-2014 16:46

Will you be smoking at work soon?

Date: 11-06-2014 16:56

What's up?

Date: 11-06-2014 16:59

You know, with the new law?

Date: 11-06-2014 17:00

Ahhh! Yeah I'm sure congress will revert that law before I get the opportunity.

Date: 11-06-2014 17:00

And I'm unclear if the law passed means you can smoke in public.

Date: 11-08-2014 09:17

Great chart --

Date: 11-08-2014 13:25

Date: 11-08-2014 13:25

Just arrived.

Date: 11-08-2014 13:27

Whoa!! I want to be there. It was 31 when we got up this mirning. Brrrr.

Date: 11-08-2014 13:28


Date: 11-08-2014 13:28

How was Jet Blue?

Date: 11-08-2014 13:48

It was nice. I paid the extra $40 for an exit row and it turned out I was the only one so I got the whole row to myself. I slept across all three seats.

Date: 11-08-2014 13:51

Wyatt luck. I haven't been on a plane in the last decade that hasn't been completely sold out.

Date: 11-10-2014 16:29

Date: 11-10-2014 16:30

Rain forest?

Date: 11-10-2014 16:30

Date: 11-10-2014 16:30


Date: 11-10-2014 16:31


Date: 11-10-2014 16:32

We hiked up to the summit. It was a good 4 hour walk.

Date: 11-10-2014 16:37

Holy moly!!!

Date: 11-10-2014 16:37

You look hot.

Date: 11-10-2014 16:39

The nearly constant mist helped.

Date: 11-10-2014 17:31

Date: 11-10-2014 17:32


Date: 11-10-2014 17:34

I'm ready for bed, but I have a poker tournament starting in an hour and a half. I never really played poker much, but I've won $125 over the past two nights with a $20 buy-in.

Date: 11-10-2014 17:35

Sounds like you're really working hard.

Date: 11-10-2014 17:38

I've had way more fun than I thought I would, considering my distaste for large groups of people. I'm definitely glad I got my own room though.

Date: 11-12-2014 17:29

Are you home?

Date: 11-12-2014 17:31

Yup. Made it home safe.

Date: 11-12-2014 17:31

Did you up in the black on poker?

Date: 11-12-2014 17:31

^end up

Date: 11-12-2014 17:32

Yup, but I didn't win the tournament. Got to the final table though.

Date: 11-12-2014 19:07

Omfg, what the fucking fuck is your fucking Amazon password?! Stop changing it. It is NOT January17!962

Date: 11-12-2014 19:08

No, it is January17&October28!

Date: 11-12-2014 19:08


Date: 11-12-2014 19:10

Your Amazon password (as of 11/12/14) is January17&October28! (This is so I can look it up the next time I need to get in, but of course it will definitely have changed again by then)

Date: 11-12-2014 19:14

P.S. I used the AmEx as the credit card at the hotel (as car rental for a day). So let me know what the charges were. There are probably going to be some that I'm going to charge back.

Date: 11-12-2014 19:14

I did it specifically for the charge back ability.

Date: 11-12-2014 19:16

I'll tell you the amount and we'll email you a PDF of the charges.

Date: 11-12-2014 19:17

Excellent, thank you.

Date: 11-12-2014 19:20

Teri wants a date for Christmas. She'll be in Philly on real Christmas. Cam leaves Pgh on 12/26. Do you want to celebrate Xmas on Saturday, Dec 20? Seems like the only time we can all (and maybe Jean) be together. Or Cam and Les and I can celebrate with Teri before Christmas and we can celebrate without Teri and with you on and/or near Christmas, which is a Thursday.

Date: 11-12-2014 19:21

We can maybe convince Cam to leave later and celebrate on Sat, Dec 27, too.

Date: 11-12-2014 20:34

The 20th works for us.

Date: 11-14-2014 14:13

Daddy just called me to say Harvey just called him to say he just read in the paper that LaVonne died. Head injury. We know nothing more. Daddy says he feels "weird" but is otherwise okay. He's trying to call LaVonne's mom.

Date: 11-14-2014 15:19

Yeah. That's a weird situation.

Date: 11-14-2014 15:20

How is anyone in my generation going to find out these thing when no one read the paper?

Date: 11-14-2014 15:20


Date: 11-14-2014 15:24

More news: Daddy talked to LaVonne's mother. LaVonne was carrying signs at a charity event and fell down 17 stairs. She never regained consciousness. Extra sad. Both of LaVonne's mothers children died before she did. Another Jeanne Lowther.

