Gwyns Messages to Wyatt 2007/11/29 thru 2014/12/13

To: Wyatt Cready-Pyle(+14124181168)

Date: 11-29-2007 14:29

I need money for next semester's dues. $100.

Date: 11-29-2007 15:36

Do you need it today? Daddy's in an all-day meeting without his PC.

Date: 11-29-2007 15:38

By 9 tonight?

Date: 11-29-2007 15:57

U coming home this weekend?

Date: 11-29-2007 15:58

If so, bring cat.

Date: 12-02-2007 14:54

Any snow in J'town?

Date: 12-03-2007 21:29

Teri arrives Fri. We'll celebrate Xmas with her Sat evening. Will u b able 2 join us?

Date: 12-03-2007 21:57

Yeah, I'll be busy friday though.

Date: 12-03-2007 22:43

No problem. Can u borrow money to get home on Sat?

Date: 12-06-2007 21:46

Bring kitty!

Date: 12-09-2007 13:04

Feo at 4:30, okay

Date: 12-09-2007 17:04

Did u go to Feo?

Date: 12-09-2007 17:16


Date: 12-09-2007 17:18

Thx, love

Date: 12-09-2007 20:46

Can you put more money on the starbucks card?

Date: 12-11-2007 13:37

Were my comments helpful?

Date: 12-13-2007 17:58

Tell us what you want at Chinese restaurant. We're heading there now.

Date: 12-13-2007 18:00

Wonton soup and i'll just share whatever you get

Date: 12-13-2007 17:59

I have cam she's not at home.

Date: 12-15-2007 17:50

Pancakes at 6:15

Date: 12-15-2007 17:51

You in?

Date: 12-16-2007 15:27

Hey are we going to the mall tonight?

Date: 12-16-2007 17:32

I found some pants I like at urban outfitters.

Date: 12-16-2007 17:44

How much?

Date: 12-16-2007 17:46

$59.99 each

Date: 12-16-2007 17:47

I'll buy one pair.

Date: 12-19-2007 14:18

Donna Neiport's number is 724-348-5834.

Date: 12-20-2007 13:13

Please walk doggie before leaving. Love, Your Mom

Date: 12-20-2007 21:37

Cam's at home. B home by 11. Love, your mom

Date: 12-22-2007 18:33

B at trolley no later than 7.20 am. Good luck!

Date: 12-23-2007 21:21


Date: 12-26-2007 11:05

You have dentist appt tonight at 7 pm. New dentist for you (since you're 19.) the one Daddy and I go to. ALFA Dentistry. 528 Washington Rd. Same side of street as Rollier's. Half block closer to Dormont.

Date: 12-27-2007 22:37

Do you know how to program a little Flash?

Date: 12-27-2007 22:55

I did a long time ago

Date: 12-31-2007 00:12

Happy new year's!

Date: 12-31-2007 16:58

Get coat? And r u joining us for Namaste dinner, about 6.30? U can bring Jean.

Date: 12-31-2007 17:19

Got coat. Not coming to dinner.

Date: 12-31-2007 17:29


Date: 12-31-2007 17:31

If you're not planning on being at J'town with your paperwork tomorrow at 9 am, I suggest you get home to fax it tonight and call to confirm receipt tomorrow at 9.

Date: 01-02-2008 10:23

Romberger Fri at 10:15 (tomorrow.) Daddy would love to have lunch with you afterward.

Date: 01-02-2008 11:01

Judy appt Sat 12:15

Date: 01-03-2008 11:33

What happened?

Date: 01-03-2008 14:00

I have a membership to the Warhol, a family one. I just joined, so I don't have membership cards yet. Give them my name. You should get in for free, I think.

Date: 01-04-2008 13:44

Can u confirm Ansel's availabilty for dinner tonight and text me back. Thanks.

Date: 01-06-2008 13:00

Feo today at 4:15, ok?

Date: 01-06-2008 15:09


Date: 01-06-2008 16:41

Next appointment: 2-14-08 4:00

Date: 01-06-2008 16:41

Imagine if you had your own calendar...

Date: 01-06-2008 16:42

Take all ur meds?

Date: 01-06-2008 16:45

Yes, go look at the blackjack 2 for $99.99 on the at&t site.

Date: 01-07-2008 17:25

How r u feeling, love? Pills beginning to work?

Date: 01-08-2008 12:27

Can you send me your resume.

Date: 01-08-2008 13:17

Jillian Bolt sent an email that she needs to see you in her office asap. G-16 Owen Library.

Date: 01-08-2008 13:21

Ur set up at the bookstore.

Date: 01-08-2008 13:36

On my way to see her

Date: 01-08-2008 13:36

She seems sort of bitchy. Don't tell her I said that.

Date: 01-08-2008 15:58

Daddy's doing it now. You should be good.

Date: 01-10-2008 20:07

How are you feeling? Has your cough stopped?

Date: 01-14-2008 11:22

Can u send revised resume today?

Date: 01-22-2008 19:51

Hi. Can you call, please. Just a quick question.

Date: 01-23-2008 11:39

Please call before 1.

Date: 01-24-2008 17:25

Judy appt with me, you and Daddy Sat at 11.

Date: 02-13-2008 08:08

Happy V Day, boy. Dr Feo today at 4, okay?

Date: 02-13-2008 12:49

Ask Feo today for a 90-day prescription (not a 30-day supply refillable twice), okay?

Date: 02-22-2008 15:30

Call if ur interested in dinner.

Date: 02-22-2008 16:34

I won't be home in time for dinner

Date: 02-22-2008 16:58

R u coming 2nite?

Date: 02-22-2008 16:59

Cam worries, u no.

Date: 02-22-2008 17:00

She means "you know" and "tonight"

Date: 02-25-2008 11:57

Heyyy! Could you possibly put more points on my meal plan?

Date: 02-25-2008 12:12

Yes. Will u reschedule with Feo?

Date: 02-25-2008 12:13


Date: 02-26-2008 11:00

Can u txt me Ansel's new cell # now. We're going to try to have dinner with him on our trip. We have a day in LA.

Date: 02-26-2008 11:58


Date: 03-01-2008 17:48

Just passed your turnpike stop. We'll be at home around 7:00. What time will u arrive?

Date: 03-09-2008 17:00

Where are you?

Date: 03-10-2008 00:58


Date: 03-10-2008 18:18

Please call when u can. Need to talk for one minute.

Date: 03-10-2008 21:11

Buxx is good

Date: 03-10-2008 21:11

Love u

Date: 03-28-2008 15:36

Taken care of.

Date: 03-29-2008 16:05

I sent you a multimedia message. You can view my message via the internet at using Msg ID te0vs9ux2 Password feed3numb

Date: 04-01-2008 16:49

Check out the new Custom Time feature on Gmail today.

Date: 04-02-2008 02:12

I hope you know it's fake

Date: 04-02-2008 06:41

Yep : ) Thought you would enjoy.

Date: 04-05-2008 22:10

We have your Ipod.

Date: 04-08-2008 08:04

Did u talk to woman? Will u b fixing her PC?

Date: 04-08-2008 09:02

Call me u can about ur car. Thx.

Date: 04-11-2008 12:45

Just thought I'd let you know. One of my favorite web designers, the same guy who also developed the blogging software I use, is the guy who did the gsk website. Small world.

Date: 04-11-2008 12:46

Amazing. What's his name and for what company does he work?

Date: 04-12-2008 11:32

Did Daddy tell you about the article he read about the guy who lost his Mac Air and realized he must have thrown it out two days earlier with the Sunday paper? Funny.

Date: 04-16-2008 17:35

I have your absentee ballot. Call me when you have two minutes so we can vote together.

Date: 04-17-2008 14:54

Did u get ur check?

Date: 04-21-2008 18:16

Lead on summer job in DC. Call me.

Date: 04-26-2008 15:40

U left door open. Socks is missing. Come home!

Date: 04-26-2008 15:41

I'm in the southside.

Date: 04-26-2008 15:41

I don't care

Date: 04-26-2008 15:43


Date: 04-26-2008 18:56

Your re-entry into my house best begin with an a heartft apology, an announcement you've already stopped at at least two places in the southside to ask about jobs, and be followed by an immediate trip to the lawnmower, which means it better happen before dark.

Date: 04-26-2008 23:02

Front door locked. Go to back deck door.

Date: 04-26-2008 23:09

I thought I wasn't allowed back home. I mean, I did let socks out like an asshole. I was planning on going to live with my friends back at upj.

Date: 04-26-2008 23:11

Of course you can come home.

Date: 04-26-2008 23:14

An apology about Socks would have been nice, and you'll still have to look for a job all day, every day, but that was true with or without Socks.

Date: 04-26-2008 23:22

BTW, saw Thu episode of Daily Show with Colin Firth. Is that the link you sent me? Him talking about his penis? Clip had been removed from YouTube when I tried to access it.

Date: 04-30-2008 14:09

Job thing go okay?

Date: 04-30-2008 14:12

Yeah. But they pretty much just want me answering phones so I don't think I'll be taking it.

Date: 04-30-2008 14:12

U could take it for $ until something better opens up. What r $?

Date: 05-01-2008 13:06

Your dog took a shit in the house.

Date: 05-02-2008 02:21

Safe :)

Date: 05-04-2008 17:37

Pad Thai with peanut sauce and London Broil at 6:45.

Date: 05-05-2008 20:13

Can you possibly email me the info for that savings account?

Date: 05-06-2008 12:42

Scott called. Check in process. A week.

Date: 05-06-2008 12:43

Do u know what day ur leaving for DC? I'm trying to plan a Mother's Day dinner.

Date: 05-06-2008 20:29

I'm going to in get the clothes tonight. What do you think I should get? How much should I spend?

Date: 05-09-2008 08:22

Wy, two pouches from front porch moved inside. Call me.

Date: 05-09-2008 10:44

Sorry. I fell asleep at jean's house and I didn't want to transport that in the car. Really sorry.

Date: 05-09-2008 11:49

No prob

Date: 05-09-2008 11:49

Appreciate the not transporting in ur car part.

Date: 05-09-2008 12:08

Is Jean willing to consider doing the calls for me?

Date: 05-09-2008 12:10

Yes she is.

Date: 05-09-2008 12:10

Great. Is she available to chat in person this weekend for an hour?

Date: 05-09-2008 12:13

Yeah she's free all day tomorrow.

Date: 05-09-2008 20:12

What time do you want jean to do that stuff tomorrow?

Date: 05-09-2008 20:19

Have her pick. Any time after 11.

Date: 05-09-2008 20:21


Date: 05-09-2008 20:31


Date: 05-09-2008 21:43

Reaction to gift?

Date: 05-09-2008 21:46

I bent the gold trying to get the return thingy off.

Date: 05-09-2008 21:56

Did she like it?

Date: 05-09-2008 21:57


Date: 05-09-2008 23:40

I'm going to johnstown tonight.

Date: 05-09-2008 23:40

K. Are you coming back tomorrow?

Date: 05-09-2008 23:40

How did she like the gift?

Date: 05-09-2008 23:42

No. I'm spending the night there and going to dc tomorrow.

Date: 05-09-2008 23:42

What about your clothes and PC?

Date: 05-09-2008 23:42


Date: 05-09-2008 23:44

I'm coming back from jean's now. I'll pack and leave tonight. I need my bathroom stuff though.

Date: 05-09-2008 23:44


Date: 05-09-2008 23:44

You'll have to say good-bye to Cam.

Date: 05-10-2008 05:52


Date: 05-11-2008 00:08

I sent you a multimedia message. You can view my message via the internet at using Msg ID l03nj5snh Password show5weds

Date: 05-12-2008 11:52

Can I call?

Date: 05-12-2008 14:03

Best job ever.

Date: 05-12-2008 14:03

What kind of projects will you be working on?

Date: 05-12-2008 14:05

Easy html and php.

Date: 05-12-2008 14:05

Yeah, but for what? RTC's own website? Their intranet?

Date: 05-12-2008 14:08

I haven't gotten any projects yet.

Date: 05-12-2008 14:08

Ah. I bet you will soon.

Date: 05-12-2008 19:44

I don't know Jean's cell. Please ask her if she told editors she was Maureen Lee or Jean Hilpert. I need answer asap. Thanks.

Date: 05-13-2008 09:40

You need to bring my passport or my social security card when you come down.

Date: 05-13-2008 09:40

Okay. Should I mail it?

Date: 05-13-2008 17:30

Ask Jean if she got email from me last night and if she's willing to do more calls.

Date: 05-19-2008 08:02

Hey. When you see jean please give her $100. I owe her. Thanks.

Date: 05-19-2008 08:05

Please send list when u get to work

Date: 05-19-2008 16:24

Need list asap. I leave tomorrow morning and should arrive at your office around 1 for lunch.

Date: 05-19-2008 16:27

I'll send it as soon as I get back to the apartment.

Date: 05-21-2008 10:11

Where is the GPS for the car?

Date: 05-21-2008 10:13

I don't have it.

Date: 05-21-2008 13:49

Am in restroom too

Date: 05-23-2008 18:52

I've been in gridlock for the last three and a half hours. My ipod died in the first 20 minutes. I just thought you'd like to know that "Born in the USA" has been the highlight of my drive.

Date: 05-23-2008 18:52

Poor baby.

Date: 05-23-2008 18:52

Hopefully it will clear up soon.

Date: 05-23-2008 18:55

Dancing in the dark!

Date: 05-23-2008 18:55

Is it a two-fer Tuesday?

Date: 05-23-2008 18:57

It was two different stations.

Date: 05-23-2008 18:56

U r lucky. U must be in Lucky Town.

Date: 05-23-2008 18:56


Date: 05-23-2008 19:00

I've gone 2 miles in the last twenty minutes. I don't think I've lost these blues yet.

Date: 05-26-2008 12:37

Today is Peter's birthday. Please call or text him, okay?

Date: 05-26-2008 18:55

Traffic bad?

Date: 05-26-2008 19:04

Not that bad, i mean I haven't gotten to maryland yet so yeah.

Date: 05-26-2008 19:41

So if I get the new iPhone would you be willing to cover the cost of the data plan for my birthday :)

Date: 05-26-2008 20:12

And it begins. I'm 74 miles away and it will take another 3 hours.

Date: 05-26-2008 21:32

Home safe :)

Date: 06-01-2008 00:17

I went to the 7-11 and they said they don't have the ability to recieve money and/or give any to me.

Date: 06-01-2008 16:39

Yay I'm slightly richer!

Date: 06-01-2008 16:44

Don't spend it all in one place -- and please call Buxx!

Date: 06-01-2008 16:49

Gas and food!

Date: 06-05-2008 12:48

Did you get check?

Date: 06-10-2008 11:03

R u interested in a birthday dinner tonight or tomorrow?

Date: 06-10-2008 13:34

Your daughter brought some members of the opposite sex over to the house.

Date: 06-10-2008 13:33

I told her it was okay. How many boys, girls?

Date: 06-10-2008 13:35

Speaking of potential trouble, Stripey ran proudly into the family room last night with a dead, bloody baby bunny in his mouth.

Date: 06-10-2008 13:36

He was very sad when Lester took his prize away. He cried a few times.

Date: 06-10-2008 13:38

Ansel says stripy brought one in when he was babysitting

Date: 06-10-2008 14:32

Another bunny?!!

Date: 06-10-2008 14:33

It's like he's got an ATM somewhere that spits out rabbits.

Date: 06-10-2008 22:48

Forgot to remind you: you need to go to drivers license place tomorrow to renew. Form in corner cabinet of dining room.

Date: 06-11-2008 14:44

"...Causing it to oscillate like her favorite vibrator." What the fuck!?

Date: 06-11-2008 14:44

What on earth are you reading?

Date: 06-11-2008 14:44

: )

Date: 06-12-2008 02:11

Safe :)

Date: 06-13-2008 11:11

Can you schedule an appointment with Judy for the weekend of July 4th and then remind me? Thanks :)

Date: 06-13-2008 11:13

Yes. Are you okay? Mom needs a tiny bit of reassurance or she'll imagine something horrible. If it's horrible, I'd rather know. XXOO.

Date: 06-17-2008 18:44

Please don't get your mom in trouble. Please tell me you've sent Teri a quick email. Thank you!

Date: 06-27-2008 22:22

Will the doctor's office be open next friday?

Date: 06-27-2008 22:23

No, it's a holiday, but maybe on Sat. You have Judy at 11 on Sat. I'll call Romberger on Monday.

Date: 06-27-2008 22:24


Date: 06-27-2008 22:24

WALL-E was great. You should see it.

Date: 06-27-2008 22:29

I planned on seeing it since I saw the first preview last year. Pixar is batting 1.0000 so far.

Date: 06-29-2008 20:39

I looked up the technical name for my job - front end web developer. They average $70K+. In california - upwards of 100K =O

Date: 06-29-2008 20:40

Always knew you'd go far, my son.

Date: 06-29-2008 21:16

Hey, can I get my JPEG tonight?

Date: 06-29-2008 21:25

Yes. Also is that deal still valid? You know where I get your old iPhone?

Date: 06-29-2008 21:26

Potentially negotiable. I thought you were buying your own.

Date: 06-29-2008 21:28

The data plan is expensive. Unless you're going to pay for it.

Date: 06-29-2008 21:28

Hmmmm. Did I mention I was going to be laid off?

Date: 06-29-2008 21:30


Date: 06-29-2008 21:29

Exactly what?

Date: 07-01-2008 14:21

Sunday for early dinner with Rebecca and Ansel. We'll still have shells on Saturday.

Date: 07-07-2008 02:28

Home safe

Date: 07-07-2008 09:44

So good seeing you, Sweet Pea.

Date: 07-07-2008 10:22

Are you coming the weekend of the 20th? If so my boss is having a dinner party so I'll probably go and you guys are welcome to come.

Date: 07-07-2008 10:22

The next weekend, but, gosh, thank you.

Date: 07-07-2008 10:25

Next weekend? Like next saturday?

Date: 07-07-2008 10:32

No, weekend after dinner party. July 25/26.

Date: 07-07-2008 10:34

Oh. Ok. Sounds good.

Date: 07-11-2008 18:11

Daddy put $100 in

Date: 07-16-2008 08:07

Am off phone now. Wassup?

Date: 07-16-2008 10:25

I sent you a multimedia message. You can view my message w/in the next 7 days via the web at using MSG ID d13f0pyc9 Password bony6pods

Date: 07-18-2008 08:01

U going to The Dark Knight tonight?

Date: 07-18-2008 09:06

Hell yeah

Date: 07-23-2008 16:28

We still on for lunch on Friday?

Date: 07-23-2008 18:54


Date: 07-25-2008 11:41

You close?

Date: 07-25-2008 11:45

ETA: 12:40. Hungry?

Date: 07-25-2008 11:47

What time did you lazy bums leave?

Date: 07-25-2008 11:51

Buy a Snickers, you cheap ass.

Date: 07-26-2008 07:27

Oyamel Mexican restaurant, 7th and D, 11:30. Metro stop: either Chinatown and walk south on 7th or Archive/Navy Memorial and walk north on 7th. Txt me to confirm.

Date: 07-26-2008 10:12

I'll be there

Date: 07-26-2008 20:16

Do you miss us already?

Date: 07-27-2008 04:06

Did you guys leave yet? Cause I locked myself out of my car and wash wondering if dad had a spare set of my keys with him.

Date: 07-27-2008 09:02

Sorry. We left at 5. Triple A can help.

Date: 07-27-2008 20:01

What happened with car?

Date: 07-27-2008 20:07

I fixed it

Date: 07-27-2008 20:07

Smashed window?

Date: 07-27-2008 20:09

Yeah, it seemed like a good idea. I guess I'll use the Prius during the winter.

Date: 07-30-2008 09:31

Hey my boss wants to talk to you. Check your email.

Date: 07-30-2008 10:04

Nothing yet. I'll keep looking. We arrived in SF last night. Jean sleeping at our house.

Date: 07-30-2008 10:06

I sent it to 40 minutes ago. Send him an email:

Date: 07-30-2008 10:23

What have you told Paul about school, so I have the same story?

Date: 07-30-2008 10:25

I'm just leaving UPJ and will probably transfer to somewhere down here.

Date: 07-30-2008 10:26

Got it.

Date: 07-30-2008 11:01

Call me when you're free. I talked to Paul.

Date: 07-30-2008 11:25

Oh and if you could add like $20 to my buxx card that would be great.

Date: 07-30-2008 11:27

We'll try. We'll have to go to business center as wireless in hotel room not working. Will confirm when we do it.

Date: 07-30-2008 12:40

What's the name on ur Buxx card?

Date: 07-30-2008 12:44

The username is camperwyatt

Date: 07-30-2008 12:44

No, the name engraved on the actual card, please.

Date: 07-30-2008 12:46

Wyatt J Cready-Pyle

Date: 07-30-2008 12:50

$25 added

Date: 07-30-2008 12:53

Thank you :D

Date: 08-04-2008 11:53


Date: 08-04-2008 11:54

I got the retirement package.

Date: 08-04-2008 11:55

We're rich!

Date: 08-04-2008 11:56

I'm rich. Well, I guess you are, too, given your new job.

Date: 08-04-2008 20:38

Let me know when you're safe in DC.

Date: 08-05-2008 09:35

R u in DC?

Date: 08-05-2008 09:37

Yes, I just emailed you.

Date: 08-05-2008 09:37

Thx, love

Date: 08-12-2008 20:05

We put $125 on your card.

Date: 08-14-2008 17:05

Glad you got them. Are they cute? Send me a pic. Harvey's mouse stopped working so I can't reply to your IM.

Date: 08-15-2008 10:25

Can you talk to the financial planner today? 15 mins?

Date: 08-15-2008 10:26

Today? How?

Date: 08-15-2008 10:28

By phone. I forwarded the email yesterday where he suggested times. Let me know.

Date: 08-15-2008 11:24

When can you talk between now and 2:30?

Date: 08-15-2008 11:24

At noon

Date: 08-15-2008 11:26

Thx. Confirming with Jeff. Gave him your cell #. Get 401K info from HR if you can.

Date: 08-15-2008 11:27

I won't get that until next week.

Date: 08-15-2008 11:28

Okay. Well just use the time today with Jeff as a meet and greet and to ask questions.

Date: 08-15-2008 12:20

Is jeff going to call?

Date: 08-15-2008 12:21

I guess he didn't, eh? He didn't answer my email yet. Oh, well. You're free to go.

Date: 08-15-2008 14:03

Okay, Jeff apologizes. He just got my email. He asks if he can call you at 2:30. That okay?

Date: 08-15-2008 14:04

Yeah that's fine.

Date: 08-17-2008 21:34

How much do I have to make to afford a car?

Date: 08-20-2008 15:54

Did you find out from HR if your health coverage has begun?

Date: 08-21-2008 15:54

So will you be able to sponser me going to Chicago next week?

Date: 08-21-2008 15:55

You can't take vacation, can you?

Date: 08-21-2008 15:56

You only get two weeks.

Date: 08-21-2008 15:57

And I think your paperwork said you couldn't take away until 2009. Check with Paul, I guess.

Date: 08-21-2008 15:57

I told Paul I was going on august and he told me to push it back. I have now twice. I will be "working from home" next week.

Date: 08-21-2008 15:58

August 1st*

Date: 08-21-2008 15:58

Paul okay with that?

Date: 08-21-2008 15:59


Date: 08-21-2008 16:00

Cool! What does 'sponsor' mean?

Date: 08-21-2008 16:00

But I'm still broke, so will you sponser me?

Date: 08-21-2008 16:02

Completely pay for it

Date: 08-21-2008 16:03

Hmmm. Do we get paid back?Also, what dollar amount?

Date: 08-21-2008 16:03

Food, gas, entertainment.

Date: 08-21-2008 16:06

Um, $120 gas, 7 days of food * $20 a day = $140, and like $200 for doing stuff in Chicago.

Date: 08-21-2008 16:09

So, $460? Tell me what, if anything, you plan to pay back and let me talk to your dad. What day are you leaving?

Date: 08-21-2008 16:12

Well I'll be able to pay it back easier when I start getting paid with my new salary on September 15th.

Date: 08-24-2008 14:15

Ya Fei. With IKEA on your right, Ya Fei is across street, near the left end of a huge strip mall.

Date: 08-25-2008 23:33


Date: 08-26-2008 12:04


Date: 08-26-2008 12:03

Wow, you're up at the crack of dawn : )

Date: 08-26-2008 12:05

Working. I've been up since 8:30

Date: 08-26-2008 12:07

Warms my heart to hear it. Maybe I'll have a job someday soon, too. R u on the quads?

Date: 08-30-2008 17:07

Gazpacho, croutons and sausages at 5:30. Will u b here?

Date: 08-30-2008 17:09

Yeah, can we make it like 5:45?

Date: 08-30-2008 17:09


Date: 09-01-2008 22:13

Safe in DC?

Date: 09-01-2008 22:34


Date: 09-05-2008 11:30

Call when you can for a 1 min call. No reason to go outside. Nothing critical.

Date: 09-07-2008 22:41

Are you home safe?

Date: 09-07-2008 22:43


Date: 09-07-2008 22:42

Night, night

Date: 09-08-2008 18:04

How would I go about getting a prescription to a specific drug?

Date: 09-08-2008 18:06

That's a disconcerting question. If it's you, you'll have to wait until Sep 16, when ur health insurance kicks in, then make an appt with a doc on the online list.

Date: 09-08-2008 18:08

If you mean, how do I keep from getting a generic when I want a brand name, you have to get ur doctor to write 'no substitutions' on the prescription.

Date: 09-08-2008 18:09

Ok, but how do you ask for a specific drug without sounding like junkie? Adderall, it's for people with ADD.

Date: 09-10-2008 17:24

Assuming I make $3200/month after taxes. Minus (guessing) $1000 for rent minus $150 utilities minus $500 for new car and insurance. I should have $775 every 2 weeks. Does that sound right?

Date: 09-10-2008 17:24

Also that apartment I showed you is less than a mile from the metro.

Date: 09-10-2008 17:26

Why don't u do one first, either the car or the apartment, and make sure you're making your budget work first. Also, the Porsche will not drive well in the snow. No driving to Pittsburgh in the winter. Ask Scott if you don't believe me. But I'm impressed ur making a budget.

Date: 09-16-2008 09:23

Can you PDF me the paystubs today?

Date: 09-16-2008 10:12

I can fax them. What's your fax number?

Date: 09-16-2008 10:43

I'll call you when I'm home. You can fax it to me there, once I put paper in the fax machine. Thx.

Date: 09-18-2008 21:47

Someone next to me on the metro is reading your book.

Date: 09-18-2008 22:12

No way! Did you say something?

Date: 09-18-2008 22:36

Yeah. Told her, "my mom wrote that book." She said she was really enjoying it.

Date: 09-20-2008 22:17

Ghost Tpwn: best movie I've seen all summer.

Date: 09-20-2008 22:17


Date: 09-20-2008 22:17

Wow. Better than Iron Man?

Date: 09-22-2008 10:03

So I think I've decided on getting the apartment first. So I'd like to talk to you at some point to discuss administration issues. Thanks :)

Date: 09-22-2008 10:03

Okay. I'll you in an hour or so. In a meeting.

Date: 09-22-2008 13:00

I'm ready. Call when u have time.

Date: 09-22-2008 13:10

I guess you weren't ready

Date: 09-28-2008 23:50

Home safe. Night.

Date: 10-04-2008 09:55

Hey the photography class got movedvto next weekend so I'm back again because jean is lame. Did I miss breakfast already?

Date: 10-04-2008 17:14

Namaste at 6 for a hello or a meal?

Date: 10-04-2008 21:59

We're near the Hilton. Where are you?

Date: 10-05-2008 18:28

R u home?

Date: 10-05-2008 19:01

R u there?

Date: 10-05-2008 19:06

Not yet

Date: 10-05-2008 19:06

Ok. Let me know.

Date: 10-16-2008 09:54

Then we came to the end is wayyyy less happy than "e". Layoffs, cancer, failed relationships, and murdered children. And I'm only on page 70!

Date: 10-17-2008 21:59

U home?

Date: 10-17-2008 22:01

No. Didn't leave work until 7:30

Date: 10-17-2008 22:13

Poor baby. Be safe.

Date: 10-18-2008 08:00


Date: 10-18-2008 08:46

We'll be at Tom's around 9:15 if you and/or you and Jeanne want to join us.

Date: 10-18-2008 09:10

I'll be there in 2 min

Date: 10-18-2008 17:21

Will u b here at 6?

Date: 10-18-2008 19:12

Is that you two rows ahead of us?

Date: 10-19-2008 08:47

10 o'clock. Eat N Park.

Date: 10-20-2008 07:58

Home safe?

Date: 10-20-2008 09:52

U safe?

Date: 10-20-2008 10:33

Yeah, sorry.

Date: 10-20-2008 10:38

It was so good seeing you. Thanks for joining the dinner last night.

Date: 10-24-2008 23:39

Did you get my email? If not, check your spam filter. It's funny.

Date: 10-28-2008 18:21

Anything like "e" or "Then We Came to the End" that you could recommend?

Date: 10-28-2008 18:23

Let me think about it. Did u call Daddy?

Date: 10-28-2008 18:31

No, why?

Date: 10-28-2008 18:31

I hope you"re joking. It's his birthday.

Date: 10-28-2008 18:33

Oops, didn't check facebook today. Call him when I get home.

Date: 10-28-2008 18:33

Thank you.

Date: 10-28-2008 18:49

My bank has put me at -$200 w/ another $200 pending! I'm gonna open a new bank account and never touch that account again. It'll cost them more to sue me and my lawyers are free.

Date: 10-28-2008 21:13

Call Daddy now. We're home from the restaurant. He knows you tried to call earlier.

Date: 10-28-2008 21:30

Quick, look at email. Two gr8 pictures.

Date: 10-29-2008 08:22

Call when u get in. $

Date: 10-29-2008 18:08

Book recomendation?

Date: 10-29-2008 18:32

I ordered two books for you. They'll be here Friday.

Date: 10-31-2008 18:42

Call when you can. Love, Mom.

Date: 11-01-2008 08:35

Tom's at nine.

Date: 11-01-2008 08:45

Will you join us?

Date: 11-01-2008 09:08

Be there at 9:15.

Date: 11-02-2008 13:57

You have to come ba k to get your books!

Date: 11-02-2008 22:07

Home safe?

Date: 11-02-2008 22:09


Date: 11-11-2008 18:41

Paul just called me. He wants me to work for him part time. Hmmm, partial ownership or flat fee -- decisions decisions.

Date: 11-11-2008 19:41

Call you in a minute. Getting my hair colored. Wow!

Date: 11-15-2008 18:01

Ten min. Sorry.

Date: 11-15-2008 18:32

Willl u b breakfasting with us tomorrow?

Date: 11-16-2008 15:12

R u on ur way home yet?

Date: 11-16-2008 15:15

Left at 12:30 -- at 2:00 I reached the turnpike.

Date: 11-16-2008 15:15

Good. Want you home before it's snowy and dark. Thanks for visiting.

Date: 11-16-2008 17:41


Date: 11-16-2008 17:46

No. Breezewood. Had to stop in Johnstown to lend cj some money.

Date: 11-16-2008 19:32


Date: 11-16-2008 20:22


Date: 11-21-2008 18:54

R u safe or driving?

Date: 11-21-2008 18:57

Roads are fine. Be home soon.

Date: 11-22-2008 08:06

Tom's at nine.

Date: 11-22-2008 08:12

Will u join us? Need a response, because we'll only wake Cam if u say yes.

Date: 11-22-2008 08:16


Date: 11-22-2008 08:30

Cam said too early, so we'll be there at 8:45.

Date: 11-23-2008 08:49

Tom's at 9:30, okay?

Date: 11-27-2008 08:50

U up?

Date: 11-27-2008 09:35

U there?

Date: 11-27-2008 10:19

I'm here

Date: 11-27-2008 10:19

Breakfast? If u drive here, drive by Tom's to see if they're open.

Date: 11-27-2008 10:24

I will

Date: 11-28-2008 08:37

How did I end up at the mall at 8:00am?

Date: 11-28-2008 08:42


Date: 11-28-2008 09:40

I need hints for Xmas presents. Teri, dad, cam, and you. I'm thinking a gift card to urban outfitters for cam.

Date: 11-28-2008 09:40

Good on Cam. Give me 5 mins on the other.

Date: 11-28-2008 09:52

Photo album you make online from family pictures of vacations with Teri for Teri. See if H&M has bottle green leather gloves for me (largest size). Saving Private Ryan on Blu-Ray for Daddy.

Date: 11-28-2008 09:54

There's also some nice pearl earrings on to sub in for me or Teri. Daddy's about to update my phone, so you'll have to text him with further questions.

Date: 11-28-2008 10:30

I'm back on my phone if u need me.

Date: 11-28-2008 14:48

Dark green suade? (is that how you spell it?)

Date: 11-28-2008 14:49

Suede is how you spell it. Bottle green leather, but suede good, too. XL

Date: 11-28-2008 17:20

I might be late, there's lots of traffic.

Date: 11-28-2008 17:26

6 is fine. We're running late, too.

Date: 11-28-2008 17:27

Just bought a Sony 42" and Blu-Ray.

Date: 11-28-2008 17:44

Just eat without me. I won't be able to get to there until like 6:20-6:30. I'll find something to eat.

Date: 11-28-2008 17:43

No, join us. That's fine.

Date: 11-28-2008 17:57

R u still coming?

Date: 11-28-2008 17:58


Date: 11-28-2008 18:18

Eta? Should we order for u?

Date: 11-28-2008 18:20

40 seconds

Date: 11-29-2008 08:37

9:15 Tom's

Date: 11-30-2008 08:55

Bagel breakfast at home around 10:15.

Date: 11-30-2008 09:05

R u coming and, if so, can u pick up bagels (six sesame) on thecway?

Date: 11-30-2008 09:59

U there?

Date: 11-30-2008 22:23

Home safe?

Date: 11-30-2008 22:43


Date: 11-30-2008 22:45

Good. Take that Kurt Vonnegut book with you tomorrow. Lovely to see you. Mom

Date: 12-02-2008 10:35

In mtg. What's up?

Date: 12-13-2008 02:13

Home safe.

Date: 12-13-2008 07:37

Breakfast with Teri. Be at our house at 9:30.

Date: 12-13-2008 09:25

I'm just leaving jeans now. Like 20 minutes.

Date: 12-20-2008 14:22

I have Ansel at 360-593-8780.

Date: 12-21-2008 09:47

You up for breakfast? We just woke up?

Date: 12-21-2008 22:49

I'm home.

Date: 12-25-2008 09:02

When is breakfast?

Date: 12-25-2008 09:02

We can eat before or after opening gifts. If you want to eat now, come on over.

Date: 12-26-2008 20:24

So I'm gonna drive to Chicago tomorrow early-ish and drive back Monday morning. Is that ok?

Date: 12-26-2008 20:25

Sure. Di and Nick approve. Two questions: does Peter know you're coming and what time is 'early-ish'?

Date: 12-26-2008 20:32

Yes he does. Whenever I wake up and pack.

Date: 12-27-2008 21:05

U there?

Date: 12-27-2008 21:19

The rain got terrible at the end of Ohio so I've been driving slow. I'm about 70 miles away.

Date: 12-27-2008 21:19

I'm glad you're being careful.

Date: 12-27-2008 23:06


Date: 12-27-2008 23:10

Thanks. Sorry for checking.

Date: 12-28-2008 20:24

Don't forget to leave Diane and Nick's presents. Went to the meat restaurant tonight. Missed you.

Date: 01-04-2009 09:21

Up for breakfast? Tom's. 9:45.

Date: 01-04-2009 19:20

Left the check there

Date: 01-04-2009 19:20

I'll mail it to your bank if you tell me the address and the account #.

Date: 01-09-2009 23:02

Are you safe?

Date: 01-09-2009 23:06

Yes, in Johnstown.

Date: 01-09-2009 23:05

Good. Night.

Date: 01-13-2009 07:46

Call me when you get a chance. I need to ask a favor. Thanks.

Date: 01-13-2009 11:20

They're laying people off today. One of my friends got let go this morning.

Date: 01-13-2009 13:15

Uh oh. Are you okay? Which friend?

Date: 01-17-2009 09:37

We're having a bagel breakfast at home at 10:15 if you're interested.

Date: 01-18-2009 08:37

Tom's at 9

Date: 01-18-2009 09:47

WTF, 9:00. What happened to 10:00.

Date: 01-18-2009 09:48

Sorry, babe. I'll take u there 4 lunch, if you'd like. Come home when you're ready.

Date: 01-18-2009 14:12

Sausage bread at 6.

Date: 01-18-2009 17:17


Date: 01-18-2009 17:19

I'll be ten minutes late.

Date: 01-18-2009 17:19

Np. Did u connect with Ansel?

Date: 01-20-2009 00:36

Staying at upj and driving tomorrow. It's snowing bad.

Date: 01-20-2009 11:34

Where r u now?

Date: 01-20-2009 11:40


Date: 01-20-2009 11:40

Watching thing? It's very exciting.

Date: 01-20-2009 15:21

Boy, did u see anything? Were you outside in the crowds? Katie was near the Lincoln Memorial. I watched the CNN feed on FB. Said there were a million status updates. Totally cool.

Date: 01-25-2009 20:03

R u safe?

Date: 01-25-2009 20:12

Just left johnstown, roads aren't too bad but I'm driving slow so don't worry.

Date: 01-25-2009 20:12

Snowing there?

Date: 01-25-2009 21:11

I'm at breezewood. No snow here.

Date: 01-25-2009 21:11

Thank you. Sets my mind at ease. Txt when you're safe, and thank you for watching Cam.

Date: 01-31-2009 07:49

Tom's 9:15

Date: 01-31-2009 08:08

Oops, I mean 8:15. Now. Sorry.

Date: 02-01-2009 09:40

When's breakfast?

Date: 02-01-2009 09:45


Date: 02-01-2009 22:09

Steelers win!

Date: 02-01-2009 22:08

Exciting game.

Date: 02-16-2009 20:05

We're in Pittsburgh. Where ate you?

Date: 02-16-2009 20:05


Date: 02-20-2009 11:52

Are you coming home this weekend?

Date: 02-26-2009 16:45

Are you free now?

Date: 02-28-2009 08:41

If you're here, Tom's at 9:15.

Date: 02-28-2009 13:52

R u in Pgh?

Date: 03-07-2009 07:33

Late breakfast. Call Daddy.

Date: 03-07-2009 16:10

Will u b here At 4:30?

Date: 03-14-2009 13:47

Is there a time you can join us for pastitio, or should we carry on on our own?

Date: 03-14-2009 14:15

What time?

Date: 03-14-2009 14:14

What time works for you?

Date: 03-15-2009 14:21

What's the scoop?

Date: 03-21-2009 13:51

Will we see u? Daddy and I going to Honaths for dinner. I'm in Philly tomorrow.

Date: 04-04-2009 08:51

Breakfast? Answer by 9.

Date: 04-21-2009 15:06

Now is the time to call or text your sister to give her your best birthday wishes.

Date: 04-21-2009 19:42


Date: 04-21-2009 19:50

Shit, I'm on it.

Date: 04-21-2009 20:24

Ur like an electromagnet for Marriott points! I miss traveling with you...

Date: 04-21-2009 20:25

Sorry. For someone else.

Date: 04-25-2009 08:18

Breakfast? Tom's.

Date: 04-28-2009 21:37

Send picture of what's in your shopping cart. Daddy and I want to know.

Date: 04-28-2009 23:27

Bagels, cerial, grapefruit, yogurt, pasta, and snacks 'n' shit.

Date: 05-01-2009 19:22

Trishy Poppins will be at our house on Sat at 12:15 and at 2:15, if you happen to be around. Cam is babysitting Trish's two-year-old daughter at our house tomorrow.

Date: 05-01-2009 19:23

Also, breakfast at Tom's around 9:30. I'm only expecting you at dinner, though. 5 pm. Can Jean H join us?

Date: 05-02-2009 15:05

Are we on for 5 pm?

Date: 05-06-2009 09:50

Looking forward to lunch today. I'm at Breezewood now. Will be parking at Rockville,MD on Red Line and taking Metro to Foggy Bottom.

Date: 05-06-2009 12:02

Stepping aboard Metro at Rockville. C u soon!

Date: 05-06-2009 12:34

got off at Dupont Circle and catching cab

Date: 05-06-2009 12:37

Will call when at your building

Date: 05-07-2009 09:03

Well, I missed the plane by 4 minutes and I paid the $150 to change the ticket to the next flight at 12:30. I suck at life.

Date: 05-07-2009 09:05

It was because I parked in the economy parking lot. Waited 15 for the shuttle and it took another 20 to get to the airport.

Date: 05-07-2009 09:05

It's a learning experience, babe. At least you're way early for the 12:30 flight. I think there's one before that. See if you can get on a wait list. Go to that gate and talk to the agent.

Date: 05-07-2009 09:06

Yeah, parking will do that sometimes. Car service! Or an airport shuttle.

Date: 05-07-2009 09:10

There's no where to plug in a charger? I'm at my gate, who should I talk to? No one is here yet.

Date: 05-07-2009 09:14

Call ur travel agent.

Date: 05-07-2009 11:25

Any luck?

Date: 05-07-2009 11:46

Nope, all full.

Date: 05-07-2009 11:46

How about seats on noon flight?

Date: 05-07-2009 11:52

No, and the guy at my gate looked confused when I asked for an emergency row seat.

Date: 05-07-2009 11:52


Date: 05-07-2009 11:57

Keep asking gate if better seat is available. People cancel all the time.

Date: 05-07-2009 19:16

Waiting for my BART train

Date: 05-07-2009 19:16

You made it!

Date: 05-07-2009 19:16


Date: 05-07-2009 19:19

Are people lined up, like we said?

Date: 05-07-2009 19:33

If you have any trouble with the credit card at the hotel, call me.

Date: 05-08-2009 16:57

Learning anything?

Date: 05-09-2009 14:26

I'm gonna miss my god damn flight again. I fucking left my hotel at 10:00.

Date: 05-09-2009 14:26

Call ur travel agent if you need to rebook.

Date: 05-09-2009 14:28

How fucking early do I have to leave?

Date: 05-09-2009 14:27

R u on the train?

Date: 05-09-2009 14:32

Im waiting for the fucking yellow line...