Date: 11-14-2014 15:29

On the lighter side, obit mentioned husbands #2 and 3 but not Lester.

Date: 11-14-2014 23:11

Date: 11-16-2014 19:23

John Oliver’s Complicated Fun Connects for HBO:

Download NYT Now:

Date: 11-17-2014 12:23

Date: 11-17-2014 17:48

Amazing idea.

Luxe Valet App Eliminates the Headache of Finding a Parking Spot:

Download NYT Now:

Date: 11-18-2014 12:21

I'm going to make fettucine and salad the night after Thanksgiving, okay?

Date: 11-19-2014 10:20

Do you have a coffee maker?

Date: 11-19-2014 10:19

Yup, got the k-cups and everything

Date: 11-19-2014 10:21

Super! About to send the list...

Date: 11-20-2014 08:24

Date: 11-20-2014 09:11


Date: 11-20-2014 09:13

Say, what are some of Jean's favorite colors to wear? Does she like bright colors or pastels? Blues? Pinks? Greens? And what color is her winter coat?

Date: 11-20-2014 09:16

Ugh, I suppose I should know these things. I think I have dad's not-paying-attention-to-anything-below-the-head thing. She has a brown winter coat though.

Date: 11-20-2014 09:44

Dark brown like coffee or light brown like coffee with lots of cream?

Date: 11-20-2014 10:32

Hey, Cam had a tough day yesterday (got only 1 invitation to interview for a co-op out of 9 applied for.) It would be great if you could text her and tell her you're looking forward to her visit. She adores you. Also, we have two beds in our hotel room, so Cam can stay with us on Thu and Fri nights. Sat, she'll have to stay with you, though. Thank you, Wy.

Date: 11-20-2014 18:38

Remind me again who else you wanted to invite to the wedding. And will they require official invites? (I'm getting ready to finalize the details for printing the Save the Dates and Invites)

Date: 11-20-2014 18:39

Wileen Dragovan, Katie Kemper & Scott DeLaney, Grandma.

Date: 11-20-2014 18:39

Yes to official invitations.

Date: 11-20-2014 18:40

Are you inviting Mary & Chuck and Donna & Mike?

Date: 11-20-2014 18:40

Gotcha. The RSVP is going to be via so I hope grandma doesn't have any issues.

Date: 11-20-2014 18:41

Cool. wasn't taken?

Date: 11-20-2014 18:41

URLs are case-insensitive

Date: 11-20-2014 18:41

Just easier to read that way

Date: 11-20-2014 18:41

No they're not.

Date: 11-20-2014 18:41


Date: 11-20-2014 18:42

Date: 11-20-2014 18:42

Zeke and Daddy say you're wrong.

Date: 11-20-2014 18:43

Daddy says "Read the RFC."

Date: 11-20-2014 18:42

I'm not sure how else to tell them I told you so, so can you do it for me?

Date: 11-20-2014 18:44

BTW that Wyatt name really came in handy for securing a nice domain name.

Date: 11-20-2014 18:45

I told you!!!

Date: 11-20-2014 18:45

You were way ahead of your time, mom.

Date: 11-20-2014 18:46

Also, took me to, and took me to

Date: 11-20-2014 18:46


Date: 11-20-2014 18:46

Told. You. So.

Date: 11-20-2014 18:46

I do this shit for a living

Date: 11-20-2014 18:47

You said they _were_ case sensitive.

Date: 11-20-2014 18:47


Date: 11-20-2014 18:47


Date: 11-20-2014 18:48

I read it as case-sensitive. Most normal people would have said "are not case-sensitive."

Date: 11-20-2014 18:49

Most, but I'm one of those better normal people.

Date: 11-20-2014 18:49

You're all just normal normal people

Date: 11-20-2014 18:53

"Better normal people," or as we like to refer to them: "jagoffs."

Date: 11-20-2014 18:55

Date: 11-20-2014 18:55

I suppose that won't change how you people refer to awesome people like me.

Date: 11-20-2014 18:57

Daddy: "What a dick."

Date: 11-20-2014 18:57


Date: 11-20-2014 19:15

Date: 11-20-2014 19:16

Also, did you answer about Donna&Mike and Chuck&Mary?

Date: 11-20-2014 19:21

Yes, they will be invited.

Date: 11-20-2014 19:22

And Les's brothers and sisters and their spouses?