Date: 05-09-2009 14:33

If you're still in Berkeley, you should call the travel agent now to rebook. They may be able to do it without a fee. You won't make it. It happens, Wy.

Date: 05-09-2009 15:36

What happened?

Date: 05-09-2009 15:40

It got delayed :) departs at 1:25.

Date: 05-09-2009 15:40

Yay! You made it then? Checked in, at the gate and everything?

Date: 05-09-2009 15:43

Yup, getting lunch now

Date: 05-09-2009 15:43

You're the luckiest man since Ringo Starr.

Date: 05-09-2009 16:10

You're telling me. I feel like I just won the lotto.

Date: 05-09-2009 22:07

Made it

Date: 05-09-2009 22:26

Bet you're glad it's over.

Date: 05-10-2009 22:51

Hey! I've been asleep all evening (we ate Indian food) but if you're not already in bed I was hoping to wish you a happy mothers day.

Date: 05-10-2009 22:51

Thank you, my love. It means a lot to hear from you on a day like today.

What food did you get?

Date: 05-10-2009 22:55

Tikia mesala (sp?) and garlic nann.

Date: 05-10-2009 22:54


Date: 05-16-2009 07:50

When do wake up these days, huh?

Date: 05-16-2009 07:50

Where are you? Here? We just woke up. Breakfast at Tom's at 9:30.

Date: 05-16-2009 07:56

Can I come there to shower n stuff. Ten minutes away.

Date: 05-16-2009 07:56

Sure. Come on by.

Date: 05-16-2009 08:05

What's mileage on your car?

Date: 05-16-2009 08:05

Need for registration

Date: 05-30-2009 19:38

Just had to pull your cat off a baby bunny.

Date: 06-05-2009 17:09

Sorry I missed you. What's up?

Date: 06-11-2009 12:05

How and when should I ask for a raise/promotion?

Date: 06-11-2009 12:05

Big question to ask in a text. Do you have time to talk?

Date: 06-13-2009 09:58

Did u invite Ansel for dinner? 5 pm.

Date: 06-13-2009 09:59


Date: 06-13-2009 09:59

Do u want to? Don't have to. I'd like to c him.

Date: 06-13-2009 10:01

Yea, I will.

Date: 06-14-2009 19:52

You were born at 7:57 pm--now--right before Moonlighting with Bruce Willis and Cybil Shephard started. Happy birthday, my wonderful boy.

Date: 06-21-2009 09:34

Will Jean be joining you at breakfast at 10?

Date: 06-21-2009 10:49

No, not today

Date: 06-22-2009 19:26

I told Donna you were touched she was worried. She said she's a professional worrier and that a daughter would have called so her parents didn't have to worry.

Date: 06-22-2009 19:26

Then she added, 'Boys.'

Date: 06-27-2009 17:36

Hey, did u get a card from Teri for your birthday? And if so, did u send her a thank-you email?

Date: 07-03-2009 09:26

R u working today, or do you have a day off?

Date: 07-11-2009 12:06

What is Ansel's current cell phone #?

Date: 07-12-2009 08:50

R u awake?

Date: 07-15-2009 15:53

Are you driving here or taking the Metro?

Date: 07-15-2009 16:08

Driving, I'm planning on leaving from dinner to go to the beach.

Date: 07-15-2009 16:27

Better park on street. Hotel parking is $22. Marriott is at

Date: 07-15-2009 16:29

About 2700 Connecticutt NW

Date: 07-15-2009 16:30

Connecticutt and Woodley

Date: 07-15-2009 18:34

When you come into the hotel, follow signs to RWA Literacy Signing. It's a madhouse!

Date: 07-15-2009 18:34

Authors are seated in alpha order.

Date: 07-15-2009 19:04

Are you near, boy?

Date: 07-15-2009 19:13

I'm just on my way now.

Date: 07-15-2009 19:18


Date: 07-15-2009 19:30

Stuck in dupont

Date: 07-15-2009 19:34

No prob

Date: 07-16-2009 12:24

Did u arrive safely?

Date: 07-16-2009 14:14


Date: 07-16-2009 14:15

It was nice to have dinner with you. Have a great time at the beach. Give Jean a hug for me.

Date: 07-18-2009 21:27

I won!!!!

Date: 07-21-2009 09:14

My boss, Bob, got let go.

Date: 07-21-2009 09:13

Holy shit. To whom do you report?

Date: 07-21-2009 09:15

The head of IT

Date: 07-21-2009 09:15

Jeez. Have you worked with him before?

Date: 07-21-2009 09:17

Yeah, he was at the training in San Fran.

Date: 07-21-2009 09:17

Another reason training can pay off. Wow. I guess everyone is shocked.

Date: 07-21-2009 09:19

Do you have a minute to talk?

Date: 07-21-2009 09:58

I can call you at 11:00, sound good?

Date: 07-21-2009 09:57

Yes. Nothing important.

Date: 07-22-2009 19:42

Did you pay Credit Union?

Date: 07-22-2009 22:07

Yes, set up automated thing to pay minimum amount.

Date: 07-22-2009 22:07

My hero!!

Date: 07-24-2009 22:50

If you're interested, breakfast at the Eat N Park in DORMONT on West Liberty at 9 am.

Date: 07-25-2009 21:56

R u in Pgh?

Date: 07-25-2009 22:30

Yeah, I'm with jean.

Date: 07-25-2009 22:30

Will we c u 2morrow?

Date: 07-25-2009 22:34

Haha, yeah maybe for breakfast or lunch. Depends when you want breakfast :)

Date: 07-25-2009 22:36

Fair enough. Can you get here by 11?

Date: 07-25-2009 22:37


Date: 07-26-2009 08:51


Date: 07-26-2009 08:52

Yes! Are u on ur way to r house?

Date: 07-26-2009 08:53

Yeah. Almost there.

Date: 07-26-2009 15:56

So jean was wondering when we might get to see that dresser.

Date: 07-26-2009 16:01

Les has done the priming. He'll finish this week and drive it down next week, okay?

Date: 08-02-2009 14:47

You know her birthday has been on facebook right?

Date: 08-02-2009 18:24

Asking lends so much more of a personal touch. You know I love her.

Date: 08-15-2009 08:11

Breakfast at Tom's, 8:30.

Date: 08-18-2009 15:05

After two months, five rounds of pitches and countless non-billable hours: out of 25 competing agencies—we won a multi-million dollar contract with Audi!!! :D

Date: 08-18-2009 15:05

Congratulations! You guys must be ready to party. Wow! Audi! Nifty!

Date: 08-18-2009 15:08

You took an Audi to the prom, remember?

Date: 08-18-2009 15:11

Yeah, maybe we’ll give a discount and I’ll be able to get one of my own ;p

Date: 08-21-2009 00:31

I have kitten if you want her.

Date: 08-21-2009 09:38


Date: 08-21-2009 09:42

Just finishing here at the dentist. Is Cam up?

Date: 08-21-2009 09:43

Your watch is on my sink.

Date: 08-21-2009 09:46

The question/exclamation was: Tom's!?

Date: 08-23-2009 20:00

R u home? Did u like ur car?

Date: 08-23-2009 21:59

Yeah. I noticed you got the car washed and cleaned, thank you so much :D I also enjoyed the RainX you got for the windshield, this afternoon actually, while driving through the rain. Thanks again for everything. And tell dad I had a great time with him this weekend, we'll have to do again sometime ;) soon.

Date: 08-24-2009 15:30

You're very welcome. I also had your oil and air filter changed.

Date: 08-27-2009 11:44

Call me when u can. I have an easy Flash question.

Date: 08-28-2009 12:02

Got a minute to call? Nothing important.

Date: 08-29-2009 19:35

Is it ok if me and two friends hang out on the front porch until like 8:15?

Date: 08-29-2009 19:40

Absolutely. Beer in fridge.

Date: 08-29-2009 19:40

Assuming they're 21, of course.

Date: 08-29-2009 23:39

Can u meet Daddy at Destinta at 11 am for movie tomorrow?

Date: 08-29-2009 23:41


Date: 08-30-2009 14:48

Wyatt, I apologize. I didn't handle that very well. You deserve privacy and a place you can go without being asked questions. I wlll do try to do better. No more questions.--Mom

Date: 08-30-2009 15:09

I'm sorry too, I know you mean well but I'm just under some stress and I just needed some time to think. I wasn't angry at you, just frustrated.

Date: 08-30-2009 15:11

I definitely mean well but make mistakes sometimes. Thank you for your text. You're a grown up now. I have to keep reminding myself you know how to take care of things. I'm very proud.

Date: 09-05-2009 18:15

It's Ansel's birthday.

Date: 09-17-2009 12:37

I got a message on my LinkedIn account. It didn't look like an automated message. It was a guy offering me a job at $60k. Should I tell my boss? I don't really want to switch jobs, I just want to encourage them to give me a raise.

Date: 09-17-2009 12:39

Ask the LinkedIn guy to call you. Find out more, so you can learn what's worth what, even if you have no intention of changing jobs. Ask about benefits (especially 401k match) and turnover.

Date: 09-17-2009 12:42

But should I tell my boss? Like I said, I would prefer to not change jobs. I like it here, I just want more $$$ ;D

Date: 09-17-2009 12:43

Easier to tell boss if you have more info. Frankly, though, the ploy doesn't work unless you're willing to move. It could backfire. They say bye. You end up embarrassed.

Date: 09-17-2009 12:44

Better if you say, I have an offer for $X from Y. I'd prefer to stay. What can we do?

Date: 09-17-2009 13:02

But you're suggesting that I wait until I have more information, right? I shouldn't, let's say, email my boss today and say that?

Date: 09-17-2009 13:03

Yeah, I'd say more info will help it not sound like a bluff. Besides, don't you want to find out? $60 might be too low.

Date: 09-17-2009 13:04

Remember, 401k and turnover are critical.

Date: 10-03-2009 12:20

R u in Pittsburgh?

Date: 10-09-2009 17:41

Can I use the Subaru this weekend?

Date: 10-09-2009 17:42

Probably. When?

Date: 10-09-2009 19:59

I rear ended another car with Jean car. Fuck my life. Fortunately no one was hurt, I was going maybe 5mph accelerating from a stop, trying to turn into the next lane.

Date: 10-11-2009 09:45

Just woke up. Be there at 10:20.

Date: 10-11-2009 09:50


Date: 10-13-2009 14:57

Hi, boy. Did you already send Chuck and Mary a picture?

Date: 10-14-2009 18:34

Wyatt, I just saw Jean's FB status. Ask her if there's room in your bedroom for the mirrored wardrobe. It has a rod to hang clothes.

Date: 10-28-2009 17:23

Now would be a good to time to call.

Date: 11-03-2009 13:12

My manager, Jenny, decided to leave RTC.

Date: 11-06-2009 23:47

Breakfast 2morrow or Sunday?

Date: 11-07-2009 07:57

Sunday, we leaving DC now. I feel so old.

Date: 11-08-2009 08:50

Can we do breakfast at 9:30 instead of 10:30?

Date: 11-19-2009 15:35

Peter's car was stolen.

Date: 11-19-2009 16:36

Damn, that fucking sucks. Who would steal that car? Without a title, the most I would assume you could get for it is like $1000.

Date: 11-19-2009 16:47

If that. Still, Accords most stolen car, so watch out. Windshield man never called.

Date: 11-19-2009 16:48

Yeah, he said everything was taken care of.

Date: 11-24-2009 19:58

How is India? Are you taking good care of her?

Date: 11-24-2009 19:59

Yeah, she's an attention whore.

Date: 11-24-2009 20:01

Does she sleep with you?

Date: 11-27-2009 10:03

Are there any Asthma inhalers at home?

Date: 11-27-2009 11:08

What's your status?

Date: 11-27-2009 11:18

Next in line. They said I had low oxygen levels.

Date: 11-27-2009 11:31

Ugh. I went to the bathroom for two minutes and they skipped me.

Date: 11-27-2009 11:40

Seated on plane. We take off for Charlotte at noon. Keep sending updates my way. We land around 2 pm, but I'm online for the next 20 mins.

Date: 11-27-2009 11:46

I was here this time, my name is at the top of the queue, and they skipped over me again.

Date: 11-27-2009 11:47

I'm leaving

Date: 11-27-2009 11:47

Ask why?

Date: 11-27-2009 13:18

Got a script for an inhaler.

Date: 11-27-2009 16:44

Landed. Now waiting for luggage.

Date: 11-27-2009 16:48

I can't eat with you guys tonight. I made plans with Hannah on Monday. I was planning on having our big dinner tomorrow.

Date: 11-27-2009 16:56

Okay. We'll catch you later.

Date: 11-28-2009 16:15

Keep my laptop safe until next weekend, k?

Date: 11-28-2009 16:14


Date: 11-29-2009 10:02

Home safe?

Date: 11-30-2009 14:39


Date: 11-30-2009 14:46

Woo hoo!

Date: 12-04-2009 16:10

Do u know an Alex Gorsky?

Date: 12-04-2009 22:51

Mom, as much as I'd love to see Teri this weekend I still have to do something about my car. And on top of that I hate the airport and flying. I really want to see her though. Would she be okay with Jean and I coming up to visit some weekend in the spring or something?

Date: 12-04-2009 23:09

Yes, that sounds lovely.

Date: 12-07-2009 15:00

Ugh. Trapped.

Date: 12-07-2009 15:01

Welcome to the wonderful world of car shopping.

Date: 12-07-2009 15:02

Tell them you have to leave by 3:15.

Date: 12-07-2009 15:42

Got the same deal

Date: 12-10-2009 13:27

Send me today name or phone number of your dealership.

Date: 12-10-2009 13:53

Landmark Honda: (703) 823-8000

Date: 12-11-2009 02:06

I hope this doesn't wake you. Anyways I think I left a blue hoodie there—Cameron is probably wearing it as her own by now.

Date: 12-11-2009 11:18

What time do you think you'll be arriving?

Date: 12-12-2009 07:52

R u up?

Date: 12-12-2009 11:36

Cameron is just using my camera. She didn't have a memory card in her's.

Date: 12-12-2009 12:43

You're such a sweet brother.

Date: 12-12-2009 16:17

Got my stuff from the car. Got the license plate too.

Date: 12-12-2009 16:21

What is the plan for tomorrow?

Date: 12-12-2009 18:14

Be there in 5 min

Date: 12-12-2009 18:14


Date: 12-13-2009 08:12

Up for IHOP?

Date: 12-13-2009 14:34

Home safe--in case you were worried. Love ya.

Date: 12-25-2009 13:03

Merry Christmas, boy. We're heading to Donna's.

Date: 01-01-2010 12:19

Happy New Year, Boy!

Date: 01-03-2010 09:55

Are you in DC?

Date: 01-04-2010 19:48

Could you give me a call?

Date: 01-11-2010 20:30

AT&T should be sending you a text with your new voicemail password. I'm sorry they didn't let me pick it. I was going to choose 'ILOVEMOM.'

Date: 01-24-2010 20:05

What do you know if anything about an ancient pencil sharpener in our family room?

Date: 01-27-2010 16:48

Daddy and I want oooh and aaah over the iPad with you. Call when you can.

Date: 02-06-2010 14:11

Date: 02-09-2010 10:24

Work today, boy?

Date: 02-09-2010 10:52

Yeah. Me and like five other people.

Date: 02-09-2010 10:52

Date: 02-09-2010 10:53

Wow! I'm impressed. I bet it will be your last day of work (at work) this week. Daddy was cancelled for today.

Date: 02-13-2010 21:33

Could I prossibly get you netflix login so Jean and I can stream movies?

Date: 02-13-2010 21:35

Yes., jwcc. Enjoy.

Date: 02-13-2010 21:38

I just signed out.

Date: 02-13-2010 21:39

P.S. Cam is wearing that blue sweater/hoodie you were looking so hard for last time you were here.

Date: 02-14-2010 10:25

Three package questions. First, did longjohns ever arrive? Second: did you get a package from me in the last couple of days? Third: have you received a payment book for Honda?

Date: 02-14-2010 13:59

Yes. No. Yes.

Date: 02-14-2010 14:01

Cool! Look for gift from me, sent to Eads, in next couple days. Longjohns fit?

Date: 03-13-2010 14:48

I just emailed you and dad a lease we might sign.

Date: 03-16-2010 12:17

Hey, I was wondering if you might be able to help me out with some cash this month. I just dropped $1200 on the security deposit which was like 90% of my pay check.

Date: 03-16-2010 13:21

Call tonight. We'll help.

Date: 03-19-2010 17:46

So dad asked me for a dollar amount that would get me through May. And I figure $1000 would be perfect. I could probably be debt free with $2000, but $1000 would be plenty. Love you guys ;)

Date: 03-19-2010 20:16

Do you use Less CSS or Blueprint CSS or Maki. I'm watching a presentation on them from a geek like you. He even used the phrase 'pixel perfect.'

Date: 03-19-2010 20:25

Less CSS for scripting/compiling but using Baseline CSS v0.5.1 instead of Blueprint to take advantage of HTML5 elements.

Date: 03-22-2010 15:44

Did the check arrive at your work?

Date: 03-22-2010 15:46

I'm out sick.

Date: 03-22-2010 15:45

My poor sweet pea.

Date: 03-22-2010 17:18

Feel better.

Date: 03-30-2010 21:52

What are you in Chicago for?

Date: 03-30-2010 21:57

Learning about a client's web properties from another agency who's losing the client's business.

Date: 03-30-2010 21:57

You're so grown up now. It makes me want to cry.

Date: 04-04-2010 22:06

Hope you had a nice Easter, Sweet Pea. Do you remember hunting for Easter eggs with Peter on the quads at the University of Chicago? Your Aunt Diane did some nice stuff for you guys.

Date: 04-05-2010 16:53

Yeah I remember. Unfortunately I couldn't sleep the night before so my Easter kinda sucked.

Date: 04-05-2010 16:53

Poor baby. Are you I'll?

Date: 04-05-2010 16:53


Date: 04-05-2010 17:15

Somethings up. The past week I haven't been able to sleep on 3 of those days.

Date: 04-05-2010 17:17

Has anything in your routine changed? Caffeine or chocolate at night? Upset at work? Too much alcohol? Not enough exercise? Try a cup of warm milk with Qwik in it before after a long walk, before going to bed. Also, skip video games for a night.

Date: 04-06-2010 17:36

Will you be sleeping in our room or the guest room?

Date: 04-06-2010 18:03

The one without the litter box.

Date: 04-11-2010 14:01

For the future, don't set up play dates for me. I hate them.

Date: 04-11-2010 14:05

Trish, do you mean? Sorry.

Date: 04-21-2010 11:49

Wished Cam a happy birthday—longest text ever.

Date: 04-21-2010 11:49

You're a good brother. Did she answer?

Date: 04-21-2010 11:50

We're going to Melting Pot tonight. Wish you were going to be there.

Date: 04-21-2010 17:26

Your text made Cameron so happy.

Date: 04-22-2010 13:14

Cam passed the test!

Date: 04-24-2010 21:43

Could you send me an itinerary of what you had planned for Jean and I? Jean wants to see if we can fit in some sight seeing and I have a friend there whom I'd like to see as well.

Date: 04-24-2010 21:45

We definitely have Teri for Saturday, so I'd like you to spend Sat afternoon and evening with us. Why don't you plan your other activities for Sunday?

Date: 04-24-2010 21:57

Yeah thats fine. What time is our train on Sunday? Jean wants to get lunch at Serendipity 3.

Date: 04-24-2010 21:58

Check the email reservation, but it's somtime like 4.

Date: 04-24-2010 22:08

Also, we probably won't be able to meet u in the city on Sat until about 2.

Date: 04-29-2010 10:55

So that interview I had about a week ago, well it didn't go very well. The woman told me I didn't meet the requirement for years of experience. However, she emailed me yesterday and asked if I could send her some code samples... Well that turned into another phone interview... Let me know when I can call you.

Date: 04-30-2010 23:49

The Amtrak confirmation you sent me didn't have the attached barcode images.

Date: 05-01-2010 00:00

Resent. To gmail address. Confirm u got barcode.

Date: 05-01-2010 00:05

Got it. Thanks ;)

Date: 05-01-2010 08:27

On train?

Date: 05-01-2010 08:28

We're 30 mins past Breezewood. Left at 6 am!

Date: 05-01-2010 08:28

Yawwwwwn... Success.

Date: 05-01-2010 08:29

Thank God for Jean.

Date: 05-01-2010 12:24

Where r u?

Date: 05-01-2010 12:30

At 7th ave. Getting sushi.

Date: 05-01-2010 12:30

Where r your suitcases?

Date: 05-01-2010 12:44

Meet at 2:30 at 33rd and 6th (also known as Ave of the Americas.)

Date: 05-01-2010 13:02

Southeast corner!

Date: 05-01-2010 14:21

Can get there no earlier than 3:00.

Date: 05-01-2010 14:22

We'll meet you at 3.

Date: 05-01-2010 14:37

Meet us at Cheap Jacks, at 31st and Fifth. Okay?

Date: 05-01-2010 14:45

Vintage clothing

Date: 05-01-2010 14:55

3:30, so sorry. So much walking.

Date: 05-01-2010 15:00

3:30 is okay. Did u get my message about where we r now? Cheap Jacks.

Date: 05-02-2010 09:04

R u up?

Date: 05-02-2010 21:27

4641 Kenmore Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304, Courtyard by Marriott. We're in room 209. Call Cameron.