Date: 11-20-2014 20:12

Take a quick pic of Jean's coat.

Date: 11-20-2014 20:31

Yes, and it's like the color of your couches. She also has a black winter coat.

Date: 11-20-2014 20:33

Thank you!!

Date: 11-21-2014 07:57

Date: 11-21-2014 09:09

Which theater should we get tickets for?

Date: 11-21-2014 09:09

Date: 11-21-2014 18:26

Movie theater?

Date: 11-21-2014 18:45

Either of the first two

Date: 11-21-2014 18:48

K. 8 pm movie?

Date: 11-21-2014 18:47

On Friday?

Date: 11-21-2014 18:48

Thu. Like we always do.

Date: 11-21-2014 18:49

Yeah, sounds good

Date: 11-21-2014 18:49

Turkey at 2:30. Then games. Then movie.

Date: 11-21-2014 19:46

So what's Cameron's plan? When/how is she getting down here?

Date: 11-21-2014 19:48

Driving on Thu morning. Leaving around 9 or 10. Why?

Date: 11-21-2014 19:48

New season of Lilyhammer just dropped.

Date: 11-21-2014 19:49

You said she might being staying to go to some concert.

Date: 11-21-2014 19:49

Yay! Something to binge watch this weekend!

Date: 11-21-2014 19:50

On Wed night, yes.

Date: 11-21-2014 19:49

Okay, sounds good

Date: 11-21-2014 19:51

The odds of her hanging out for tickets given the cold seem low. Either way, though, she'll drive on Thu morning.

Date: 11-21-2014 21:22

The first episode was totally confusing. I must have missed some something between the last season's finale and season 3.

Date: 11-21-2014 21:27

I can't help. I think we only watched the first episode of Season 2.

Date: 11-21-2014 21:28

Date: 11-23-2014 21:24

I can't believe it's going to hit the mid 70's AND snow before you come down here.

Date: 11-23-2014 21:29

DC is quite a town. Is Jean home?

Date: 11-23-2014 21:54


Date: 11-23-2014 22:05

Kinda splitting the difference the days we're in town--cold but sunny and no snow.

Date: 11-23-2014 22:05

Do you watch Homeland?

Date: 11-23-2014 22:05


Date: 11-23-2014 22:07

Are you up to date?

Date: 11-23-2014 22:07

Up to last week's episode, yes.

Date: 11-23-2014 22:07

Jean and I flipped shit for a second when Brody showed up.

Date: 11-23-2014 22:10

I think he's still alive. Sandy Bachman, too.

Date: 11-23-2014 22:10

Anyhow, a great ep tonight.

Date: 11-23-2014 22:12

The characters' motivations are starting to waver a bit. They are doing things that they wouldn't have done in the previous seasons.

Date: 11-23-2014 22:12

It's annoying.

Date: 11-23-2014 22:13

Here we go. The treatise on Homeland.

Date: 11-23-2014 22:14

I don't know where you get it.

Date: 11-23-2014 22:14

And we SAW Brody die.

Date: 11-23-2014 22:14


Date: 11-23-2014 22:15

Just like he said to her. "You were tired that day."

Date: 11-23-2014 22:16

I wasn't! I saw him dead.

Date: 11-23-2014 22:16

We'll see...

Date: 11-23-2014 22:16

Trust me, I'm the son of a writer.

Date: 11-23-2014 22:17

: )

Date: 11-23-2014 22:23

Don't forget, Daddy needs you to see Interstellar this week.

Date: 11-23-2014 22:48

Like, before you arrive?

Date: 11-23-2014 22:51

Yes, please. Maybe Wed night with Anselmo.

Date: 11-23-2014 22:51


Date: 11-23-2014 23:07


Date: 11-23-2014 23:07

I've always called him Anselmo.

Date: 11-24-2014 20:55

That Homeland episode was cray cray

Date: 11-24-2014 20:58

We're their SUVs hit with RPGs or were bombs planted on them earlier?

Date: 11-24-2014 20:59

Daddy says RPGs.

Date: 11-24-2014 20:59

I thought the Saul glasses thing was a great touch.

Date: 11-24-2014 21:48

What do you mean? Him putting them on right before hand?

Date: 11-24-2014 21:51

Yes. Good symbolism.

Date: 11-24-2014 21:52

He should've taken the shot in the last episode. And Cary shouldn't have directed him out of that building into a bunch of bad guys.

Date: 11-24-2014 21:54

You're a real "Up with People" person.

Date: 11-24-2014 21:55

Personally, I can't wait for Carrie and Brody to fall back in love and raise their daughter together.

Date: 11-24-2014 22:00

Never heard of Up with People. And you're a crazy person because if they bring Brody back I will refuse to watch it anymore.

Date: 11-24-2014 22:03

Up with People=fun, light-hearted, eternally optimistic.

Calling you an "Up with People" person=Mom being sardonic

Date: 11-24-2014 22:17

Date: 11-24-2014 22:18

Hm. Not how I used it.

Date: 11-24-2014 22:18

Why do you capitalize "up" and "people" if you're not talking about the organization?

Date: 11-24-2014 22:54

Up with People is a made-up philosophy, perhaps used seriously by the group, used in a humorous context to mean exactly the opposite. The use in humor may be related to the original usage as the group's name, but it has transcended its original meaning.

Date: 11-24-2014 23:09

I'll just pretend I never learned about the phrase.

Date: 11-24-2014 23:12

How about this? You're a real "Sunshine and Lollipops" person, aren't you?

Date: 11-24-2014 23:16

La la la la la, I'm not not Googling phrases from your childhood!

Date: 11-24-2014 23:16

I'm your Google. I'm the one who knocks.

Date: 11-25-2014 21:25

Date: 11-25-2014 21:25

My first camera phone! 2003! It was so easy. If you found something you wanted to take a picture of, you just stopped, opened your purse, found the external camera, opened the side, pulled out the connector cable, plugged it into your cell phone, turned on the camera, opened the phone menu, thumbed down to camera, took your picture, typed in a file name on the phone, hit Save, thumbed down to Mail, chose Create New, clicked Attach, chose the picture file name, hit Enter, put in an email address, and hit Send!

Date: 11-25-2014 22:02

Date: 11-25-2014 22:03

We had those...

Date: 11-25-2014 22:27

Do you have a can opener?

Date: 11-25-2014 22:30


Date: 11-25-2014 23:18

Date: 11-25-2014 23:20

Was I gonna be Pyle Cready or Cready Pyle?

Date: 11-25-2014 23:21

Pyle Cready, of course. Cready Pyle is a girl's name.

Date: 11-26-2014 14:55

You have a corkscrew, right?

Date: 11-26-2014 15:29

Built into our wine bottle opener.

Date: 11-26-2014 19:23

So what time do you think you'll arrive?

Date: 11-26-2014 19:24

Noon. Okay? And shooting for dinner at 2 or 2:30.

Date: 11-26-2014 19:25

Is Ansel on the way?

Date: 11-26-2014 19:27

Ansel is here. Bad news, the Seahawks game is at 8:30 tomorrow night and Ansel will need to see it.

Date: 11-26-2014 19:28

Already bought the tickets, so I'm assuming the rest of us will still go.

Date: 11-26-2014 19:27

See, you should've asked Ansel last night.

Date: 11-26-2014 19:30

Please confirm you and Jean will be coming to the movie.

Date: 11-26-2014 19:29


Date: 11-26-2014 19:57

Date: 11-27-2014 08:46

We're in Somerset, grabbing breakfast. Should be at your house around 12:30. You awake?

Date: 11-27-2014 09:34

Now I am.

Date: 11-27-2014 11:43

We are about 25 mins away.

Date: 11-27-2014 12:04

Here! We need help.

Date: 11-27-2014 12:04

Coming down

Date: 11-27-2014 18:31

AMC Hoffman Center 22

Date: 11-27-2014 18:31


Date: 11-27-2014 18:49

Is it crowded?

Date: 11-27-2014 18:49

Sort of.

Date: 11-27-2014 18:49

Do you need help saving seats?

Date: 11-27-2014 18:50

No. We're fine.

Date: 11-27-2014 19:01

Where are you? We're in 15.

Date: 11-27-2014 19:02

They both ordered pretzel bites…

Date: 11-28-2014 09:47

We're up and dressed!

Date: 11-28-2014 09:52

I'm just getting in the shower and no one else is up yet.

Date: 11-28-2014 10:15

Should I wake them? I'm all dressed now as well.

Date: 11-28-2014 10:15


Date: 11-28-2014 10:15

Breakfast or sleep, their choice.

Date: 11-28-2014 10:15

Then I'll come pick you up

Date: 11-28-2014 10:16

We think the Luna Diner.