Date: 05-03-2010 17:33

Illusions Thai, about five blocks from your house, on Beauregard, has MARVELOUS pad see euw.

Date: 05-29-2010 20:22

We're at the meat restaurant in Pittsburgh with Diane and Nick. Wish you were here.

What are you guys up to this weekend?

Date: 05-29-2010 20:25

Wishing we were at the meet resturant. Tell them hello for me.

Date: 06-11-2010 11:16

One of my Tweets got published in an article!

Date: 06-11-2010 11:15


Date: 06-11-2010 11:17

Just read article. That is totally cool. Did you text Daddy, too?

Date: 06-11-2010 11:18

How did you know? Did the reporter contact you?

Date: 06-11-2010 11:52

He just @mentioned me on his Tweet linking to the article:

Date: 06-11-2010 16:13

Where r u? R u dead?

Date: 06-11-2010 16:13

Sorry. Meant for Daddy. Ignore.

Date: 06-12-2010 23:09

Yeah, 10:30 should be good.

Date: 06-14-2010 08:34

Happy 22nd, Boy. Can't believe you're so grown up. Love, Mom

Date: 06-14-2010 13:23

Thanks for the birthday wish. Love you, too.

Date: 06-14-2010 20:07

What color, what hard drive for iPhone?

Date: 06-14-2010 20:11

Black, and which ever is the $300 one.

Date: 06-15-2010 11:29

Did you order it?

Date: 06-15-2010 11:29

Tried about a dozen times. Process kept failing. Site must be overloaded. Will try mote later.

Date: 06-15-2010 11:29


Date: 06-15-2010 11:58

How far did you get in the process. I'm at the point where it's asking for the last 4 digits of your SSN.

Date: 06-15-2010 12:03

Do you want to try it? If so, call me and I'll give you the numbers.

Date: 06-15-2010 12:32

So our new client, BlackRock Inc., is the third largest shareholder of BP.

Date: 06-15-2010 12:35

Oh boy.

Date: 06-15-2010 16:33

No luck yet.

Date: 06-15-2010 16:50

Looks like if you download the apple store app you can buy it through there.

Date: 06-15-2010 17:01

I couldn't order yours or Cam's from my phone. Try ordering yours at your phone. 4882

Date: 06-15-2010 17:51

Date: 06-15-2010 17:51

Hope this works out. Looks like it works on the website too. No pre-order, just reserve.

Date: 06-15-2010 17:56

Please make sure I'm a primary thingy for next thursday so I don't run into any problems.

Date: 06-15-2010 18:05

Will do.

Date: 06-16-2010 12:23

Your daughter just wrote me a really sweet text.

Date: 06-16-2010 12:23

Awww. Why?

Date: 06-16-2010 12:24

Just another birthday wish.

Date: 06-16-2010 12:24

That's nice. Did you do something fun to celebrate on Monday night?

Date: 06-19-2010 12:48

Just saw a VW Bug with flames painted down the side, LOL.

Date: 06-19-2010 16:50

Christmas present!!!

Date: 06-22-2010 11:01

R u picking up phone at Apple Store or AT&T?

Date: 06-22-2010 11:06

Apple store.

Date: 06-24-2010 09:03

Did u get ur phone yet?

Date: 06-24-2010 09:10

Date: 06-24-2010 09:11

Yikes! Did you get my email with number?

Date: 06-24-2010 09:13


Date: 06-24-2010 11:28

This dude offered, get this TEN whole dollars for a place in line! He sat behind me until the cops showed up.

Date: 06-24-2010 11:28

Date: 06-24-2010 11:30

Are you STILL in line??

Date: 06-24-2010 11:32

Oh yeah. Four and a half hours.

Date: 06-24-2010 11:32

How much longer, do you think? I wish I could swing by to bring you some food : )

Date: 06-24-2010 11:35

About 45 minutes I'm guessing.

Date: 06-24-2010 11:35

Cam will be dying to video chat with you.

Date: 06-24-2010 12:17

Sent from my new iPhone!

Date: 06-24-2010 12:17

Woo hoo! Call Cam!

Date: 06-29-2010 21:48

I need to consult with you on a website question? Do you have five minutes?

Date: 07-04-2010 11:47

That kid was in Hannah's homeroom.

Date: 07-04-2010 11:47

So sad.

Date: 07-04-2010 11:49

You really shouldn't feel bad for that kid or his parents. Idiot kid and bad parenting.

Date: 07-04-2010 22:27

We're having breakfast with Janet, Lee and Donna tomorrow at the Eat n Park on West Liberty at 10 am if you and/or Jean want to join us.

Date: 07-05-2010 22:17

R u home safe?

Date: 07-05-2010 22:18

Yes mother ;)

Date: 07-05-2010 22:18

So glad, son.

Date: 07-05-2010 22:25

So what's the last weekend you'll be in town for? I'd like to see Ansel again before the end of July, so I didn't know if I might be able to catch you guys.

Date: 07-05-2010 22:26

Next weekend is the last. We leave Saturday, July 17 for the lake. Les and Cam will be back around dinner time on Wednesday, July 28.

Date: 07-05-2010 22:41

So, technically, the 31st/1st is a weekend we'll be around (me not till the first.)

Date: 07-07-2010 16:23

What happened with the raise?

Date: 07-07-2010 16:27

The boss said he fought for a 20% raise, but was only able to get 7%. So that means $53,500/yr or an extra $100/paycheck.

Date: 07-07-2010 16:28

Congratulations. We're so proud.

Date: 07-14-2010 11:20

Should I call state farm. Someone knocked off my side view mirror last night.

Date: 07-14-2010 11:20

Do you have the mirror?

Date: 07-14-2010 11:21

Yes, it's still hanging on by an electric cord.

Date: 07-14-2010 11:23

So I don't think I should drive with it still attached. So should I call state farm/police?

Date: 07-14-2010 11:23

Don't call State Farm. We'll pay. For now, tape it on as best you can with duct tape today. Get it fixed in DC or Pittsburgh and we'll pay.

Date: 07-14-2010 11:24

Tape it before driving it so it doesn't damage body.

Date: 07-14-2010 11:24

Daddy will call you in 30 minutes.

Date: 07-14-2010 11:26

Why do I even have insurance if they're not gonna fix my car when someone breaks it? And why am I not calling the police?

Date: 07-14-2010 11:26

Also, I don't have duct tape so now what?

Date: 07-14-2010 11:26

Go to hardware store to buy some.

Date: 07-14-2010 11:26

Deductible is $500. Will cost less to fix.

Date: 07-14-2010 11:28

I'm calling the police.

Date: 07-14-2010 11:27

You can. But we'd rather not have State Farm involved.

Date: 07-14-2010 11:28

Do you think it's vandalism (deliberate) or an accident?

Date: 07-14-2010 11:33

Accident I think.

Date: 07-14-2010 11:35

Then I wouldn't bother with the police. We don't want to give State Farm a reason to ask why you're in DC.

Date: 07-24-2010 20:48

So someone hit my mirror off again.

Date: 07-24-2010 21:04

Park in the driveway. Still have the mirror?

Date: 07-24-2010 20:48

So someone hit my mirror off again.

Date: 07-24-2010 21:06

Yup, just re-duct taped it.

Date: 08-01-2010 11:39

I landed. What's the lunch situation?

Date: 08-01-2010 11:40

Well I'm at home with Cameron and no clue where dad is.

Date: 08-01-2010 11:40

He just picked me up at airport.

Date: 08-01-2010 11:40

We'll be home in 20 mins.

Date: 08-14-2010 21:08

Did you make it to NC?

Date: 08-14-2010 21:09

Leaving tomorrow morning.

Date: 08-14-2010 21:16

Have a wonderful trip. Text me when you arrive, okay?

Date: 08-14-2010 21:37

Will do.

Date: 08-15-2010 09:29


Date: 08-15-2010 15:46

Get some sun on that pale skin!

Date: 08-17-2010 20:29

Call Cam. Ansel's over and you can talk via FaceTime.

Date: 08-17-2010 20:46

No wifi here ;(

Date: 08-17-2010 20:47

Invite Ansel down to DC for a weekend. He wants to visit.

Date: 08-17-2010 21:17

Whatever weekend he's free. I will probably be up to Pittsburgh the weekend after next.

Date: 08-23-2010 21:48

Posted pictures to facebook.

Date: 08-23-2010 22:17

Looks like you had a good time.

Date: 08-23-2010 22:26

They're on Flickr now too. In case you wanted to see a non-shit, uncompressed version.

Date: 08-23-2010 22:26

We looked on Flickr. We want more pics of you. I'm going to send you a cute video.

Date: 08-25-2010 19:43

Can you take a look at the email I just sent you.

Date: 08-26-2010 10:58

Sorry for not texting. I'm feeling better. Pain is gone.

Date: 08-26-2010 10:58

Oh, good. I figured Jean would text if you were dead.

Date: 08-26-2010 11:20


Date: 08-28-2010 18:11

Don't forget to visit Cam at Kuhn's. She really wants you to see her.

Date: 09-09-2010 18:35

Can we get you and Jean for dinner on Saturday?

Date: 09-09-2010 18:42

She's doing something with her family that day, Sunday might work. PS we're staying until Monday afternoon.

Date: 09-09-2010 18:43

Okay, can we get you for Sunday night? Doris and Lloyd will be in town.

Date: 09-09-2010 18:44

I'll run it by Jean. I can be there for sure.

Date: 09-09-2010 18:44


Date: 09-11-2010 21:16

We kinda sorta broke your table on the front porch. Glass everywhere.

Date: 09-13-2010 10:08

Pamela's, Washington Road, 12:45, okay?

Date: 09-13-2010 10:18

Jean can't go if it's that late. In fact 11:30 would be better.

Date: 09-13-2010 10:19

Okay, 11:30 at Pamela's.

Date: 09-13-2010 11:07

11:45, sorry!

Date: 09-13-2010 11:29


Date: 09-18-2010 09:32

Just leaving Breezewood.

Date: 09-18-2010 11:20

How far?

Date: 09-18-2010 11:24

3 mins from hotel.

Date: 09-18-2010 11:27

Ok better question: when should I expect you?

Date: 09-18-2010 11:27

We'll call you in 5.

Date: 09-18-2010 11:47

1999 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA 22202. Marriott Crystal City at Reagan National Airport (not Marriott Crystal Gateway.)

Date: 09-18-2010 22:09

Did you look at my video yet?

Date: 09-19-2010 13:23


Date: 09-19-2010 22:07

Wy, Cam left her backpack in your car. Can you drop it off by 9:30 tomorrow (or tonight)?

Date: 09-19-2010 23:15

Yeah, I'll drop it off tomorrow morning.

Date: 09-20-2010 09:13

Mmmmm. Eating my leftover bacon...

Date: 09-20-2010 10:05

We just got on 270. Seemed to have avoided the traffic. It was great to see you. Love you.

Date: 09-20-2010 19:04

Where on Earth did it go???

Date: 09-20-2010 19:06

Date: 09-20-2010 19:07

Is that a garbage can you're eating out of?

Date: 10-15-2010 22:54

R u in Pittsburgh?

Date: 10-15-2010 22:54

No, I'm visiting Johnstown.

Date: 10-15-2010 22:55

Ah. Okay. Have a nice time.

Date: 10-21-2010 21:40


Date: 10-21-2010 21:42

I don't know who's cuter, you or the kitty.

Date: 10-25-2010 18:31

Call me tonight when you have a chance. I have your absentee ballot.

Date: 10-26-2010 20:04


Date: 10-26-2010 20:04

Impossible to read.

Date: 10-26-2010 20:26

Did you smear tuna juice on that magazine?

Date: 11-05-2010 13:12

Date: 11-05-2010 14:08

Call me with an update when you're done, okay?

Date: 11-06-2010 18:08

Feeling any better today?

Date: 11-06-2010 19:39


Date: 11-06-2010 19:40

Sorry. Yeah. Not a question.

Date: 11-06-2010 19:52

Oh, good.

Date: 11-08-2010 14:45

How's your sleep? No coughing?

Date: 11-12-2010 19:43

Do you know a little girl named Ellie who lives next to Hanna? I met her mother tonight. Apparently, Ellie's in love with you.

Date: 11-12-2010 19:44

Yes, I know she is ;)

Date: 11-12-2010 19:46

She wanted her mom to invite me over. Lol.

Date: 11-12-2010 19:47

Ellie asked her mom if you could babysit.

Date: 11-12-2010 19:49

Girls always do like them older boys ;)

Date: 11-16-2010 19:45

Please call your sister. She's alone--we're in SC--and she's a little anxious. Don't tell her I said that.

Date: 11-19-2010 18:29

What do you and Jean want for Christmas?

Date: 11-26-2010 22:39

There's some pizza and half an Italian hoagie on the stove.

Date: 11-28-2010 18:17

Are you home safe?

Date: 11-28-2010 18:23


Date: 11-30-2010 15:12

Date: 11-30-2010 15:12

First time I've emptied an entire checkbook.

Date: 11-30-2010 15:13

You have checks?? This is major news to me. What do you use checks for?

Date: 11-30-2010 15:17

Rent, utilities, and I just wrote a check for $135 for having our yard cleaned.

Date: 12-03-2010 19:03

Made it safely.

Date: 12-05-2010 17:40

Home safe.

Date: 12-05-2010 17:45

Thank you. Are kitties okay?

Date: 12-08-2010 11:38

Date: 12-08-2010 11:38

This is what I get for letting her stay. She's perfectly fine, just not the car.

Date: 12-11-2010 15:18

Date: 12-11-2010 15:18

Test batch, Lily's buns.

Date: 12-11-2010 15:43

Date: 12-11-2010 15:43

Finished product. Mmmmm.

Date: 12-11-2010 16:01


Date: 12-23-2010 13:01

Sooo. Where is everyone?

Date: 12-23-2010 13:09

I'm at lunch with friends. Daddy will be home at 4. Want to eat at Campiti's tonight at 8?

Date: 12-23-2010 13:10

Cam in school till 3 then works 4-8.

Date: 12-24-2010 13:33

Did u talk 2 Jean?

Date: 12-24-2010 14:15

She's having lunch or something with her dad tomorrow. I haven't had a chance to ask her about the morning and she's with her dad now so it's kind of weird.

Date: 12-25-2010 17:42

If you're not going to entertain Scott I'm leaving.

Date: 12-25-2010 22:53

Date: 12-25-2010 22:53

I'm sick again.

Date: 12-25-2010 22:56

And still expecting a girl.

Poor baby. Keep warm, take Tylenol and drink hot liquids.

Date: 12-27-2010 10:29

100.5°F so what should I do?

Date: 12-27-2010 10:40

Call Romberger at 412-422-3590 (Bass Wolfson Pediatrics, 5608 Wilkins Avenue, Squirrel Hill -- he moved.) Or go to Med Express at 1984 Greentree Road, where the Blockbuster used to be, near my Giant Eagle. 412-343-3627.

Date: 12-27-2010 10:40

Have them listen for pneumonia.

Date: 12-28-2010 20:50

Would the humane society be able to fix our kitties before we go back to DC? Apparently our female cat is hitting puberty…

Date: 12-28-2010 20:57

Maybe. You'd have to check. Plus, they'll charge you since the cats didn't come from them.

Date: 12-29-2010 09:16

Your god damn dog was barking for AT LEAST twenty solid minutes this morning before I was forced to get out of bed and shut him up.

Date: 12-31-2010 23:59

Happy New Year, Boy!

Date: 01-01-2011 00:11

Happy New Year!

Date: 01-02-2011 13:22

Are you at home? Have you seen my daughter?

Date: 01-02-2011 13:23

She's still asleep.

Date: 01-02-2011 13:26


Date: 01-02-2011 13:26

What time are you leaving today?

Date: 01-02-2011 13:48


Date: 01-02-2011 13:49

Have a safe trip. It was great to see you and Jean. Peter and Yeimi say they might be coming to Pittsburgh in February. Love you!

Date: 01-04-2011 21:18

Have you played the Madden game yet? Is it any fun?

Date: 01-04-2011 22:03

Not as fun as madden 64 ;)

Date: 01-21-2011 17:52

I'm really sorry. I'm swamped at work. Can I call you in like an hour?

Date: 01-21-2011 17:53

No prob. Anytime. We're driving home from Cleveland after visiting Case Western with Cam. Love you.

Date: 01-27-2011 19:15

Was the snow hard on you? I was in NYC. We got 17 inches last night. Uffda!

Date: 01-27-2011 19:17

We got like 6 inches. Warm and sunny this morning though.

Date: 01-27-2011 19:17

You weren't stuck in traffic on your way home yesterday, were you? Also, did Jean hear on the internship?

Date: 01-30-2011 14:39

Hey, can I talk to you when you have a chance? I'm really sorry to have to ask, but ever since Jean's been out of work we've been having trouble making ends meet. I just got paid today but it's just enough to pay rent and we have another utilities bill for $250 that needs paid too. I really hate asking you for this, but Jean has an interview tomorrow and hopefully we'll be able to get back on our feet.

Date: 02-02-2011 08:23

I mailed the check to your office on Monday. Have you received it?

Date: 02-02-2011 08:26

I'll let you know in a bit. Thank you again!

Date: 02-02-2011 09:28

No it has not.

Date: 02-02-2011 09:28

Okay, well it should arrive today, I would think. Happy Groundhog Day!

Date: 02-02-2011 09:31

Did you get any snow or ice? All we got was rain and it's a high of 50°F today.

Date: 02-02-2011 09:37

Rain is all we got, and it's sunny, blue sky and 42 degrees! Best day of winter so far!

Date: 02-05-2011 08:52

Honda Financial Services called Daddy. Did you make your car payment?

Date: 02-05-2011 15:48

I'm making it now.

Date: 02-05-2011 15:48

Call about Jean's news!

Date: 02-07-2011 20:31

Just got another call from Honda Financial. Is that handled?

Date: 02-07-2011 20:41

Yeah, sorry about that.

Date: 02-07-2011 20:42

But is it paid now?

Date: 02-07-2011 20:43


Date: 02-09-2011 09:10

So what happened?

Date: 02-09-2011 09:11

401K can be rolled over, no benefits while on the beach and no signing bonus. I said yes anyway,

Date: 02-09-2011 09:12

Congratulations! Good luck at work today.

Date: 02-09-2011 10:04

Date: 02-09-2011 20:22

Love the Lester thing. What happened at work?

Date: 02-09-2011 20:36

Turned in my two weeks. My boss was happy for me.

Date: 02-09-2011 20:36

Oh, good.

Date: 02-15-2011 14:23

Is my Social Security card at home?

Date: 02-15-2011 14:29

Maybe, but unlikely. I think we gave it to you when RTC asked for it. I'mnit at home, but Daddy can check at 4 pm.

Date: 02-15-2011 14:30

Yeah, but I'm pretty sure I brought it back home.

Date: 02-15-2011 14:35

Oh. Okay.

Date: 02-16-2011 10:13

I emailed you the contact and benefits package. I'm going in to sign them at 11:00 so let me know if there's anything I should know.

Date: 02-16-2011 10:24

Got it. Daddy's reviewing. Jeff Bagley is reviewing. If you receive a call from area code 724, answer it. It's Jeff.

Date: 02-16-2011 11:22

Did u talk to Jeff?

Date: 02-16-2011 11:24


Date: 02-16-2011 11:24

If u have benefit questions, call me.

Date: 02-17-2011 13:15

What time is dinner?

Date: 02-17-2011 13:15

What time would you like? 6 pm?

Date: 02-17-2011 13:41


Date: 02-17-2011 13:51

Meet at our house at 5:30 or earlier?

Date: 02-17-2011 16:47

Sure. Where are we eating at again?

Date: 02-17-2011 16:58

Table. It's on Canonsburg Lake. Are you coming here first?

Date: 02-17-2011 17:10

We'll drive to Table now and can meet you at 5:45.

Date: 02-17-2011 17:18

On our way.

Date: 02-19-2011 18:53

Any interest in brunch tomorrow? Or dinner?

Date: 02-20-2011 09:18

Brunch. At 11:00?

Date: 02-20-2011 09:18

Yes. Where?

Date: 02-20-2011 09:20

Wherever you want.

Date: 02-20-2011 09:20

Eat N Park? South Hills Village.

Date: 02-20-2011 09:21

Sure thing.

Date: 02-20-2011 18:10

Home safe? It just started snowing here.

Date: 02-20-2011 18:12

Almost, no snow here ;)

Date: 02-21-2011 18:17

I'm making grandma's macaroni snack and I forget: are you supposed to stir it while it boils?

Date: 02-21-2011 19:38


Date: 02-22-2011 07:18

Good luck today, boy!

Date: 02-22-2011 07:23

…yawwwwwwwn. So early.

Date: 02-22-2011 08:48

Absolutely no traffic. I'm here early! What is going on? Hell must have frozen over.

Date: 02-22-2011 19:39

So...? How was it?

Date: 02-22-2011 19:50

Interesting, I didn't have a desk or a computer for awhile there. My manager was out until about noon and the person who was supposed to take over was out of the office. It took about an hour for the HR guy to find me my desk, and even then, it was still the wrong desk.

Date: 02-22-2011 19:52

Nowhere to go but up.

Date: 02-23-2011 19:33

Did Day 2 go better?