Date: 11-28-2014 10:16


Date: 11-28-2014 10:15

Never heard of it. Is it close?

Date: 11-28-2014 10:17

Date: 11-28-2014 10:26

Okay, they're both up. Do you want me to pick you up first and come back for them or should I wait for them to get ready first?

Date: 11-28-2014 10:26

Pick us up first. We'd like to get Socks set up at your house.

Date: 11-28-2014 10:27

Okay, I'm on my way.

Date: 11-28-2014 12:07

Date: 11-28-2014 12:36

We'll pick you up around 1. Our store in the the NW quadrant.

Date: 11-28-2014 12:44


Date: 11-28-2014 12:46

Smoked salmon vodka in hand! See you at 1!

Date: 11-28-2014 13:01

Eta 1:04

Date: 11-28-2014 13:01

We're waiting at the front of the store

Date: 11-28-2014 13:03

Waiting to turn onto Penna!

Date: 11-28-2014 14:20

Date: 11-28-2014 14:20

Museum day.

Date: 11-28-2014 14:23

We are sitting. Are you ready to go? We'll meet you in the lobby at appointed time.

Date: 11-28-2014 14:24

Date: 11-28-2014 14:24

Museum day.

Date: 11-28-2014 14:24

Yeah, we're on the third floor but we'll make our way back to the lobby.

Date: 11-28-2014 14:24

Meet at 2:30?

Date: 11-28-2014 14:29

Coming down now

Date: 11-28-2014 15:07

Do you have Parmesan cheese?

Date: 11-28-2014 15:08


Date: 11-28-2014 15:13

Sandwich baggies, with the zip, would be great through

Date: 11-28-2014 15:17

Date: 11-28-2014 15:17

These okay?

Date: 11-28-2014 15:26


Date: 11-29-2014 10:16

Soooo hungry....

Date: 11-29-2014 10:16

Okay, well Jean and I are basically ready. Are we going to attempt Ted's Bulletin?

Date: 11-29-2014 10:17

Sure. No one else wants to go?

Date: 11-29-2014 10:17

Also, I have to walk Socks.

Date: 11-29-2014 10:17

Or someone des.

Date: 11-29-2014 10:17


Date: 11-29-2014 10:28

The other two just woke up. I'll come pick you up in like 10 minutes.

Date: 11-29-2014 10:30

Can you bring our car so we can pack it?

Date: 11-29-2014 10:30


Date: 11-29-2014 10:34

On my way

Date: 11-29-2014 10:35

We can see you when you reach the T intersection near hotel. Wave then.

Date: 11-29-2014 10:38

I'm out front

Date: 11-29-2014 13:30

Still waiting..,

Date: 11-29-2014 17:13

You should try it.

Date: 11-30-2014 11:27

Your friend and mine, Mitch Zeller, is quoted.

A Lesser Warning? Maybe:

Download NYT Now:

Date: 11-30-2014 18:50

Would you like me to see if Teri would prefer to celebrate Christmas on the 26th or 27th so that you and Jean don't have to come to Pittsburgh twice? I don't know, but it's possible that Teri would prefer that.

We had such a nice time over Thanksgiving. We just love you and Jean.

Date: 11-30-2014 19:14

No, we need to come up for both weekends anyway.

Date: 11-30-2014 21:20


Date: 11-30-2014 22:23

Also, you should consider Serial because now Cameron's almost done with it and there's gonna be a lot of hot Serial talk at Christmas. Love you.

Date: 12-01-2014 10:07

Date: 12-01-2014 10:10

Interesting, I have a metro card which gets auto-filled with pre-tax money so unless I can use that pre-tax money with my iPhone it probably wouldn't be worth it.

Date: 12-02-2014 10:58

I sent a coding request to your email. I was wondering if you can help.

Date: 12-02-2014 13:37

Date: 12-02-2014 13:37

Date: 12-02-2014 13:38

Should I charge your account $110 plus the usual $100 this month?

Date: 12-02-2014 13:40


Date: 12-02-2014 13:40


Date: 12-02-2014 20:25

Are you looking at my code?

Date: 12-02-2014 20:25

Ugggghhhhhh. Fine.

Date: 12-02-2014 22:56

The username/password you sent doesn’t seem to work

Date: 12-03-2014 08:17

Sorry. It's ngc117, pw=jwcc

Date: 12-03-2014 18:23

Date: 12-03-2014 18:28

A better question is why the fuck aren't these things taught in school?

Date: 12-03-2014 18:49

I agree. And your dear, old, grateful, proud, loving mom (the same mom who happily went through 28 1/2 hours of labor and later dedicated a book to you) looks forward to your thoughts on turning the slides on her site into large, live links.

Date: 12-04-2014 13:39

Okay. Your slides will link to whatever the pink button on the bottom left links to now.

Date: 12-04-2014 13:40

I do not miss WordPress.

Date: 12-04-2014 16:05

You are a dear, dear boy. Thank you. Was it hard?

Date: 12-04-2014 16:08

The hard part was finding where to make the change. The time spent writing code: 5 minutes.

Date: 12-04-2014 16:09

Did you read the article with the bad marriage names?

Date: 12-04-2014 16:10


Date: 12-04-2014 16:13

I didn't see Fowler-Pyle

Date: 12-04-2014 16:16

Like Amy Farrah Fowler?

Date: 12-04-2014 16:36

BTW, my friend Jackie told me today she's dating Adam Cashman. I knew you'd want to know.

Date: 12-04-2014 21:39

Date: 12-04-2014 21:39

Paintball with a machine gun.

Date: 12-04-2014 21:41

Date: 12-04-2014 21:41

Paintball with a machine gun.

Date: 12-05-2014 19:46

So apparently I own income tax to D.C. from 2009.

Date: 12-05-2014 19:49

Ugh. A lot?

Date: 12-05-2014 19:51

The original amount owed was like $1.9k and now I owe $4.1k.

Date: 12-05-2014 19:54

1. It's not impossible to knock the fines down. Call. 2. You can negotiate a payment plan. 3. You weren't ever living in DC. How do you owe them taxes?

Date: 12-05-2014 19:55

I earned my income there?

Date: 12-05-2014 19:57

Usually you pay income tax to the place you live.

Date: 12-05-2014 19:59

I'd start by calling the IRS and asking them to explain and just listening and taking notes. Then, if you're not satisfied, Tammy could advise you. She's not cheap, though--like $250/hour.

Date: 12-05-2014 20:00

The IRS also handles "state" taxes?

Date: 12-05-2014 20:00

Sorry. Right. Call DC's revenue service.

Date: 12-05-2014 20:05

Why'd it take them 5 years to send me an invoice?

Date: 12-05-2014 20:06

And how did they get your current address? And what about 2010-2013?

Date: 12-05-2014 20:07

I worked for AOL? I actually remembered to pay the "state" income tax those years?

Date: 12-05-2014 20:07

They'll send me that bill next year?

Date: 12-05-2014 20:08

Date: 12-05-2014 20:08

You worked for the ad agency in 2009.

Date: 12-05-2014 20:09

Yes, RTC.

Date: 12-05-2014 20:09

Well that's good news

Date: 12-05-2014 20:10

I never lived in D.C.

Date: 12-05-2014 20:18

Still, call and listen. Explain politely. Don't get pissed off. They have a lot of discretion. The issue is you can't show them a state tax return for 2009 from anther state, can you?

Date: 12-05-2014 20:20


Date: 12-05-2014 20:21

Where I lived.

Date: 12-05-2014 20:23

I mean. I'll see if TurboTax has that saved somewhere.

Date: 12-05-2014 20:23

And plus what the hell can a "state" tax collection agency do to me anyhow. They aren't the IRS.

Date: 12-05-2014 20:23

Obviously I still would've paid it, but I'm just curious.

Date: 12-05-2014 20:26

Not sure. Garnish your wages. Hurt your credit rating.

Date: 12-06-2014 12:07

Date: 12-07-2014 08:50

Date: 12-07-2014 08:50

Found on billboard on West Liberty. Is this Hannah?

Date: 12-07-2014 09:13

Yes. Must forward this to her.

Date: 12-07-2014 20:09

This is what happens when you lose your powers.

Date: 12-07-2014 20:48

Did Hannah reply?

Date: 12-07-2014 20:59

Ignore. Major mistake.

Date: 12-07-2014 21:01

Date: 12-08-2014 08:34

Teri arrives on Thu, Dec 18. We'll do the Xmas celebration on Sat, Dec 20. Any thoughts on what you'd like to eat? Also, do you want to contribute $50 for a gift card for Eyebobs (cool reading glasses) for Teri?