Date: 02-23-2011 20:46

Yeah. Haven't really done much yet.

Date: 02-25-2011 19:48

No power since 3:00.

Date: 02-25-2011 19:48

At house or work? And why?

Date: 02-25-2011 19:49

At house. Wind.

Date: 02-25-2011 19:52

And it's just our block and the next one. The houses across the street have power.

Date: 02-25-2011 19:52

Oof. Cruel. Maybe a good night for a movie?

Date: 03-12-2011 12:01

Date: 03-12-2011 12:01

Do you remember the days?

Date: 03-12-2011 12:04

Of course. Mmm, condiment sandwich.

Date: 03-24-2011 19:08

Just your mom, calling to say hi. I know Jean is away. Hope you're having fun (but not too much fun.) Love you.

Date: 04-12-2011 11:38

My manager just spoke to me about renewing my contract, he's pushing for full-time.

Date: 04-12-2011 11:40

So proud.

Date: 04-19-2011 21:50

So there is a sale on Marc Jacobs bags for 50% off at Jean's work. And then Jeans gets another 30% off as an employee. So do you think Cameron would at all like a small bag? Don't tell her though, surprise.

Date: 04-19-2011 21:52

Um, Mother's Day is coming..,

Date: 04-19-2011 21:52

Yes, she'd love it.

Date: 04-20-2011 20:16

Which one for Cam?

Date: 04-20-2011 20:16

Date: 04-20-2011 20:16

Date: 04-20-2011 20:19

Does either have a shoulder length strap? She likes shoulder length.

Date: 04-20-2011 22:11

She does KNOW who Marc Jacobs is, right? I just want to make sure she'll actually like it.

Date: 04-20-2011 22:13

I'm sure she does. I can't ask her; she's at a concert. She will treasure whatever she gets from you.

Date: 04-22-2011 16:38

Address or name?

Date: 04-22-2011 16:38

Green Forest

Date: 04-22-2011 16:38

Pull off parkway at Penn Hills exit.

Date: 04-23-2011 20:47

Watching Parks & Recreation. Seems just like The Office. We like it.

Date: 04-23-2011 20:46

Oh, good. You might like Outsourced, too.

Date: 04-23-2011 20:51


Date: 04-25-2011 16:58

Heyyyy. So remember how I said PlayStation Network went down last week? Well the hacker(s) may have stolen all my personal info, possibly including my credit card info.

Date: 04-25-2011 16:59

Call each place and tell them. They'll issue you new cards. Get cash out first!!

Date: 04-25-2011 17:01

It was just the AmEx I believe. But they could have also gotten my password and the security questions and answers.

Date: 04-25-2011 17:01

Oh, so I'll call. You're sure you didn't use another cards?

Date: 04-25-2011 17:02

*any other

Date: 04-25-2011 17:06

Well I can't be sure because the god damn PlayStation Network is still down. I can't login to check. But I'm like 95% sure it was just the AmEx.

Date: 04-25-2011 17:06

Okay. I'll call.

Date: 04-25-2011 18:42

Date: 04-25-2011 21:35

Date: 05-06-2011 16:20

I'll be home in like 10 min.

Date: 05-07-2011 11:33

15 minutes away.

Date: 05-08-2011 20:26

Home safe?

Date: 05-08-2011 20:32

Yes. See you soon!

Date: 05-08-2011 20:33

Love you.

Date: 05-10-2011 17:39

Date: 05-10-2011 17:39

Flowers still beautiful.

Date: 05-10-2011 17:46

Boy is still in bed and sick.

Date: 05-10-2011 17:49

Oh, no. Hot liquids and acetaminophen. Maybe a hot bath, too. Wish I could be there for you.

Date: 05-26-2011 14:08

OmiGOD! Grandma just called and changed her mind. She IS coming June 1 to 6, and therefore will be here next weekend. Will you be able to come next weekend?

Date: 05-26-2011 14:11

Lol, yes.

Date: 05-26-2011 14:11

She's driving me insane.

Date: 06-01-2011 11:20

Date: 06-01-2011 11:20

Front page today.

Date: 06-01-2011 15:29

Think you can help me update my resume based on my linkedin profile?

Date: 06-01-2011 16:25

Sure. Have you heard back?

Date: 06-01-2011 16:27

Yes. Twice now.

Date: 06-01-2011 16:28

Soooo??? Details, please. Location? Would you be an employee?

Date: 06-01-2011 16:29

San Bruno, CA. And yes.

Date: 06-01-2011 16:29

Did they talk $.

Date: 06-01-2011 16:33

No. She just asked if I was cool with relocating, and if I could get her an updated resume.

Date: 06-01-2011 16:33

Does she know you don't have a college degree?

Date: 06-01-2011 16:37

Should I tell her that right now.

Date: 06-01-2011 16:37

No. Just don't tell her you DO have a college degree. Be honest, but wait for her to ask.

Date: 06-01-2011 16:43

I have on my linkedin that I attended UPJ starting in 2006, but I didn't list an graduation date.

Date: 06-01-2011 16:44

Good. No lie.

Date: 06-01-2011 16:48

But the way linkedin displays it, it just says UPJ with 2006 under it. So how should it look on my resume?

Date: 06-01-2011 16:48

I could show 2006-2008

Date: 06-01-2011 16:49

Don't list a degree. Say Computer Science concentration. And, yes, say "2006-2008."

Date: 06-01-2011 17:00

How can I help with the resume?

Date: 06-04-2011 21:05

Are you home safe?

Date: 06-04-2011 21:08


Date: 06-08-2011 11:25

It's the perfect wallet!

Date: 06-17-2011 17:18

So Ansel called as we were getting on the highway, asking where the Thai place was. Lol.

Date: 06-17-2011 22:50

Clarence Clemons died.

Date: 06-17-2011 22:50

So sad : (

Date: 06-29-2011 21:02

Was Tom Hanks on something or what?

Date: 07-03-2011 17:52

Happy 4th! What are you guys doing?

Date: 07-10-2011 19:19

Just got a call from Patty at Visa. She said she passed along my resume and the managers who were hiring would give me a call soon.

Date: 07-10-2011 19:19

Good to hear. I liked her.

Date: 07-10-2011 19:22

I actually had to call her back. Note to self: always answer when you see a 650 area code.

Date: 07-10-2011 19:24

Guess mom's going to be getting herself a new cell phone number.

Date: 07-10-2011 19:26


Date: 07-13-2011 21:27

You can always take the $200 out on Wednesdays. I get paid every week. You can do it this week but this next week I'll be at the beach so I don't get paid and rent will be due. I have about $3,000 in the bank, but I want to be safe.

Date: 07-13-2011 21:27

No prob. You tell the day you'd like or we can skip this month.

Date: 07-13-2011 21:30

Take $200 now.

Date: 07-13-2011 21:30

You sure? We could wait until vacation's over. It's really not a problem.

Date: 07-13-2011 21:32

P.S. How much do I still owe you? I think only have about $900 left on the Barclaycard.

Date: 07-13-2011 21:33

Good job. I believe it was $2200 in total, and you make the first $200 payment last month. It was the computer plus like $1500 on American Express before you stopped using it.

Date: 07-13-2011 21:34

*made, not make

Date: 07-13-2011 21:38

Jesus. Ok take $200 right now. And beginning on the 3rd start taking $200 every Wednesday.

Date: 07-13-2011 21:41

I'm not comfortable doing that. It's too much (I mean unless you force me.) $200/month is fine.

Date: 07-18-2011 09:28

Miss you. How's the beach?

Date: 07-18-2011 23:00

The beach is great. Not great signal though, loved that pic you emailed!

Date: 07-18-2011 23:00

Glad you're having fun. Love you.

Date: 07-20-2011 22:30

Do you remember when we went to see Final Destination together?

Date: 07-21-2011 10:51

Umm, I remember the movie. Why?

Date: 07-21-2011 15:25

I just remember it was sweet we went together. I hate horror movies, but we were doing a mother-son thing and that's what you picked. And now they're advertising Final Destination 5 on TV.

Date: 07-22-2011 21:24

Home safe?

Date: 07-22-2011 21:28

Yup. Jean's sister said I looked as tan as a person who *hadn't* gone to the beach. It's an improvement over them all calling me a vampire ;)

Date: 07-22-2011 21:29

Glad you had a good time. Bet the kitties are glad you're home.

Date: 07-22-2011 21:30

Oh yeah. They've been attention whores since we walked in the door.

Date: 07-25-2011 15:32

So not only did I land that 12 month contract with Winamp, but Amrita was actually able to score me a slight raise. On top of that she said that at the end of this contract there will most likely be a salaried job offered to me and she implied that the base compensation would be around $90k along with all the benefits of being a full-time employee.

Date: 07-25-2011 15:32

Wow! What's Winamp?

Date: 07-25-2011 15:32

Is it still aOL?

Date: 07-25-2011 15:35

It was the iTunes for Window before iTunes. A lot still prefer it over iTunes.

Date: 07-25-2011 15:36

Yes. Same building, just down the hall.

Date: 07-25-2011 15:37

I'm telling Daddy this on the phone. We're both soooo proud!

Date: 07-31-2011 19:26

Did you get to see Ansel?

Date: 07-31-2011 21:19

He's still here!

Date: 08-04-2011 09:14

Can I take your August $200 payment out of your account today? (Miss you in Myrtle Beach!) love, mom.

Date: 08-04-2011 09:15

Yes you may.

Date: 08-08-2011 19:33

Call when you can. I've got the Megabus schedule in front of me.

Date: 08-12-2011 22:20

Send me the link to that Colbert SuperPAC commercial!

Date: 08-12-2011 22:20


Date: 08-12-2011 22:21

Please! :D

Date: 08-12-2011 22:23

Sorry, I'm catching up on Colbert (didn't watch all week) and was "intrigued!"

Date: 08-12-2011 22:22

Check your email. Sent 'em there. You and Jean should see Crazy, Stupid Love. It's wonderful.

Date: 08-12-2011 23:03

Your sister came home at 6 am this morning. You may want to talk to her.

Date: 08-20-2011 10:57

Leaves 2:45 pm

Date: 08-20-2011 10:59


Date: 08-20-2011 15:23


Date: 08-22-2011 09:47

Soooo. Jean and I have 60 days to move out.

Date: 08-22-2011 09:49

Uh oh : (

Date: 08-22-2011 13:54

Earthquake! Holy shit.

Date: 08-22-2011 13:55

What did u feel? Cam felt it too.

Date: 08-22-2011 13:58

Gov says it was a 5.8 magnitude.

Date: 08-22-2011 14:02

Are you all right?

Date: 08-22-2011 14:04

Yeah, just scared the shit out of me.

Date: 08-22-2011 14:03

Was felt here in Lebo. Cam's drawers shook. What happened where you were?

Date: 08-22-2011 14:06

The building was shaking. The lights were shaking. Everyone is outside and they're apparently evacuating DC.

Date: 08-22-2011 14:07

Is Jean okay?

Date: 08-22-2011 14:07

Teri felt it, too.

Date: 08-23-2011 22:47

So since our landlord gave us a 60 day notice to move out, does that mean we can move out, like, this weekend and not pay September rent?

Date: 08-23-2011 22:52

I don't know the answer to that. If you fax me the lease, I can ask someone who would know. Do you have another place? Just don't lose the security deposit. You'll need it for the next place. It's a bummer you have to move. Also, there's a hurricane coming your way this weekend. 60-day notices, earthquakes, leases--it's just not your month.

Date: 08-23-2011 23:05

I forwarded you everything.

Date: 08-23-2011 23:06

They're gonna start showing the house with us still living there... Sucks.

Date: 08-25-2011 10:56

We're coming to Pittsburgh. I've decided.

Date: 08-25-2011 10:56

Okay. Tonight or tomorrow?

Date: 08-25-2011 10:57


Date: 08-25-2011 21:01

Can I borrow a car tonight? Going to see Ansel. Should be home by 10:00.

Date: 08-25-2011 21:12

Sure. Where r u sleeping?

Date: 08-25-2011 21:45

Your house.

Date: 08-26-2011 08:34

Let us know when you're up.

Date: 08-26-2011 09:20

I'm up.

Date: 08-26-2011 09:21

What time do you want to eat? Can Jean join us? Cam's asleep, but she wants to go.

Date: 08-26-2011 09:48

Can we meet you at 10:20 at the Eat'n'Park?

Date: 08-26-2011 09:48

Sure. The one at South Hills Village?

Date: 08-26-2011 09:50


Date: 08-26-2011 09:49

C u then.

Date: 08-26-2011 18:31

Date: 08-26-2011 18:32

Congrats!! Tell her we're very proud.

Date: 08-27-2011 19:02

No damage and power is on.

Date: 08-27-2011 19:01

Oh good. I'm still glad you guys evacuated, though.

Date: 08-27-2011 19:06

A/C is broken...

Date: 08-27-2011 19:05

How did it break?

Date: 08-27-2011 19:07

I dont know. It just doesn't work. I went out back and the fan isn't spinning.

Date: 08-28-2011 16:43

Two questions: does anyone in our family have ADD? Did dad have some problem with his Thyroid? I thought he did but I wasn't sure.

Date: 09-02-2011 23:29

Date: 09-02-2011 23:29

Uh oh. Time to call your sister.

Date: 09-10-2011 19:59

How old were you when you got your first "career" job? Got married? Had me?

Date: 09-10-2011 19:59

20, 21, 26.

Date: 09-10-2011 20:07

Well that doesn't help… Jean is like having a panic attack because she doesn't think she'll amount to anything, ever be able to be independent, or be able to afford a house, before she's infertile. I'm trying to calm her down but she refuses that she'll be okay.

Date: 09-10-2011 20:12

Please tell her I consider her very successful and love her dearly.

Date: 09-13-2011 21:12

Can I deduct the $200 from your account today?

Date: 09-13-2011 21:18


Date: 09-16-2011 12:18

Did you get the email about the stuff that comes out of our new sinks?

Date: 09-20-2011 16:53

What Metro Station is closest to your home? Now, we're not staying at a hotel. We're staying at my friend's house near the Zoo.

Date: 09-28-2011 13:29

Jean went to get blood taken today at 8:00AM and I imagine she took one of her Xanax beforehand. She has the day off from work and she hasn't answered any of my texts or phone calls. I already called the local hospital, she isn't there. What should I do? I'm gonna leave work soon.

Date: 09-29-2011 15:26

How was anniversary dinner? Did you feel twice as in love because you knew she was safe?

Date: 10-03-2011 19:07

Are you all settled from the move? Does the fireplace work?

Date: 10-03-2011 19:31

Yup, all moved in. The cats (especially Sav) love the balcony. They stick their heads out the railings.

Date: 10-03-2011 19:32

Aww. And the fireplace?

Date: 10-03-2011 19:34

Oh, Jean wanted to try it but we don't have a fireplace lighter. I don't know how well a Bic lighter would work.

Date: 10-03-2011 19:36

And did you get an outdoor fireplac? I want to buy it for you.

Date: 10-03-2011 19:38

No, we have not.

Date: 10-05-2011 09:49

Is it okay if I take $200 out of your bank account today?

Date: 10-05-2011 10:18

No, I'm like broke right now.

Date: 10-05-2011 10:44

Np. Should I check back with you next week or next month?

Date: 10-10-2011 12:15

So how difficult would it be to add me onto your insurance again? My insurance sucks, even the most expensive one they offer me. It doesn't cover my inhaler and only seems to cover 30% of other prescriptions like half the time. I also had to go get blood tests and an EKG at the hospital and the bill is like $500 (although, they didn't take my insurance info so I'm sending the bill back with that correction, but even then who knows if it will be covered).

Date: 10-10-2011 12:16

Like, my insurance covered 30% of the cost when I got my script filled at the Giant Pharmacy, but then didn't cover any of it when I got the same script filled at Target Pharmacy today.

Date: 10-10-2011 12:19

Let me give you a call later.

Date: 10-10-2011 16:57

So I found out that I wasn't doing my prescriptions right. I automatically got Aetna's negotiated price, but to get them to cover the 70%, I need to send in a claim form with my receipt and script label. Then they reimburse me.

Date: 10-10-2011 16:58

Ahhh. Excellent.

Date: 10-10-2011 17:00

And I am assuming that the same thing happens for my hospital visit, which sucks. It's like I have to submit a rebate for everything. But it does mean I can get reimbursed for all the medications I've gotten filled for the last year.

Date: 10-12-2011 23:02

Checking eligibility for iPhone upgrade. Can I get last 4 of your SSN and billing password if you have one?

Date: 10-12-2011 23:05

4882 and don't know.

Date: 10-14-2011 18:37

Can you text me the mileage on your car. I need it to renew the registration. Thanks. Miss you!

Date: 10-14-2011 19:40



Date: 10-22-2011 22:33

Home safe?

Date: 10-22-2011 22:48

Yes ma'am.

Date: 10-24-2011 07:18

Date: 10-24-2011 07:18

Look. All your favorites on the front page of USA Today. The article is called, "Nostalgia for the 90s."

Date: 10-27-2011 21:23

It's Daddy's birthday today. Can you call?

Date: 10-27-2011 21:23

Daddy, I mean.

Date: 11-01-2011 15:01

You can take the $200 now.

Date: 11-01-2011 15:00

Will do. Did you get my email today about Thanksgiving?

Date: 11-01-2011 21:40

Sorry to do this again, but could you wait until next Wednesday to take the money out?

Date: 11-01-2011 21:41

Oops. Already ordered the transaction. Happens tomorrow. One solution: use the Amex card for up to $200 in purchases this week, and I'll take $200 out again next Wednesday. Do you still have the card?

Date: 11-01-2011 21:44


Date: 11-01-2011 21:43

I never turned it off. If you'd prefer, I can drop a $200 check into the mail to you, but you'd have to deposit it.

Date: 11-01-2011 21:50

No, it's fine. It's my bad, apparently when I attempted to pay Comcast last month, it didn't go through or something, so when I checked this month is was like $277. And while I have over $2000 in my account it's all been spent on rent, car lease, and the Barclay credit card.

Date: 11-01-2011 21:50

Ah. So you'll just use the Amex for up to $200?

Date: 11-01-2011 21:50

Yup. Thanks!

Date: 11-03-2011 17:09

We're in Chicago. Just heard Ucky Man died.

Date: 11-03-2011 17:15

Date: 11-07-2011 16:43

I've had to call every pharmacy in 15 miles to find one able to fill my script. And even they told me to get it filled ASAP because of how fast they run out. Apparently the FDA has the authority to limit the total amount of the active ingredient the manufactures are allowed to produce in a calendar year. And they miscalculated by more than 6 months. So now there has been a nation-wide shortage since May and they can't resolve this problem until January.

Date: 11-07-2011 16:44

Did you get one?

Date: 11-07-2011 16:47

Get one what? I found a pharmacy that says they're getting a new shipment on Thursday, but that they'd probably be out of stock by the end of that day.

Date: 11-07-2011 16:48


Date: 11-07-2011 16:49

You might be asking yourself, "This seems like an artificially created shortage. Why wouldn't the FDA just change the limit to meet demand?"

And they'd whisper back, "Because fuck you, that's why."

Date: 11-07-2011 16:51


Date: 11-07-2011 16:54

And the manufactures don't mind, they're actually making huge profits since they've simply doubled or even tripled the cost of the drug to pharmacies. I so glad the FDA is there to protect us from access to medicine.

Date: 11-15-2011 10:23

Miss you, my baby boy. Is today a good day for a $200 withdrawal? Also, can I convince you to come to Chicago with us for a day or two after Christmas? We can fly you back to DC.

Date: 11-15-2011 16:47

Take the $200 out. I don't think I can do Chicago though.

Date: 11-15-2011 16:47

Understand. Not even if we drive you up Sunday and fly you back Tuesday morning? Think about it.

Date: 11-16-2011 14:50

Plates, dog, Xmas, tablecloth, wine.

Date: 11-16-2011 14:54

Table is 36 x 66 so table cloth should be bigger, something like 48 x 80 or thereabouts.

Date: 11-23-2011 11:32

If you're here by noon we will be ready.

Date: 11-23-2011 11:44

Call me if you can't get get through the gate.

Date: 11-23-2011 11:48

We just checked into hotel. Cam is dressing. We'll be there between 12:15 and 12:30.

Date: 11-24-2011 10:11

Are you up?

Date: 11-24-2011 10:57

Boy? We're heading over. Will knock at your door.

Date: 11-24-2011 17:51

I'm going to pick up the pizza around 6:00. It should only take me about 10-15 minutes to get home.

Date: 11-24-2011 17:53

We'll be there!

Date: 11-24-2011 18:17

Still waiting on the pizza, sorry.

Date: 11-24-2011 18:19

No worries. We're watching the lobster video.

Date: 11-24-2011 18:30

Looks like they lost my order or something. I got my pizza, but n

Date: 11-24-2011 18:30

Now they're making me fresh garlic knots since the ones they gave me are now cold.

Date: 11-24-2011 18:29

No problem at all. Thank you.

Date: 11-25-2011 11:40

They're here.

Date: 11-25-2011 11:40

On our way.

Date: 12-02-2011 15:19

Call when you get a chance.

Date: 12-10-2011 09:41

Forgot to mention, there was some stupid fraud alert on my bank card when I went to fill my prescription so I ended up using the Amex. I owe you another $200.