Date: 12-08-2014 18:51

The Oral History Of The Poop Emoji (Or, How Google Brought Poop To America):

Download NYT Now:

Date: 12-08-2014 18:52

Use this instead:

Date: 12-08-2014 19:12

Our stationary came in today. The invites and save-the-dates were already in their individual envelopes!

Date: 12-08-2014 19:13

Wow! Are they adorable?

Date: 12-08-2014 19:14

Yes. Jean and I can't agree if they did that by hand or if they automated it somehow.

Date: 12-08-2014 19:18

Oh, definitely by hand.

Date: 12-08-2014 19:18

When do you need addresses?

Date: 12-08-2014 19:21

We'll bring them up for Christmas.

Date: 12-08-2014 19:22

We can do them together! Does Jean know she can design her own stamps?

Date: 12-08-2014 19:23

Date: 12-08-2014 19:24

Are you okay with Xmas on Sat, Dec 20?

Date: 12-08-2014 19:24

And with $50 toward Eyebob gift certificate?

Date: 12-08-2014 19:25

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Date: 12-08-2014 19:26

Good. Good. Good.

Date: 12-08-2014 20:16

So this is apparently who I'm dealing with:

MuniServices that is.

Date: 12-08-2014 20:18

Now I'm not sure what to do. One person had the same thing happen to them. They never stepped foot in D.C.

Date: 12-08-2014 20:18

Do I need a lawyer or something?

Date: 12-08-2014 20:23

There are quite a few posts on that thread in the last few months. Check page 3 and 4.

Date: 12-08-2014 20:25

Date: 12-08-2014 20:25

No. Your best plan is to do as the post one from the bottom said. Send a note with a copy of the letter. Keep a copy. Then wait. If you get hassled again, make an appointment with your congressman. They can clear it up in a snap.

Date: 12-08-2014 20:33

How is this shit not illegal? Also, I received another letter from them today. The "Notice of Delinquent Income Tax" (dated 12/2) said I had 30 days to respond. The "Second Notice of Delinquent Income Tax" (dated 12/3) said, "According to our records, you have not responded to our previous notice, nor have you paid the amounts in this notice." And that I only had 14 days now… WTF???

Date: 12-08-2014 20:38

I'll scan them both tomorrow at work and print out a dispute letter which would say…? "I never lived in the District of Columbia and am disputing this debt: Reference #DCB3044979I"?

Date: 12-08-2014 20:40

Bullshit. And yes to your question.

Date: 12-08-2014 21:01

Can I just write "I dispute this debt" on the letter they sent and fax it to them? They did list a fax number in the letter and I have no idea how mail works (magic?)

Date: 12-08-2014 21:03

I'll sign and date it.

Date: 12-08-2014 21:03

Yes. Explain why you dispute it and keep a copy of the note and the printable fax record if the day you sent it and the number you sent it to.

Date: 12-08-2014 21:03

I hope I can do that from the scanner at work.

Date: 12-08-2014 21:04

I know how to fax it though! Magic!

Date: 12-08-2014 21:04

Mail's a little better--but magic, I know--because you can pay extra ($0.50) for a signature on receipt. Then they can't say they didn't get it.

Date: 12-08-2014 21:04

Ooo, that is handy

Date: 12-08-2014 21:05

That saved daddy's ass on an IRS problem with the Hollywood theater, the same problem that their congressman eventually solved.

Date: 12-08-2014 21:06

It's not hard. Just walk into a post office with the letter and a credit card. They'll do the rest. An envelope would be good, too, but they can sell you one of those.

Date: 12-08-2014 21:08

Date: 12-08-2014 21:08

Sooooo close...

Date: 12-08-2014 21:09

You're such a great mom :)

Date: 12-08-2014 21:11

Date: 12-08-2014 21:11

Even closer...

Date: 12-08-2014 21:11

And such an edifying experience!

Date: 12-08-2014 21:45

Did you watch Homeland?

Date: 12-08-2014 21:46

No, is there a new one?

Date: 12-08-2014 22:25

Yes. Another good one.

Date: 12-09-2014 07:57

Date: 12-09-2014 07:57

Drunk on 'nip.

Date: 12-09-2014 15:37

Date: 12-09-2014 21:20

The CIA chief is either in on it or he's an idiot for giving away that list in an attempt to save ONE person.

Date: 12-09-2014 21:21

...who wasn't saved.

Date: 12-09-2014 21:21

And he's an idiot for think it would work… or he's in on it.

Date: 12-09-2014 21:22


Date: 12-09-2014 21:24

And everyone in the room could have been dead too. Why didn't Quinn shoot him?

Date: 12-09-2014 21:28

The actor who plays him, Tracy Letts, is actually a playwright who won the Pulitzer Prize for August: Osage County.

Date: 12-09-2014 21:31

The actor who plays Lockhart, that is.

Date: 12-09-2014 21:31

Quinn has gotta shave. Whatever he's trying to do ain't working.

Date: 12-09-2014 21:33

I like stubble. Did you watch Obama on Colbert?

Date: 12-09-2014 21:35

Yeah. Obama did well, but I would've rather had 15 minutes of Colbert instead.

Date: 12-09-2014 21:42

Obama had a big day yesterday: 1) Met Prince William in the morning; 2) Typed the first line of code ever typed by a US president: 3) Did the Colbert Report at night. Gotta be the best day in his presidency.

Date: 12-09-2014 21:42

Date: 12-10-2014 13:07

Did you ever get your car inspected? And if you didn't, do you want us to set up an inspection for you on December 20 or maybe the day after Christmas?

Date: 12-10-2014 13:07

No, please do.

Date: 12-10-2014 13:08

I'm heading to the post office now.

Date: 12-10-2014 13:08

Where the "magic" happens!

Date: 12-10-2014 13:09

Please take pictures! I hear it's like Disney World!

Date: 12-10-2014 13:39

Date: 12-10-2014 13:41

It's a sorcerer's trick! My son with a completed post office transaction?! Next, you'll be telling me you wrote a check!

Date: 12-10-2014 14:06

Date: 12-10-2014 16:07

Also, you must watch last night's Colbert Report. Daddy and I laughed so hard we nearly choked during the (last ever) Better Know a District segment.

Date: 12-10-2014 16:35

Already watched it (I watch Colbert with breakfast every morning). I'm gonna miss all of those segments.

Date: 12-10-2014 22:50

What's the schedule for next weekend?

Date: 12-10-2014 22:53

Sat: 4 pm--cocktails, 5 pm--presents, 6 pm--dinner, 7 pm--dessert. But we can flex a bit if you need to some time here or there.

Date: 12-10-2014 22:53

^to shave some time

Date: 12-11-2014 08:23

Have you tried a hard reboot? I'm reviewing forums online that says that helps but only for one download then you have to do it again.

Date: 12-11-2014 08:46

Also, someone else said when he switched to the purchased app Downcast he had no problem. Oh, don't give up! We so want to chat with you about it!

Date: 12-11-2014 17:26

So Sarah Koenig was on Stephen Colbert and _now_ you want to listen to Serial. Oh, I get it. I totally get it.

Date: 12-11-2014 17:26


Date: 12-11-2014 23:09

Date: 12-11-2014 23:09

New stamps

Date: 12-11-2014 23:11

Love it! Is that a postage stamp or an ink stamp?

Date: 12-11-2014 23:11


Date: 12-11-2014 23:12

It's very cute. I love the vision you two have.

Date: 12-12-2014 09:01

Did you see Colbert's interview last night?

Date: 12-12-2014 09:02

No. Who? We watch the following evening.

Date: 12-12-2014 09:02

It was… impressive. You'll see what I mean.

Date: 12-12-2014 09:03


Date: 12-12-2014 09:03

New topic.

Date: 12-12-2014 09:04

Date: 12-12-2014 09:04

Also, did you watch the BBC detective series Broadchurch. High reco.

Date: 12-12-2014 09:04


Date: 12-12-2014 09:18

Date: 12-12-2014 09:42

Would you rather have your inspection appointment at the Honda dealership on Route 19 in Peters Township or the one in Shadyside?

Date: 12-12-2014 10:08

Uhh, Shadyside.

Date: 12-12-2014 10:18

Done. I sent you an invite. Shadyside Honda also sent you an email to which you must reply in order to confirm the appointment. Otherwise, they'll cancel it. Fri, 12/26, 11 am, while you wait.

Date: 12-12-2014 12:04

Date: 12-12-2014 12:04

Which brown is closer to the color of Jean's stone?

Date: 12-12-2014 12:16

The bottom one doesn't even look brown.

Date: 12-12-2014 12:18

Her brown is a reddish brown, right?

Date: 12-12-2014 12:18

Cognac. I wouldn't say red, but I'm not great with colors.

Date: 12-12-2014 12:18

It says cognac on the appraisal.

Date: 12-12-2014 17:34

Pocket call. Ignore.