Date: 12-10-2011 10:25

NP. Can I take the presription $200 out of your account now?

Date: 12-10-2011 14:56


Date: 12-11-2011 13:16

Wow, fucking Facebook apparently decided to add a sub-directory under 'Messages' called 'Other'. And guess what, not only does it automatically decided which messages should go in there, but if a new message does go there, you get NO notification. So Pete responded to me a week ago but I didn't know about it until today!

Date: 12-11-2011 13:21

That sucks!

Date: 12-11-2011 13:22

Date: 12-12-2011 12:08

All three cats

Date: 12-12-2011 12:09

Sooo cute! So they've admitted the new one into the club?

Date: 12-12-2011 12:12

Yeah. Scoot and Lucy have been cool with each other for a while now, but Sav seems to have gotten used to her now. They were just playfully wrestling this morning.

Date: 12-14-2011 08:41

Will you text me your odometer reading in the next hour? Mailing out your registration renewal. 

Date: 12-14-2011 11:02

Odometer reading? Pretty please?

Date: 12-14-2011 11:17


Date: 12-15-2011 09:06

Call. Good news.

Date: 12-15-2011 09:17

Too good for a text message?

Date: 12-15-2011 09:18


Date: 12-22-2011 12:47

Can you bring your camera with portrait lens at 5?

Date: 12-22-2011 12:48

You need light. It doesn't matter how good my camera is, we need daylight.

Date: 12-22-2011 12:50

I can bring it, but seriously it will be much better like tomorrow at brunch.

Date: 12-22-2011 12:54

Doing my author shot tomorrow is fine. But CITY PAPER needs a shot of me and another author. She'll drop by our house sometime after 5. It'll take 5 mins. Anything will do. You'll get a photo credit.

Date: 12-22-2011 12:55

CITY PAPER is doing a story on us.

Date: 12-22-2011 16:49

We're in traffic. May be 5 min late.

Date: 12-22-2011 16:51

Np. No one here yet.

Date: 12-24-2011 09:28

Merry Christmas, boy!

Date: 12-24-2011 09:28

We miss you.

Date: 12-24-2011 14:52

Marry Christmas.

Date: 12-25-2011 09:53

Morning, sweetie. Don't forget to feed the cats before you leave today. We had such a nice time with you and Jean.

Date: 12-25-2011 12:08

Fed the cats. We had a wonderful time too.

Date: 12-30-2011 09:54

Date: 12-30-2011 09:54

Is this yours?

Date: 01-06-2012 08:50

If you're awake, we're at Tom's now. Also, in case you didn't get Teri a gift, I have a pair of emerald earrings you, Jean and Cam can give her. Cam has a card. When you get to our house, sign it discreetly.

Date: 01-06-2012 10:51

I'm in Johnstown. When should I be home? I can come now.

Date: 01-06-2012 10:54

No, no. 5:00 at our house. Did Jean come to Pgh too?

Date: 01-06-2012 10:55

No ;(

Date: 01-07-2012 11:12

Date: 01-25-2012 20:48

Talking to her cousin, "Somehow I ended up getting the job I wanted to finish my career with as the job I have now. Now I don't even know where I want to end up! It's crazy!

Date: 01-25-2012 20:49

: )

Date: 01-25-2012 20:50

It sounds EXACTLY like me 3 years ago.

Date: 01-25-2012 20:50

You bring each other luck.

Date: 01-30-2012 22:24

Do you guys watch New Girl? It's very funny. Boy funny, too. Watch tonight's episode if you can find it somewhere.  XXOO, Mom

Date: 01-30-2012 22:33

Yeah, we watch it. I liked the black guy from season 1 more—maybe it's just because they changed the actor without warning.

Date: 01-30-2012 22:36

I'm pretty sure he was only in one show. This is Season One.

Date: 01-30-2012 22:36

Funny show tonight.

Date: 01-30-2012 22:35

Oh, yeah. The first episode.

Date: 01-30-2012 22:39

Who thought that was okay? To change a main character on the SECOND episode?!

Date: 01-30-2012 22:40

Pilots are shot like a year in advance. I believe I read the actor got another series in the meantime, before they knew New Girl was going to be "green lighted".

Date: 01-30-2012 22:41

We'll watch it. You should watch the second episode of that show I told dad about yesterday. It was better than the pilot, I thought.

Date: 01-30-2012 22:42

Yep. "Happy Endings." I just looked it up.

Date: 01-30-2012 22:42

We will. We liked Party Down. That was funny.

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 01-30-2012 22:48

The second episode of Party Down.


Date: 01-30-2012 22:44

The second episode of Party Down.

Date: 01-30-2012 22:49

Right. We'll watch them all. It was only on one season, I guess.

Date: 01-30-2012 22:50

I thought there were two on Netflix.

Date: 02-07-2012 12:24

I'll be taking the money out of your account today unless I hear otherwise.

Date: 02-07-2012 12:27

Yes. That's fine.

Date: 02-08-2012 21:20

Date: 02-08-2012 21:20

A family classic. (John Heroff)

Date: 02-08-2012 21:23

Very nice!

Date: 02-18-2012 09:29

Date: 02-18-2012 09:29

This is the show. A Netflix original.

Date: 02-18-2012 11:40

Date: 02-18-2012 11:40

This is the show. A Netflix original.

Date: 02-18-2012 12:48

Yeah, we really like it. I think we're on like the 4th episode. Norwegians are funny. Like Betty Jean funny.

Date: 03-07-2012 11:53

You should take $300 from my account today.

Date: 03-07-2012 12:12

Woot woot! 

Date: 03-07-2012 12:17

Did it? Between Target and Five Guys, you spent $150, you this payment takes $150 off your debt. Love you!!

Date: 03-07-2012 12:25


Date: 03-12-2012 11:15

Jean went to Dollar Bank (her bank for years, as well as her parents’) to consolidate her student loans. Their advice: "Google student load consolidation."

Closing out her account today. And they wonder why local bank are failing: because they fucking deserve to.

Date: 03-12-2012 11:15

Poor Jean. She's smart to consolidate, though.

Date: 03-12-2012 11:17

And smart to fucking drop Dollar Bank. I'd rather support BofA, because I'd bet they'd give her a loan. Or at least better advice.

Date: 03-21-2012 13:26

What's up with the Mass Effect 3 ending? Why is everyone so upset?

Date: 03-21-2012 13:29

Lol, I don't know. I think they kill off the character you play as. And I think people were upset that there were only 3 possible endings, unlike their last one which had many different endings depending on what you did during the game.

Date: 03-21-2012 13:39

Ah. Thank you for translating. Cameron would like you to come up for her birthday. Will Jean be in NYC or Alexandria on April 21/22, do you know?

Date: 03-21-2012 15:32

I miss you, Boy.

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 03-28-2012 13:54

Are you missing your Jean?


Date: 03-28-2012 13:57

Yes, the house is a mess. I'd hire a maid, but I'm afraid they judge me. And it's hasn't even been 72 hours.

Date: 03-28-2012 14:12

Is Jean having fun?

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 03-28-2012 15:40

Yes, the house is a mess. I'd hire a maid, but I'm afraid they judge me. And it's hasn't even been 72 hours.


Date: 03-28-2012 16:16

Well, she had a little too much fun last night. She went out to dinner and drinks with her coworkers and then woke up at 4:00AM and couldn't stop puking.

Date: 03-28-2012 16:16


Date: 03-29-2012 10:06

Today is Teri's birthday. Please take a moment if you would to send her a note, telling her you're looking forward to seeing her in June. Thank you. Love, Mom

Date: 04-01-2012 15:06

Date: 04-01-2012 18:24

Even better:

Date: 04-01-2012 22:31

I missed your call. What's up?

Date: 04-01-2012 22:35

Pressed it by accident, was calling Jean ;) sorry

Date: 04-01-2012 22:35

I'm glad I rank up next to her on your important contact list.

Date: 04-02-2012 17:43

Date: 04-02-2012 17:43

Wordsmith level: God.

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 04-02-2012 18:44

This is Cameron. I had to explain that picture and the comment afterward in complete detail to mom. 


Date: 04-02-2012 19:25

Not fair! I just didn't know Wordsmith was a game. I'm very proud. You'll always be a god to me--one of those pain-in-the-ass ones.

Date: 04-02-2012 19:30

I wish that was me! No, I just found this image and thought it was quite amazing.

Date: 04-06-2012 16:45

Yay! Jean gets to come home on Monday now!

Date: 04-06-2012 17:59

Very nice! Will you have the place nice for her? Reasonably nice?

Date: 04-06-2012 18:00

That's the best part! I will have the weekend to clean up, which I was planning to do anyway, but now she'll actually get to see it clean.

Date: 04-06-2012 18:01


Date: 04-06-2012 18:08

Guess what's going in up the hill from Taco Bell on Cochran, where Calico Corners used to be? A Chipotle!

Date: 04-06-2012 18:11

Oooo! Finally!

Date: 04-12-2012 10:56

I think you're bringing Pittsburgh with you. It's a wintery 52° out right now.

Date: 04-12-2012 14:14

Where are you two at?

Date: 04-12-2012 14:18

we're near the zoo trying on indian clothing

Date: 04-12-2012 14:20

As in Indian (from India) clothing or Native American clothing? 

Date: 04-12-2012 14:20

And why?

Date: 04-12-2012 14:56

We'll be there in ten minutes

Date: 04-12-2012 15:44

You can come over. I'm like 5 min away.

Date: 04-12-2012 15:45

She's buying candy, sooooo...we'll be there soon

Date: 04-14-2012 10:41

Captain Crunch was introduced in 1963, so its 50th birthday is coming up.

Date: 04-14-2012 13:07

Date: 04-18-2012 12:31

Date: 04-18-2012 12:31

Which one do you want for your birthday?

Date: 04-18-2012 12:42

Lol, I need some underwear.

Date: 04-21-2012 13:47

Don't forget to contact Cam. It's her birthday.

Date: 04-25-2012 20:23

Do you watch "The Middle"? There's a great episode on tonight you should watch tomorrow.

Date: 04-25-2012 21:36

As in "Malcolm in…"?

Date: 04-25-2012 21:37

No. The show about the family with three kids that live in Indiana. It's called The Middle. Watch last night's episode, and if you like it, there are three seasons of it. It's very funny and very true. Daddy and I love it.

Date: 05-03-2012 19:27

Did you watch last week's Middle episode?

Date: 05-03-2012 19:32

We're watching the first episode of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret on Netflix. It's hilarious!

Date: 05-11-2012 16:41

Just got to Jean's place. We're gonna come over to say hi and possibly steal one of your cars ;) are you still going to be home in like 15 min?

Date: 05-11-2012 16:41

Yes and yes.

Date: 05-11-2012 16:42

We leave at 5:15, though.

Date: 05-11-2012 17:00

Mt. Lebanon really needs less residential roads, and more real roads for cars to get places.

Date: 05-12-2012 09:32

Did you guys already do breakfast?

Date: 05-12-2012 09:31

No. Where do you want to go and when?

Date: 05-12-2012 09:39

I'm sure they serve something I'll enjoy wherever we go. It will probably take me until at least 10:00. Also, we're meeting AT the melting pot at 4:00, correct?

Date: 05-12-2012 09:40

We can meet there. We were talking about family pictures, which would suggest we meet at 3 at the house, but we can do pictures in June instead. Okay, see you at 10. Is Jean coming to breakfast?

Date: 05-12-2012 09:43

No, she's doing family stuff, too. I can do pictures at 3:00, but again, sans Jean. And let's say 10:30, just to be safe.

Date: 05-13-2012 10:28

Happy Mother's Day!

Date: 05-13-2012 10:30

Love you. So, so nice to see you and spend time with you. Are you with Daddy and Can?

Date: 05-13-2012 10:30

On my way over there. Just woke up like 10 minutes ago.

Date: 05-19-2012 10:27

Please send your address. Can't find on FB.

Date: 05-19-2012 11:25

1461 n Highview Lane. Apt 402.

Date: 05-20-2012 14:06

Am 50 miles away but traffic is slowing.

Date: 05-20-2012 14:33

28 milesaway.

Date: 05-20-2012 14:48

Okay, well jean sounds like she caught a cold so we might just do takeout for dinner.

Date: 05-20-2012 14:48

Sounds nice.

Date: 05-20-2012 21:52

Home safe. How's Jean?

Date: 05-20-2012 22:08

Still coughing and sounds more nasally.

Date: 05-20-2012 22:08


Date: 05-20-2012 22:12

No, she got up to eat, shower, and take more medicine. Going to get cough drops now.

Date: 05-20-2012 22:12

I am going that is.

Date: 05-22-2012 18:04

How's Jean today?

Date: 05-22-2012 18:06

She went to work (against my will) but was home by 2:30. She's still sick, but it seems like her fever went away.

Date: 05-22-2012 18:10

Give her a hug for me.

Date: 05-24-2012 08:47

Date: 05-24-2012 08:47

Just downloaded it. Can't wait to try it out.

Date: 05-25-2012 15:05

Today is Peter's birthday (and Yeimi's birthday.) You might want to drop him a line.

Date: 06-01-2012 18:24

What time should I be there for dinner? And are we eating dinner at the house or going out?

Date: 06-01-2012 18:29

Cookout at the house beginning at 6. Teri doesn't arrive till Monday, but Grandma's here now and Di and Nick arrive tomorrow.

Date: 06-03-2012 10:15

We're catching a trolley to the Arts Festival downtown at 11:30. Back around 4:30. We'll probably eat leftovers tonight around 7:30 with more hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.

Date: 06-03-2012 10:17

Also frittata in pan on stove if you're hungry. It's ham, spinach and cheese.

Date: 06-03-2012 15:48

Will you join us?

Date: 06-03-2012 15:50

I don't have a ride until Jean comes back. We'll come and get desert or coffee.

Date: 06-03-2012 15:52

Plus I'm trying to get to see Cam. I want to at least give her my card and get a hug before we go.

Date: 06-03-2012 17:03

We're leaving Thai restaurant and heading home.

Date: 06-03-2012 21:17

Are you home safely?

Date: 06-03-2012 21:50


Date: 06-04-2012 17:19


Date: 06-04-2012 18:13

Are you going to FaceTime with me, or is dad? It's at 7:00, correct?

Date: 06-04-2012 18:13

This is cameron, daddy has my ohone to try and fix the wifi so you can actually facetime

Date: 06-04-2012 18:47

Does the school not have public wifi?!

Date: 06-04-2012 20:45

Date: 06-04-2012 20:45

Talking to you.

Date: 06-04-2012 21:36

Date: 06-05-2012 08:58

Can you mail me the pre-paid DMV thing. And is there a DMV around Breezewood or Johnstown?

Date: 06-05-2012 09:21

Photo Drivers License Center.loc.vcf

Date: 06-05-2012 09:21

This is the closest one to your place. There's also one in Johnstown. Bedford hrs=Wed, Fri and Sat, 8:30-4:15. Johnstown hours=Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat, 8:30-4:15, Thu, 8:30-6:00. Daddy will put the form in the mail to you today. Bedford is 142 miles from Alexandria, VA.

Date: 06-05-2012 09:23

Driver License Center.loc.vcf

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 06-08-2012 17:29

Date: 06-08-2012 17:29

You were adorable.


Date: 06-08-2012 20:42

Still haven't gotten the driver's license stuff you mailed. Can I go without it? I just have to bring a check, right?

Date: 06-08-2012 20:42

I don't know, call pa drivers center

Date: 06-09-2012 18:37

Did you get form we mailed for driver's license?

Date: 06-09-2012 18:38

No…? I didn't get any mail from you this week.

Date: 06-09-2012 18:39


Date: 06-09-2012 18:41

I just hope it shows up next week.

Date: 06-11-2012 20:23

What day did you send that?

Date: 06-11-2012 20:24

Last monday

Date: 06-11-2012 20:23


Date: 06-12-2012 09:19

News on your drivers license form. Call me.

Date: 06-12-2012 10:06

I'm going to assume it got destroyed in a local mail fire since you gave me no hints.

Date: 06-13-2012 13:47

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

Cropped pants mix classic, comfortable for men

Date: 06-13-2012 13:59

Can you find me the number for the Johnstown DMV? I'm driving.

Date: 06-13-2012 14:22

The Jtown center is open till 4:15 today. 814-269-1321.

Date: 06-13-2012 14:37

I take it you didn't try calling that number. It's just a voice recording tell you to call an 800 number.

Date: 06-13-2012 14:37

Do u want me to call?

Date: 06-13-2012 14:37

No, I'll look it up when I get to my friend's place. Love you.

Date: 06-13-2012 14:39

Go straight to Center, just to be safe. I mean, I'm just saying...

Date: 06-13-2012 14:40

I'm like 15-20 min away.

Date: 06-13-2012 16:11

So, I just waited 20 minutes in the Photo Room line. When I finally got to go in, they said I was in the wrong line and needed together a photo card from the other line… they close in 4 minutes.

Date: 06-13-2012 16:11

needed to get a photo card*

Date: 06-13-2012 16:13

This line's now serving number has gone up just twice in the time I've been here. I'm number 33, now serving 29.

Date: 06-13-2012 22:11

Can I take $300 out of your account today for a June payment?

Date: 06-13-2012 22:46


Date: 06-14-2012 09:17

Are you home or driving home?

Date: 06-14-2012 09:17

Happy birthday, Boy. We'll celebrate on Saturday.

Date: 06-14-2012 21:50

Hey, just wanted to let you know that we have a friend coming to stay with us Saturday night (~7:30PM) through Monday. Both Jean and I will be at dinner, but it will probably just be me for breakfast/brunch.

Date: 06-14-2012 21:51

Okay. You are welcome to invite your friend to dinner and/or breakfast if you'd like.

Date: 06-15-2012 17:45

Did you run into any construction on the Turnpike?

Date: 06-15-2012 17:47

I don't remember there being any.

Date: 06-16-2012 14:03

We're just eating now and while I still think we'll see you around 5 or 5:30, let's plan on a late dinner, you know, 7:30 or so.

Date: 06-16-2012 14:08

Friend will probably be arriving around 7:30-8:00. Did you have anything in mind for dinner?

Date: 06-16-2012 14:16

You pick. Your birthday. Your friend is invited, if you want.

Date: 06-16-2012 14:59

Chipotle? (Joke)

Date: 06-16-2012 15:01

I'm happy with Clyde's (only if no one mentions my birthday).

Date: 06-16-2012 15:01

Fair enough. Can you make a reservation for 7:30?

Date: 06-16-2012 15:01

You need a reservation?

Date: 06-16-2012 15:02

Probably on Sat.

Date: 06-16-2012 15:39

Just FYI, I am having one of those migraine "auras" right now. Most of the time they go away and I don't get any other symptoms.

Date: 06-16-2012 15:42

Crossing my fingers.

Date: 06-16-2012 17:11

What time will you arrive?

Date: 06-16-2012 17:10

5:30-5:45. How are you?

Date: 06-16-2012 17:13

Aura is gone. Feeling okay. Oh, and Jean's friend isn't coming apparently.

Date: 06-16-2012 17:13

Are you checking in first?

Date: 06-16-2012 17:14

We are coming straight to your place unless you'd rather we didn't.

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 06-16-2012 17:22

Can you do around 6:00?

Date: 06-16-2012 17:23



Date: 06-16-2012 17:43

Date: 06-16-2012 17:43

View from our 27th story window.

Date: 06-16-2012 19:38

Same table!

Date: 06-17-2012 11:08

40 minute wait. Bruegger's?

Date: 06-17-2012 11:09

We'll wait.

Date: 06-17-2012 11:14

Where r u?

Date: 06-17-2012 11:15

Getting entertainment for the wait.

Date: 06-17-2012 11:16

K. We're sitting inside.

Date: 06-17-2012 11:19

We're outside, I'm smoking a cigarette.

Date: 06-17-2012 17:00

I said to Cam you were concerned there wasn't a UPJ sticker in the window of the Subaru. Her response: "Jesus. There's a fucking Y8SDAD on the license plate. That should be enough."

Date: 06-17-2012 19:11

Date: 06-17-2012 22:30

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

Blue lobster to wow National Aquarium visitors

Date: 06-23-2012 15:04

You enjoying your bachelor weekend? Jean appears to be having fun. Wish you could be here with us in NW Minnesota.

Date: 06-24-2012 15:28


Date: 06-24-2012 18:35


Date: 06-24-2012 18:35

New lake interior.

Date: 06-24-2012 18:35

Call if you get a chance.

Date: 06-24-2012 18:53

Wow. It looks great. Did they hire someone?

Date: 06-24-2012 18:57

Yes. Though Doris, Lloyd, Harvey, Marlyce and Ernie did a lot.

Date: 06-24-2012 19:03

We miss you. Are you enjoying your bachelor weekend?

Date: 06-24-2012 19:04

Date: 06-24-2012 19:04


Date: 06-24-2012 19:04

Date: 06-24-2012 19:06

Very much. But it's coming to an end which mean a lot of cleaning ;(

Date: 06-24-2012 19:07

Date: 06-24-2012 19:08

Date: 06-24-2012 19:08

Lily (12) and Braiden (7).

Date: 06-24-2012 19:49

Very jealous.

Date: 06-25-2012 11:27

Did Jean get home okay? Is she ready to move to Colorado?

Date: 06-25-2012 11:30

She leaves today, getting back to Pittsburgh around 11:30PM. Then she drives straight to work from Pittsburgh the next morning. And I think she really enjoyed it, but it was the hottest weekend in CO in 50+ years and there were fires all over.

Date: 06-27-2012 14:47

Date: 06-27-2012 14:47

Nice vanity plate.

Date: 06-27-2012 16:18

Way to be under cover.

Date: 06-27-2012 16:30

Do you think he's really the only one in ND with that license? Cause then that'd be cool.

Date: 06-28-2012 18:03

Date: 06-28-2012 18:03

Tyler, Tanner and Jen's dog, Lila.

Date: 06-28-2012 18:24

Date: 06-28-2012 18:24

In the hammock.

Date: 06-28-2012 18:26

Who is that lanky looking dude and what did he do with Tanner?

Date: 06-28-2012 18:41


Date: 06-28-2012 18:42

The one in the hammock is Tyler.

Date: 06-28-2012 19:15


Date: 06-28-2012 20:34

I meant the first photo you sent.

Date: 06-28-2012 20:35

Oh, okay. Yeah, they're changed a lot. Tyler is very cynical--like Cam.

Date: 06-28-2012 20:35


Date: 06-28-2012 20:37


Date: 06-29-2012 11:16

If your lease has expired and you need a loan to buy the car, the GSK Credit Union can give you one at a great rate and with as little hassle as possible. They're at 412-200-4000, then press 5. You're already a member. oxox, Mom

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 06-29-2012 12:28

It's a 36 month lease that we signed on December 10th 2009. I have tons of time left on my lease. Remind me again in November.


Date: 06-29-2012 12:23

It's a 36 month lease that we signed on December 10th 2009. I have tons of time left on my lease. Remind me again in November.

Date: 06-29-2012 14:13

I talked to Honda Financial. All they need is a photo of the part of the lease agreement that says 36 months. Can you snap a pic and email that to me today? 

Date: 06-29-2012 15:09

Sure. I'm assuming that would be with that packet they gave me in my car. Why? Do they not have a copy or was my lease not 36 months?

Date: 06-29-2012 15:11

They're saying your lease ended June 11, 2012. 30 months. I thought it was 36 months, too. Can you check?

Date: 06-29-2012 15:22

Date: 06-29-2012 15:22

Date: 06-29-2012 15:22

I'm looking for something I signed but can't find it.

Date: 06-29-2012 15:27

Well, Honda Financial is requesting a copy of the original paperwork. They'll have it on Tuesday. If it says 30 months, not 36, would you be prepared to go to Oursmann Honda next Thu, Fri or Sat. Daddy will probably have to meet you there. The payoff is like $12500, which you can roll into a loan--assuming you intend to buy it.

Date: 06-29-2012 15:26

Date: 06-29-2012 15:26

The only thing in my black Honda holder thing That has my signature.

Date: 06-29-2012 15:29

Well fuck. I guess I have to, what's the payments on something like that? If its less than $400/mo I'll be fine.

Date: 06-29-2012 15:29

I swear the only number I ever heard was 36 months. Why 30?

Date: 06-29-2012 15:30

Depends on the number of years on the loan, but it should be less than that.

Date: 06-29-2012 15:30

I remember 36 too. We'll find out on Tuesday, I guess.

Date: 06-29-2012 21:18

Date: 06-29-2012 21:18

Soren reminds me of you when you were two. So determined, so destructive and so cute.

Date: 06-29-2012 21:30


Date: 06-29-2012 21:33

Date: 06-29-2012 21:33

Soren reminds me of you when you were two. So determined, so destructive and so cute.

Date: 06-29-2012 21:33


Date: 06-29-2012 22:52

Date: 06-29-2012 22:52

Well this is quite something.

Date: 06-29-2012 22:52

Reminds me of the lake.

Date: 06-29-2012 23:21

Oh, God, remember that horrible night? It ought to be pretty amazing to watch from your balcony.

Date: 06-29-2012 23:22

Date: 06-29-2012 23:22

A tad windy for that.

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 06-29-2012 23:33

Are the cats freaked out?


Date: 06-29-2012 23:35

Nope. They stood next to the windows the whole time. It's just some thunder and lightning now though.

Date: 06-30-2012 12:53

No traffic lights anywhere.

Date: 06-30-2012 12:55

Your father's perfect world. Do you have electricity and air-conditioning?

Date: 06-30-2012 12:55

No. No where has power. Can't go to the store.

Date: 06-30-2012 14:04

Oh, no. That stinks.

Date: 06-30-2012 14:13

Oh, no. That stinks.

Date: 06-30-2012 15:49

Oh, no. That stinks.

Date: 06-30-2012 16:16

It's so hot. And there's nothing to do. Only 1 out of every 10 blocks even has working traffic lights. Restaurants and shops are closed. Also, did I mention how hot it is?

Date: 06-30-2012 16:56

Keep your car gassed up. You can sleep in it.

Date: 06-30-2012 16:57

Or come to Pittsburgh. We're not home.

Date: 06-30-2012 21:34


Date: 06-30-2012 21:38

Date: 06-30-2012 21:38

Not a light. (Picture from our balcony)

Date: 06-30-2012 23:20

And he said, "Let there be A/C!" And there was A/C.

Date: 06-30-2012 23:19

Yay! Lights, too?

Date: 06-30-2012 23:22

Yea yea, light n shit. But fucking A/C! Feels like I won the Super Bowl! …I'm just as sweaty anyway.

Date: 07-03-2012 14:29

Did you hear anything about my car?

Date: 07-04-2012 19:50

Will you see fireworks tonight?

Date: 07-04-2012 19:55

I hope! So long as they get above the tree line.

Date: 07-04-2012 20:38


Date: 07-04-2012 20:38

View from our new condo.

Date: 07-04-2012 21:38

Wow!! I'm so jealous.

Date: 07-04-2012 21:38

We'll let you stay for free.

Date: 07-04-2012 22:03


Date: 07-04-2012 22:03

Fireworks for my boy.

Date: 07-05-2012 16:58

When is your car appointment?

Date: 07-05-2012 17:23

Date: 07-05-2012 17:23

A hard-won award. I remember I was so, so proud.

Date: 07-05-2012 18:13

Date: 07-05-2012 18:13

New counters.

Date: 07-05-2012 18:19

Got her VM. I left my name, number, and asked for an appointment on Sunday.

Date: 07-05-2012 18:27

She was on vacation today, I think, but back on Friday. Make sure you answer incoming calls!

Date: 07-06-2012 18:00

Did you get an appointment?

Date: 07-06-2012 18:02

Tomorrow afternoon after Jean gets home.

Date: 07-06-2012 18:03

Super. Did Jean have fun? Which beach was she at? You're lucky you're not here. Scott and Debbie and Brad are coming over for dinner. Sigh...

Date: 07-06-2012 21:02

Well, we're having our Federal Reserve discussion now. I'm hading in the kitchen.

Date: 07-06-2012 21:12

This should put dad in the perfect mood to discuss car things tomorrow.

Date: 07-06-2012 21:16

Date: 07-06-2012 21:16


Date: 07-07-2012 13:38

En route to Honda.

Date: 07-07-2012 13:44

Do I have the upper hand if I'm going to buy it? As in would they fix my car up?

Date: 07-07-2012 13:45


Date: 07-07-2012 14:18

They're telling me it would cost about the same to buy my car as it would to buy a new one? Should I just get the new one?

Date: 07-07-2012 14:18

It's like $13,000+$3,000(to pass inspection) for my current car.

Date: 07-07-2012 14:20

And it's like $18,000 for the new one. Are they trying to scam me or is it actually a smart idea to get the newer one?

Date: 07-07-2012 14:42

Date: 07-07-2012 14:42

That's for $1000 down for the new car. It would be $264/mo for the old car + $3,000 for inspection.

Date: 07-07-2012 14:44

It's only $300 for no money down.

Date: 07-07-2012 14:50

72 months

Date: 07-07-2012 14:50

Too many. Do 60.

Date: 07-07-2012 14:50

It's 325 for 66 months

Date: 07-07-2012 14:51


Date: 07-07-2012 14:52


Date: 07-07-2012 14:52

Honda is advertising 0.9% interest for 24-60 month contracts. Ask about that.

Date: 07-07-2012 14:52

On their website.

Date: 07-07-2012 14:52

No go, not enough credit.

Date: 07-07-2012 14:54


Date: 07-07-2012 14:54

Gap insurance??

Date: 07-07-2012 14:54


Date: 07-07-2012 14:55

Is that an extended warranty?

Date: 07-07-2012 14:54

Kind of

Date: 07-07-2012 14:54

It's $20/mo

Date: 07-07-2012 14:56

What does it cover?

Date: 07-07-2012 14:54

I don't think I can do the 60 month option.

Date: 07-07-2012 14:56

Can you pay us that much less?

Date: 07-07-2012 14:56

You know, that $300/month.

Date: 07-07-2012 14:57

It covers the difference from what insurance doesn't.

Date: 07-07-2012 14:57

Any key exclusions? It sounds like a good idea.

Date: 07-07-2012 14:57

Yes. I can pay $300/mo

Date: 07-07-2012 14:58

No, I mean pay 350 for car and pay us 200 instead

Date: 07-07-2012 14:58

And get gap

Date: 07-07-2012 14:57

It's like $320/mo for the gap insurance and the 72 month loan.

Date: 07-07-2012 14:59

Sounds good. But we don't mind if you

Date: 07-07-2012 14:59

So get the 60 month loan and gap insurance and you're gonna help me pay?

Date: 07-07-2012 14:59

Or loan me money that I pay back slower.

Date: 07-07-2012 14:59

Pay us less to pay more for the car loan.

Date: 07-07-2012 15:18

Calling the car insurance company, don't know what I'm doing.

Date: 07-07-2012 15:19

Do you need the number?

Date: 07-07-2012 15:20

No, I'm on hold now.

Date: 07-07-2012 16:28

Date: 07-07-2012 16:28

Done and done.

Date: 07-07-2012 16:29

Well done!

Date: 07-07-2012 16:43

I have a few papers for dad to sign, and the new plates should be sent to your place.

Date: 07-07-2012 16:44

And you have to register car in PA, right? And pay like $1000 in sales tax?

Date: 07-07-2012 16:52

I think it was all rolled into the loan.

Date: 07-07-2012 16:53

Hm. Better scan that paperwork to confirm you've paid sales tax to PA. That would be pretty cool. 

Date: 07-09-2012 07:27

Date: 07-09-2012 20:07

Date: 07-18-2012 19:01

Date: 07-18-2012 19:01

New book!

Date: 07-18-2012 19:02

Date: 07-18-2012 19:02


Date: 07-18-2012 20:29

Awww! Love you. I've been in the office all week working until about 7:00PM. Just sitting down to dinner now.

Date: 07-21-2012 13:38

Do you still happen to have my social security card?

Date: 07-21-2012 17:42

What do you need your ss card for?

Date: 07-21-2012 17:45

I just thought I had it and lost it. That's all.

Date: 07-26-2012 20:56

Ansel arrives back in Pittsburgh tonight.

Date: 07-26-2012 21:23

Nope, go read his Facebook.

Date: 07-27-2012 13:49

1000 Grandview Ave.loc.vcf

Date: 07-27-2012 18:13

Judy can see you at 2:30. Is that okay?

Date: 07-27-2012 18:17


Date: 07-27-2012 20:29

In Pittsburgh.

Date: 07-27-2012 20:31


Date: 07-27-2012 20:32

Dropping Jean's stuff off. Did you get the keys??

Date: 07-27-2012 20:32


Date: 07-27-2012 20:34

Are you there now?

Date: 07-27-2012 20:33

We're at 330 right now.

Date: 07-27-2012 20:34

But we're ready to go when you get here.

Date: 07-27-2012 20:35

We're watchingthe Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Date: 07-27-2012 20:59

I'm gonna come over soon. I'm dropping Jean off at her friend's house.

Date: 07-28-2012 06:30

Are you awake? Dud you just leave?

Date: 07-28-2012 13:33


Date: 07-28-2012 13:33

With ansel

Date: 07-28-2012 13:34

Oh, good. Say hi. Don't forget Judy at 2:30. It's $75. Do you have cash? We can pay you back. Our treat.

Date: 07-28-2012 13:55

Do you need cash?

Date: 07-28-2012 13:57


Date: 07-28-2012 13:56

Okay. Tell Judy I said hello.

Date: 07-28-2012 16:44

Where r u? Will we c u 2nite?

Date: 07-28-2012 16:52

Yeah. Dropping off jean soon, then seeing Ansel. I was at the house all morning.

Date: 07-28-2012 16:54

Awww. You should have called. We were at Grandview.

Date: 07-28-2012 16:54

Haha! Well I'm gonna try to get Ansel to go up there.

Date: 07-28-2012 16:55

So I think you're saying we won't see you for dinner, right?

Date: 07-28-2012 16:57

I'm making meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Dinner at 6:30. You and Ansel joining us?

Date: 07-28-2012 16:58

Dinner at 330 Atlanta.

Date: 07-28-2012 17:00

The House = 330 Atlanta.
The Condo = 1000 Grandview.

Date: 07-28-2012 17:01

And dinner? Will I possibly be getting an answer on that?

Date: 07-28-2012 17:02

I'll see if Ansel will go. I will be there though ;)

Date: 07-28-2012 17:13

PS I told Ansel that I had to do a "Family thing" when I left at 2:00PM.

Date: 07-28-2012 17:16

Got it. How did family thing go?

Date: 07-28-2012 21:01

We're done at Ikea. Are you going to condo or should we go home?

Date: 07-28-2012 21:01

Go home. We're still playing.

Date: 07-28-2012 23:18

Bagels at condo in the morning.

Date: 07-29-2012 00:07

At like 10:30AM, right?

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 07-29-2012 08:09



Date: 07-29-2012 08:13

Actually, I can't sleep anymore.

Date: 07-29-2012 08:17

We're at house now. I can text you when we head to condo, but it will be closer to 9, 9:30. Bring swimming suit.

Date: 07-29-2012 08:17

Come over to chat! We love chatting.

Date: 07-29-2012 08:18

With you, I mean. Not in general.

Date: 07-29-2012 08:18


Date: 07-29-2012 12:03

We're now leaving condo, but Daddy's going back. Text him if you're going over.

Date: 07-29-2012 12:44

I'm gonna take Ansel up there.

Date: 07-29-2012 12:45

Excellent. Daddy's there now.

Date: 07-29-2012 21:52

Home safe?

Date: 07-29-2012 21:53

Yeah, but it took 6 hours.

Date: 07-29-2012 21:53

What the what??

Date: 07-29-2012 21:53

There was a boat on the highway. We were just stopped on the highway for at least 45 minutes.

Date: 07-29-2012 21:55

Doesn't beat our record. We were stopped for two hours outside Somerset last year. Totally stopped.

Date: 07-29-2012 21:55

But it sucks, nonetheless.

Date: 07-31-2012 14:41

Date: 07-31-2012 14:41

It's here! Call when you get a chance.

Date: 07-31-2012 15:09

Wyatt Cready-Pyle.vcf

Date: 07-31-2012 15:09

Is this your correct address? Going to mail license plate to you today.

Date: 07-31-2012 15:16

That is correct. Aren't you going to see us Friday though? My temporary plate doesn't expire until September.

Date: 07-31-2012 15:18

Can u call for a quick min?

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 08-11-2012 19:30


Date: 08-11-2012 19:30

Roomba night on the patio.


Date: 08-11-2012 20:05

Date: 08-11-2012 20:05

Do you remember this shirt?

Date: 08-11-2012 20:26

Date: 08-11-2012 20:26

Do you remember this shirt?

Date: 08-13-2012 20:46

What time should I expect you tomorrow?

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 08-13-2012 20:47

I'm honored you remembered we were coming.


Date: 08-13-2012 20:50


Date: 08-13-2012 20:54

Date: 08-13-2012 20:54

Do you remember this shirt? 

Date: 08-13-2012 20:55

Peter Pan, duh.

Date: 08-14-2012 13:39

Date: 08-14-2012 13:39

Look what's in our hotel!

Date: 08-14-2012 13:41

Date: 08-14-2012 13:41

Look what's in our hotel!

Date: 08-14-2012 13:42

I'd take TOPH over IHOP any day.

Date: 08-14-2012 13:46

Still. We're about at the intersection of Duke and Beauregard. In a Comfort Inn.

Date: 08-14-2012 13:57

Date: 08-14-2012 13:57

Sounds like a great place!

Date: 08-14-2012 14:07

Cheap, though.

Date: 08-14-2012 15:14

Can you be here at 4:30?

Date: 08-14-2012 15:17


Date: 08-14-2012 16:30

Date: 08-14-2012 16:33

Tell him if that book is more than a year old, it's out-of-date.

Date: 08-14-2012 16:42


Date: 08-19-2012 07:54

Date: 08-19-2012 07:54

$5697 / $189.90 = 30

Date: 08-19-2012 08:07

They were right. I'll be darned.

Date: 08-19-2012 08:18

The bastards! I think they planted phony documents in the trunk of the new car they tricked me into buying. Curses!

Date: 08-19-2012 17:08

Are you in the Outer Banks now?

Date: 08-19-2012 17:17

Date: 08-19-2012 17:17


Date: 08-20-2012 18:15

Do you remember a teacher named Ms. Slivosky? She's a friend of Dr. Hulick and she remembers you well.

Date: 08-20-2012 18:24

Second or third grade?

Date: 08-20-2012 18:30

Probably. What an adorable little boy you were.

Date: 08-20-2012 18:34

I was a head of the game; knew jewelry was the way to a woman's heart before I was 10. ;)

Date: 08-20-2012 19:02

So true. Funny, I was just telling my hairdresser you and Jean were at the beach, and she squealed, "He's going to propose!"

Date: 08-25-2012 20:45

Are you back in DC?

Date: 08-25-2012 20:44


Date: 08-25-2012 20:46

Are you tan?

Date: 08-25-2012 20:46

It rained every day. Very European.

Date: 08-31-2012 14:08

So I haven't been able to hear out of my right ear for the past two days. It got significantly worse today. Ear infection?

Date: 08-31-2012 14:08

Btw, I'm already at the doctor's office.

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 08-31-2012 14:15

Infection, I bet, unless you got hit on the head or ear hard enough to burst your eardrum (which burst at least once or twice in your toddler years.) Tell me what happens.


Date: 08-31-2012 14:20

I went to sleep on Wednesday fine and when I woke up Thursday morning and it just felt like I had gotten water in my ear. Last night I tried laying down on my right side with a heating pad on the pillow and now it just feels like there's even more water (or whatever) in my ear.

Date: 08-31-2012 14:23

Yep. Infection.

Date: 08-31-2012 14:25

All of my childhood sicknesses are coming back to haunt me. First asthma, now this.

Date: 08-31-2012 14:29

Maybe I can catch Chicken Pox again if I'm lucky.

Date: 08-31-2012 14:29

Didn't you already catch it twice? No, wait, that was Cameron.

Date: 08-31-2012 14:31

No, I've had it 3 times.

Date: 08-31-2012 15:20


Date: 08-31-2012 15:22

Just now got past the waiting room. Waiting for the doctor now.

Date: 08-31-2012 15:21

; (

Date: 08-31-2012 15:31

Ear wax… the cleaning stuff feels so weird in my ear.

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 08-31-2012 16:16

I have never been able to hear this well in my entire life.


Date: 08-31-2012 16:17


Date: 08-31-2012 16:17

Right after a shower.

Date: 08-31-2012 21:48

Just calling to check your hearing. No need to call back.

Date: 08-31-2012 22:31

Much better. They got a ball of wax out of my ear that was about the size of a nickel. Everything got much louder and clearer after.

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 08-31-2012 22:36

Much better. They got a ball of wax out of my ear that was about the size of a nickel. Everything got much louder and clearer after.


Date: 08-31-2012 23:23

Wax only on one side?

Date: 08-31-2012 23:44

The nurse did both ears, but much more condensed in the right ear.

Date: 08-31-2012 23:44

So now I'm like good to go for another 24 years, right?

Date: 08-31-2012 23:45

Seriously, do you use Q-tips? I know Daddy has some wicked wax.

Date: 08-31-2012 23:46

No q-tips until last night when I used about 30 of them.

Date: 08-31-2012 23:48

I use a Q-tip after every shower or bath (don't like the feeling of wetness in my ears,) but Daddy only uses one about once a month or maybe once a quarter.

Date: 09-01-2012 00:20

Did you ever see that scene in Shrek?

Date: 09-04-2012 12:19

 Hey, Wy, do you remember that pic Jean took of the four of us last spring on the back deck? Can you send it to me. I want to get it framed for Cam for her dorm. We leave in two weeks!

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 09-05-2012 18:25

Did u get the check we mailed?

Date: 09-05-2012 18:26

Did u get the check we mailed?


Date: 09-08-2012 15:58

Date: 09-08-2012 15:58


Date: 09-08-2012 16:00

Uh oh. Keep those kitties inside. Is it pouring?

Date: 09-08-2012 16:05

Yeah. It came in so quickly! We were playing Scrabble on our balcony and these dark clouds just rolled in and then tons of wind.

---------------------------------------Text Messages----------------------------------

Date: 09-12-2012 18:54


Date: 09-12-2012 18:49

Date: 09-12-2012 19:13

Last 4 digits of your SSN? Mine didn't work. Also, your thanksgiving plan sounds perfect.

Date: 09-12-2012 19:16

4882. I'm not sure you qualify for a new iPhone yet, do you?

Date: 09-12-2012 19:19

I didn't last year either.

Date: 09-12-2012 19:19

You just want to be the only one with a fancy metal iPhone, dontcha??

Date: 09-12-2012 19:21

Also, I do qualify apparently.

Date: 09-12-2012 19:44

Remember, you and I switched qualifying time when you got your last phone. I hope we both qualify for a free one, though. I know I do.

Date: 09-12-2012 19:55

Ahhhhh! That was it. But I thought we went through a long process to make sure that your number would still qualify this time.

Date: 09-12-2012 19:56

Check my number--the one you used to qualify--and see.

Date: 09-12-2012 19:56

The last new phone I got was summer of 2009.

Date: 09-12-2012 19:57

Or maybe fall 2009.

Date: 09-12-2012 19:57

I'm owed!

Date: 09-12-2012 19:57


Date: 09-12-2012 19:58

Remember. My mic doesn't work.

Date: 09-21-2012 10:56

I wish I still had you to stand in iPhone line for me...

Date: 09-21-2012 10:58

You didn't pre-order?

Date: 09-21-2012 10:57

I did. But I won't get it fir another week. Not same day anymore : (

Date: 09-21-2012 10:57

Plus, I'm in San Antonio.

Date: 09-21-2012 10:58

Have you talked to your sister? She's a college student now, you know.

Date: 09-21-2012 11:00

Until she has an 8:00AM class I'm not counting her as a college freshman.

Date: 09-21-2012 11:01

: )

Date: 09-22-2012 12:18

Date: 09-22-2012 12:18

Potential Xmas gift?

Date: 09-22-2012 15:07


Date: 09-22-2012 15:07

Duck at restaurant poking my hip so I'll give him a chip.

Date: 09-23-2012 14:23

Save the day of Sunday, Oct 14. Daddy and I will be in town, and we'd like to have dinner with you guys. K?

Date: 09-27-2012 14:07

All better.

Date: 09-28-2012 15:33

Date: 09-28-2012 15:33

Do you guys have any interest in this mantle clock? Jim gave it to us, but it totally doesn't fit our decor now. It's nice. It's Seiko.

Date: 09-30-2012 10:52

Date: 10-01-2012 08:48

Does your phone work?

Date: 10-01-2012 10:35


Date: 10-01-2012 10:55

Thank goodness. Was whatever happened connected to last week's SIM card snafu?

Date: 10-01-2012 10:57

No, it affected a number of people on Apple's iOS developer program. We had access to the iOS 6 beta, and they didn't send out the release version of iOS 6, so all the older beta versions just got "shut off" last night.

Date: 10-01-2012 11:01

Fun. Well, I'm sorry it happened, but I'm relieved it wasn't my fault. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Separately, would you think about coming home for Daddy's birthday (weekend of October 27/28)? Teri will be in town. Take Friday off if you can. Dinner will likely be Friday evening (I have tickets to see Springsteen Sat night.)

Date: 10-10-2012 18:11

So my debit card has stopped working (ordered new one). I'll have a blank check for the Amex charges when you come down.

Date: 10-10-2012 20:07

Okay. Thanks.

Date: 10-11-2012 20:23

So did that Modern Family episode make you cry or what?

Date: 10-11-2012 21:35

I didn't watch it (out to dinner with Diane and Nick.) But if you think I'll cry, I'm sure I will. What was it about?

Date: 10-11-2012 21:38

Dropping daughter off at college.

Date: 10-11-2012 21:41


Date: 10-11-2012 22:51

Did you watch the debate? Fabulous!

Date: 10-11-2012 22:52

Who won????

Date: 10-11-2012 22:52

Are you joking? Biden CREAMED Ryan.

Date: 10-12-2012 17:47

What's your new address again?

Date: 10-12-2012 17:50

1000 Grandview Avenue, #701, Pittsburgh, PA. 15211

Date: 10-12-2012 17:55

Thanks! And are you guys coming down tomorrow or Sunday?

Date: 10-12-2012 17:57

Sunday. We should be there in the late afternoon. With Socks. We're staying at the Hilton Mark Center and leaving Monday morning. Really looking forward to seeing you.

Date: 10-13-2012 19:25

We just watched the Modern Family episode. II didn't think I was going to cry, and then the part at the very end came, and I cried and cried.

Date: 10-14-2012 12:30


Date: 10-14-2012 12:45

4:30. Is that okay?

Date: 10-14-2012 12:44


Date: 10-14-2012 14:27

We're probably going to be later. 5:30.

Date: 10-16-2012 22:19

I think the benghazi thing is where the president won the debate. Should have just dropped the mic and walked off.

Date: 10-16-2012 22:19

Very powerful. You know, your sister is tweeting the debate.

Date: 10-16-2012 22:28

She posted like, one thing about the debate.

Date: 10-16-2012 22:29

I know. But still. #proudmom

Date: 10-16-2012 22:29

Daddy's too nervous to watch. He's hiding in the bedroom.

Date: 10-18-2012 07:01

Date: 10-18-2012 07:01


Date: 10-18-2012 20:45

How in the name of God does one get the real 3D map of San Francisco on the iPhone--the one they show in every commercial

Date: 10-18-2012 21:11

Date: 10-18-2012 21:11

Like this.

Date: 10-19-2012 07:41

Oh. I guess I was just trying the wrong city. Thanks, boy.

Date: 10-19-2012 20:03

When are you in? Breakfast tomorrow? We have a bed if you need one.

Date: 10-19-2012 20:13

I'm coming home next weekend since Teri will be there. Sorry!

Date: 10-19-2012 20:19

Cool! Can you be there by 8:30 on Fri for birthday dinner?

Date: 10-20-2012 20:49

Do you use the Flipbook app? It's really cool.

Date: 10-20-2012 20:52

What's Flipbook?

Date: 10-20-2012 20:53

Download it. And make sure you pick Design as one of your categories.

Date: 10-20-2012 20:53

Oh, Jean got an iPhone today! But, against my wishes, she got the 4S because the wait to get a 5 is two months.

Date: 10-20-2012 20:54

Against your wishes. What are you? Her dad?

Date: 10-20-2012 20:54


Date: 10-20-2012 20:55

Tell her congrats. I know she loved the iTouch you got her.

Date: 10-20-2012 20:55

No, I didn't even know she was getting one until she called me from it. Reminds me of someone…

Date: 10-20-2012 20:56

But try Flipbook. I think you'll really admire how the navigation is designed. Plus, the idea is very creative.

Date: 10-20-2012 20:57

The only reason I wanted her to get the 5 was so we could just switch phone. (I was going to pay for the 5, obviously.)

Date: 10-20-2012 20:57

Smart woman.

Date: 10-20-2012 20:59

Oh, boy. It's Flipboard, not Flipbook. (And this is why my kids don't think I'm cool.)

Date: 10-20-2012 20:59

Lol, well Flipbook is pretty cool, too.

Date: 10-21-2012 17:10

Did you try out Flipboard?

Date: 10-22-2012 12:53

Just got off the phone with my manager… he asked how I felt about full-time employment :D

Date: 10-22-2012 12:55

Oh, Wyatt!!! How wonderful!!

Date: 10-22-2012 13:12

So, since he doesn't know what Tek Systems is paying me, I will actually have to offer them a number for my salary.

Date: 10-22-2012 13:12

He only knows what Aol is paying Tek Systems.

Date: 10-22-2012 13:14

I'm sure he can guess what they're paying you, but that should only be one part of his calculation. Do you know what he's paying Tek?

Date: 10-22-2012 13:14

No idea.

Date: 10-22-2012 13:36

I'dassume 20 Percent more than you're getting paid. Which would probably be a good place for you to start.

Date: 10-22-2012 13:38

But I'm a contractor, so shouldn't I expect to be getting more as a contractor than I would be as a full-time employee.

Date: 10-22-2012 13:42

I wouldn't assume that. Ask Your Tek boss what he's billing you out at. If he's nice you should tell you.

Date: 10-22-2012 14:06

But you should expect a raise. You've worked hard.

Date: 10-22-2012 16:05

You realize that I just basically got a raise less than 3 months ago. I went from $81,700/yr to $90,000/yr. And remember, that's without benefits that I'd get as an employee.

Date: 10-22-2012 16:09

I think benefits--especially 401(k)s with an employer match--are critical, so, yes, I'd place a high value on that. What's the market value of someone like you with 5 years of experience (or is it 4 1/2)?

Date: 10-22-2012 21:59

Can we get Candy back?

Date: 10-22-2012 22:00

Or Martha. Old white guys. Ick.

Date: 10-22-2012 22:01

I liked Martha better. It could just be because of that terrible name. Candy.

Date: 10-23-2012 18:21

I'll be there Friday afternoon. Doubt I will stay through Sunday though.

Date: 10-23-2012 18:24

No prob. Friday night is the big night. Yay!

Date: 10-26-2012 12:34

On my way. Do you have a place for me to sleep?

Date: 10-26-2012 12:38

Yes. if you don't mind you can sleep on the couch or a blowup bed

Date: 10-26-2012 14:32

What is your ETA?

Date: 10-26-2012 14:35

I'm 5 min away from Breezewood.

Date: 10-26-2012 14:37

Can't wait to see you!

Date: 10-26-2012 16:35

Stupid question, but you know we're at 1000 Grandview Avenue, right?

Date: 10-26-2012 16:36

1000 Grandview Ave.loc.vcf

Date: 10-26-2012 16:48

They should have to send tax refunds for every time they close access to bridges. And I should be given the home number to the asshat who made the decision to do the road work NOT between the hours of 1AM and 5AM.

Date: 10-26-2012 16:48


Date: 10-26-2012 16:50

I wouldn't agree to torturing terrorist, but who ever made that call deserves it.

Date: 10-26-2012 16:51

Park in the visitors lot.

Date: 10-26-2012 16:52

Then txt. We'll run up.

Date: 10-27-2012 09:47

Dumbest shower ever.

Date: 10-27-2012 10:05

Remember my RITA, please!

Date: 10-27-2012 10:06

By the door. Still can't get Cam out of bed. I showered.

Date: 10-29-2012 10:17

How's Washington DC?

Date: 10-29-2012 10:19

Light rain.

Date: 10-29-2012 10:31

Did they cancel your work?

Date: 10-29-2012 10:31

Csm's classes were canceled. She caught the last Megabus back to Philly before they canceled them all.

Date: 10-29-2012 10:30

Yeah, kinda. My manager says he's working from home.

Date: 10-29-2012 10:33

Keep your phone and PC charged. And if can, fill your car with gas.

Date: 10-29-2012 10:32

Jesus, do you really think its gonna be that bad?

Date: 10-29-2012 10:34

I hope not. But you'll be grateful to have a full tank if it is.

Date: 10-29-2012 10:36

If you lose power, if you could just text me a status once or twice a day to let me know your status, I'd be grateful. Did Zjesn have to go to work?

Date: 10-29-2012 10:36


Date: 10-29-2012 10:34


Date: 10-29-2012 11:08

Date: 10-29-2012 11:08

Someone after your own heart.

Date: 10-29-2012 14:50

Date: 10-29-2012 18:00

We still have power, how about you?

Date: 10-29-2012 18:01

Yep. Hey did you see the picture of Cameron that her friend Elizabeth posted on Facebook? You better look it up now. Daddy needs you to drive to Philly and get it straightened out ASAP.

Date: 10-29-2012 18:32

It's getting pretty bad here. At what speed do windows start to break?

Date: 10-29-2012 18:33

Over 100. Did you tie down stuff on your decl?

Date: 10-29-2012 18:34

Is your phone charged?

Date: 10-29-2012 18:34

It's all inside. And yes, at 100%.

Date: 10-29-2012 19:12

Any comment on Cam's picture?

Date: 10-29-2012 20:58

You guys okay? We, surprisingly, still have power. No Internet though.

Date: 10-29-2012 21:00

We're good.

Date: 10-30-2012 09:52

How's it looking in your neighborhood?

Date: 10-30-2012 09:52

Power went out at midnight. It's cold and rainy. The fire alarm went off at 4:00AM. Where's my hotel room?

Date: 10-30-2012 09:53

Do you have ower now?

Date: 10-30-2012 09:53


Date: 10-30-2012 09:52


Date: 10-30-2012 09:54

Uh oh. Save your phone.

Date: 10-30-2012 09:54

Hotel rooms have outlets.

Date: 10-30-2012 10:13

I need a favor (should be on our family crest), could you see if any rooms or suits are available at the Hilton you guys always stay at? I see lights on.

Date: 10-30-2012 10:19

Hilton Alexandria Old Town is $139 with internet. Mark more expensive by $50. Haven't called to see if they have power. Want me to?

Date: 10-30-2012 10:19

I'll take the old town one. Number?

Date: 10-30-2012 10:22

Date: 10-30-2012 10:21

Wait, did you already book it?

Date: 10-30-2012 10:23


Date: 10-30-2012 10:24


Date: 10-31-2012 07:45

Date: 11-11-2012 10:21

Date: 11-11-2012 10:21

Any chance you'd want this PC table and chair?

Date: 11-11-2012 10:38

No, but thank you. I really need arm rests. But I'm spoiling myself with a humidifier today, maybe one day I can get myself a proper chair ;)

Date: 11-11-2012 10:57

Date: 11-11-2012 10:57

Recognize the one on the right?

Date: 11-11-2012 11:21

P.S. Thank you for being comfortable enough to say no. I don't want you and Jean to ever be anything but honest when we offer you something.

Date: 11-12-2012 09:37

Do you know Jean's ring size? Christmas shopping...

Date: 11-17-2012 14:33

Got the Amex bill. Your total is $1,225. Do you want me to take it out of your bank account?

Date: 11-17-2012 14:35

Can I give you the account and routing numbers for my new bank? You can take it from there today.

Date: 11-17-2012 14:36

No prob. I'll set up the account today at It probably takes a few days before they let me do a payment from a newly set up account. Send me numbers.

Date: 11-17-2012 14:37

Date: 11-18-2012 07:51

I took $1225 from your new account today.

Date: 11-18-2012 17:16

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

Fight over nativity display in court

Date: 11-20-2012 13:24

What's up?

Date: 11-20-2012 13:26

Call when you can.

Date: 11-20-2012 13:27


Date: 11-21-2012 11:55

Is Cam awake?

Date: 11-21-2012 11:57


Date: 11-21-2012 12:05

We're thinking we'll be at your place around 1:30 and we're thinking we could take you two to Illusions Thai for lunch. About to head into Lord & Taylor now. So maybe ask Cam if she wants to go, and, if so, what time she needs to get up.

Date: 11-21-2012 12:05

We might be as late as 2.

Date: 11-21-2012 13:33


Date: 11-21-2012 13:35

5-7 mins

Date: 11-21-2012 13:38

Correction. ETA is 1:44 according to GPS.

Date: 11-21-2012 13:46


Date: 11-21-2012 13:46

Coming up

Date: 11-21-2012 17:11


Date: 11-21-2012 17:12

Okay. C u then.

Date: 11-24-2012 11:29

The temperature feels like it dropped about 20° since yesterday.

Date: 11-24-2012 11:31

Here, too. We had such a nice time. We love you and Jean very much.

Date: 11-24-2012 11:33

We're visiting Jeanne Lowther. We literally just told her we offered you her rings. She said the idea made her very happy.

Date: 11-27-2012 07:40

Date: 11-27-2012 13:41

Yay! Jean just got a 13% raise!

Date: 11-27-2012 13:42

So proud!

Date: 11-27-2012 17:55

Date: 11-27-2012 17:55

Slow cooker recipe from Aunt Janet, pg 1. Please print out for Jean.

Date: 11-27-2012 17:58

Oops. Just realized you have no way to print it. So I sent it to your email instead. Love you!

Date: 11-27-2012 18:08

Middle row, last column.

Date: 11-27-2012 18:08

Date: 11-27-2012 18:08

Thank you!

Date: 11-27-2012 20:00

Wow, how does that work? Do you have an Apple printer?

Date: 11-27-2012 20:35

No, an Apple wireless router (AirPort Extreme) and any USB printer.

Date: 11-27-2012 20:39

You can alternatively plug in an external hard drive and access it from any computer wirelessly (albeit, a tad slower than than from your own hard drive).

Date: 11-27-2012 20:44

Daddy refuses to do this for me.

Date: 11-27-2012 20:44

Do you like your new Crock Pot?

Date: 11-27-2012 20:44

Yes! Jean was bookmarking (literally) recipes from book you also got us.

Date: 11-27-2012 20:46

What recipes did you bookmark?

Date: 11-27-2012 20:59

Remember when Jean went through your bank statement with a highlighter? That was a funny story.

Date: 12-02-2012 17:34

Have you used your Crock Pot yet?

Date: 12-05-2012 09:17

Can I call you around 9:45?

Date: 12-11-2012 20:32

Date: 12-11-2012 20:34

You're so lucky. We got nothing.

Date: 12-11-2012 20:40

I can't decide which is my favorite part. "Peter and friend Yami," or the second paragraph.

Date: 12-19-2012 17:04

Any suggestions on what can I get for Dad?

Date: 12-19-2012 17:06


Date: 12-19-2012 17:09

There's got to be something good on ThinkGeek.

Date: 12-19-2012 17:11

We're buying an iPad Mini. I'd love a waterproof bag for it, so I could read it in the bathtub. Maybe a cool accessory for that?

Date: 12-19-2012 20:37

No Teri. She just reported in. She's too sick to come : (

Date: 12-20-2012 11:07

Okay, new plan is to come up Saturday and leave Monday.

Date: 12-20-2012 11:10

Did you see our offer to come down? If you'd prefer, we'll drive down on Sunday morning, celebrate with you and Jean Sunday evening and drive home Monday. You pick. We'll bring pasta shells and some meat for dinner.

Date: 12-20-2012 17:32

Does HBO Go still work?

Date: 12-20-2012 17:51


Date: 12-20-2012 20:09

Date: 12-20-2012 20:09

Doris & Lloyd Xmas letter, part 1. Did you get it? It's a doozy.

Date: 12-20-2012 20:10

Date: 12-20-2012 20:10

Part 2.

Date: 12-21-2012 17:13

Did u send any packages here?

Date: 12-21-2012 17:13


Date: 12-21-2012 17:14

K. One arrived from Nest. We're not opening it.

Date: 12-21-2012 17:14

Merrrrrry Christmas!

Date: 12-21-2012 17:15

Ho ho ho.

Date: 12-21-2012 17:16

Our gift to you: You're missing dinner with Scott. It's tonight. Pray for me.

Date: 12-21-2012 17:17

Worth Scott's weight in gold… good luck.

Date: 12-21-2012 17:20

And it had to be the day of the NRA press conference. "Happy Holidays..."

Date: 12-21-2012 18:42

Date: 12-21-2012 18:42


Date: 12-21-2012 18:44


Date: 12-21-2012 18:44

It's Cam's.

Date: 12-21-2012 18:44

You just gave jean a heart attack. And me.

Date: 12-21-2012 18:45

How's it going?

Date: 12-21-2012 18:47

Why? I'm confused.

Date: 12-21-2012 18:47

So far, so good. Lots of talk about solar energy.

Date: 12-21-2012 18:47

Boring, but beats NRA.

Date: 12-21-2012 18:48

Okay, I get the heart attack now . Duh.

Date: 12-22-2012 11:21

So how much snow?

Date: 12-22-2012 11:23

Very little. It's not snowing now, and the streets are clear and salted. Are you about to leave?

Date: 12-22-2012 11:23


Date: 12-22-2012 13:12

Rush hour starts at noon on Saturday, apparently.

Date: 12-22-2012 14:41

Made it to PA!

Date: 12-22-2012 14:55

No rush. Be safe. Very relaxed today.

Date: 12-24-2012 12:01

Date: 12-24-2012 12:01

I'll ship it to you.

Date: 12-24-2012 12:01


Date: 12-24-2012 15:22

Couldn't have picked a worse day to drive. Been snowing since Breezewood.

Date: 12-24-2012 15:22

Noooo! Are you okay? Is it slippery?

Date: 12-24-2012 16:00

Home safe.

Date: 12-24-2012 16:01

Thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve with Jean. Love you both.

Date: 12-25-2012 12:39

Did we get the right lip balm for Jean?

Date: 12-25-2012 12:39


Date: 12-26-2012 09:11

Date: 12-26-2012 09:11

I'm dreaming of a whiiiite day-after-Christmas!

Date: 12-26-2012 09:15

No snow here--yet.

Date: 12-29-2012 17:32

What's the name of the French breakfast place you took us to?

Date: 12-29-2012 17:33

La Madeleine

Date: 12-30-2012 20:03

Date: 12-30-2012 23:02

I suppose you're a fan of Jamiroquai's Virtual Insanity video.

Date: 12-30-2012 23:03


Date: 12-30-2012 23:03

Because it's so dope.

Date: 12-31-2012 16:13

Your sister drove to Philly today to see Matt's band play tonight. What are you and Jean doing for New Year's?

Date: 12-31-2012 16:35

Sweat pants.

Date: 12-31-2012 16:36

And monkey socks?

Date: 12-31-2012 19:50

Can you activate device ZMYSYME on Hulu Plus for us, please?